Devils Hour (Zero Hour #2)

Devils Hour (Zero Hour #2) Royce is amazed at how important Sawyer has become to him in such a short time Sawyer got past all of Royce s barriers, and when he fell in love, he fell hard Sawyer is just as invested in the relationship Their separate cases converge, bringing danger into their lives.I liked this book The relationship was extremely well done and the writing was excellent The flow if the investigations wasn t hurried but still kept the who dun it intriguing and the men s attraction was white hot As is the usual case with this author, characters and storyline created a satisfying book.The above should of been my review I read all manner of books and not much of anything bothers me However this book hit my only trigger It caused me to stop reading I consider not finishing it Thought about it for a while and decided that since I had agreed to accept the arc that I needed to finish it This book would of been a solid 5 stars before I had to quit reading So to my dilemma Do I ignore the trigger Give a lesser rating Is it wrong to penalize an authors hard work because the story created a painful personal reaction I believe my best course of action is not to give a rating I ll just let my words speak for themselves.Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads. This second book in the Zero Hour series amps up the action, the mystery and the relationship between the MCs Royce and Sawyer It has everything a good romantic suspense book needs and executes them perfectly.The book begins shortly after book one ends This is a continuing series with an overriding story arc so you really need to read book one, Ground Zero, to fully appreciate what is going on in book two This book drops plenty of hints for what is to come in book three which I impatiently wish was available right this very minute In Devil s hour a series of arsons and written threats by a group calling themselves The Purists have recently promoted Royce Locke heading an investigation that is being kept close to the vest due to the players involved Not only is his partner Sawyer Key involved but we see secondary characters from the first book and we meet some new secondary characters as well As usual, Walker does a great job making secondary characters a key element of the storyline so that we include them in our view of this universe that is being constructed One of the things I love most about Walker s books is the world building that she does I honestly feel like these are real people in these places and that I would want them to be my friends In addition to the current case Locke is still working on the death of his best friend Marcus and some interesting things come to light in this book It is clear there is a lot to this story and I am anxious to see where it all goes.And of course, because this is a romance book, there is the further development of Locke and Keys relationship Locke has been struggling with coming out, when and to whom The further character development that occurs in this book hits you soul deep Walker does a masterful job of making us see right down into the depths of Locke s psyche to understand where he s coming from and why all of this is such a huge thing for him You really experience his joy and his pain with him.As you might surmise from the review this book is very much centered on Locke and it really helps the dynamic of the series to get inside his head Book one was from Sawyer s perspective I love these two characters, and many of the secondary characters in this world so much Can t wait to see what comes next I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my objective review Sawyer and Royce have captured my heart These two continue to build a solid relationship that I hope stands the test of time No couple is without faults, but the way they continue to trust one another melts my heart There were a few aspects of their lives that continued to break my heart, but the two of them coming together was exactly what they needed.The police investigations brought a twist to the story and the secondary characters added to the fun dynamic of their relationship journey Sexy moments, furtive glances and flirty banter were a great combination to their connection.I m so excited for the third book I absolutely love this series I have fallen in love with this unlikely but so perfect for one another pair Locke and Key They are just so perfect for one another and they make my heart melt This is the second book in the series and starts off with Royce recovering from being shit in the first book He is about to return to duty with Sawyer as not only his boyfriend but also still as his partner on the force The only thing is no one knows that ge two of them are together because Royce is not yet ready to come out but also because they do not want to chance being split up as partners either Royce is still riling from his best friend, Marcus committing suicide in the first book and the fact that Marcus is being investigated as a dirty cop as well But Royce is trying to push through that pain and trying to get he answers to the question as to whether Marcus did do something wrong or not Sawyer has been helping him on this front as well.When the mayor of the city comes in to the precinct on Royce first day back with a threat, Royce is quickly pulled in on the case not only as the lead but also with a new promotion under his belt as a sergeant What starts out as a threat quickly becomes so much when an activist group called the purists are making threats against not only the mayor but the city.Royce and Sawyer hit the ground running trying to link the threats to fires that have already been set around the city When the threat turns to , time starts to run out Royce and Sawyer have very little leads but know that they are about to make a break if their hunch turns out Only problem is will both men be able to walk away in one piece once they figure out who is behind everything What will happen when their relationship comes out to everyone How will Royce handle everyone knowing Will they be able to catch the bad guy or bad guys before it is too late This was a great red I really enkoyed his book and I cannot wait for the next book to come out This series has been so awesome so far that I know the next book will be just as good I cannot wait Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review Oh my lordy don t read this one in public or listen to the audio with your headphones off because Aime Nicole kicks it off with explosively hot chemistry filled sex In Devil s Hour we get inside Royce s head and I ve been looking forward to it and wasn t disappointed at all He really is a complex character, filled with internal doubts, guilts and probably some kind of trauma related anxiety over Marcus suicide.Speaking of, Royce s former partner and best friend s death is still playing a part in the narrative, and with this novel, we see and how all the various threads are being gently woven together into a tight plot which keeps the tensions rolling throughout.I did guess the bad guy as soon as he arrived on the scene but, for me anyways, I don t think it actually was obvious, I think I was just looking hard for the odd little clue and something just tipped me off.The relationship development is delicious Having been shot in the last book, Royce is now fully on board with Sawyer and there s some serious sparks flying throughout, as well as some awwww moments.Chuck in a mad cult, arson attacks and the mayor s behaviour being exposed, and you have another wonderful Locke and Key adventure.Given what happens at the end of this one, I m really hoping there isn t a long way for book three I did a happy dance when I heard the second book is being released, since I enjoyed the first so much.It s as good, nerve wracking and scorching hot as the first one but the differences made it even engaging.It s from Royce s POV and I was surprised at how much I loved it, since honestly, in the first book Royce came off as a bit of a jerk Now however, we get to see just how much he loves Sawyer and what is it that makes him tick It s obvious how much Sawyer presence in his life changed him for the better, since he is calmer and confident It makes him better at his job and his relationship with Sawyer moves by leaps and bounds It s gorgeous story Unlike the first one, Devil s hour has only one case they are working on, in addition to continuing investigation in Royce s first partner They build the case slowly as leads are scarce on the ground, and it ends up overlapping with Royce s investigation into partner s suicide The ending is a bit cliffhanger ish in that respect, I m itching to know what will happen next But as for the current case and maybe importantly, the relationship between two men it ends in a good spot They are solid They were solid through the book We already knew Sawyer was crazy for Royce, now we realize Royce is returning his feelings The pace is excellent and the story isn t slacking on either romantic or suspense plot The story culminates in heart stopping end.Sign me up for the next one I received copy of this book in exchange for review Absolute perfection The second book in Zero Hour series is even better than the first Finally we get Royce s POV and I just couldn t put this book down Also the mystery part in this book is so well done, I couldn t even guess it Lots of surprises Royce and Sawyer have this sort of chemistry that is hard to describe I m so in love with them, it s ridiculous Their romance is progressing so sweetly and I honestly can t wait to read the next book Sliding his right hand down to Sawyer s neck, Royce felt Sawyer s pulse pounding wildly beneath his thumb.Home wasn t a place it was a heartbeat Royce had found the one he wanted forever.SWOOOOON Also this is not a standalone You NEED to readGround Zerobefore starting this one I love the secondary characters, be Holly or Candi and the kids or Bones The women are just badass I really want to know about Marcus but I guess I have to wait till next book for that It s going to be dual POV, so Yay This series is highly recommendedARC provided by the author via Vibrant Promotions in exchange for an honest and unbiased review Loved it Devil s Hour is the second book in the Zero Hour series It picks up where Zero Hour left off, so the series should be read in order Book 2 picks up the intensity of the action and the relationship between Royce and Sawyer I had a hard time putting this one down, as I needed to find out who was behind the fires and cyber attacks against the mayor Just when I thought I had figured out who was behind the crimes, the storyline took an unexpected turn that left me on the edge of my seat I also loved the deepening relationship between the MCs Their chemistry is hot, but the sweetness of their relationship is just as engaging They re so fun to read One of my favorite things about Aimee Nicole Walker s writing is her ability to inject humor into her stories Although this book had dark, serious moments there were several times when I laughed aloud while reading I can t wait to read Zero Divergence. Devil S Hour, Noun The Hour When The Demon Or Devil Who Leads Hell Is At Its Strongest Born On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Royce Locke Is No Stranger To Scrapping And Fighting For The Things He Wants What He Desires Most Is Sawyer Key His Partner On The Force And The Man He S Falling In Love With After Asking Sawyer To Take A Chance On Him, Royce Will Need To Back Up His Pretty Words With Fearless Action Instead Of Being His Own Worst Enemy Someone Is Harassing The Mayor Of Savannah, And Locke And Key Are Tasked With Finding Out Who The Investigation Quickly Takes A Twisted Turn, Leading Them To An Enemy Who Thinks Purification By Fire Is The Only Way To Save The City Scarier Than The Purists Elusiveness Is Their Ability To Turn Public Opinion In Their Favor, Creating Unrest And Threatening Anarchy By Fanning Flames And Fear When You Play With Fire, Someone Is Bound To Get Burned When Menace Becomes Murder, The Two Detectives Will Race The Clock Against The Devil To Save Their Beloved City From Becoming A Raging Inferno Royce Will Need To Draw On His Grit Now Than Ever If He Hopes To Realize The Dreams That Are Finally Within Reach The Rag Is Lit, The Molotov Cocktail Is Tossed, And The Zero Hour Is Upon Them Challenge Received And Accepted Devil S Hour Is The Second Book In The Zero Hour Series, Which Follows Locke And Key S Investigations And Evolving Relationship This Is A Series That Must Be Read In Order Devil S Hour Has A Happy For Now Ending With No Cliffhanger It Contains Mature Language And Sexual Content Intended For Adults And Older Trigger Warning Part Of The Storyline Involves Coming To Terms With A Friend S Suicide, Which May Be Difficult For Some People To Read Another Hit for Aimee Nicole Walker Devil s hour is as good as Ground Zero book 1.Royce and Sawyer are in their honeymoon stage in their new relationship They need to be careful at work and Royce needs time to come out to the people he cares But when a terrorist group, named the Purist, threat, to burn their city from the ground by fire, Royce and Sawyer know the countdown has start.Devil s hour is book in the Zero Hour series and can t be read as a standalone.I loved this book as much as I loved book 1 The book was written with Royce s POV and I adored it It was beautiful, funny and heartbreaking sometimes I loved the story and the plot too While investigating the new threat against the city, we follow also Royce and Sawyer in their day to day life and relationship The end was beautiful, but It frustrated me, I want to know about MarcusI can t tell you much, read the book and you ll understand.It was a super good read, and I can t wait for the next one

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