Slave Boy

Slave BoyMore like 2.5 stars Here s the thing, I really liked this bok when it was called the Assignment The basic story from this book is almost identical, except set it in space view spoiler Two men that work together and are attracted to each other are forced to pretend to be sexually involved for the sake of their job While pretending but out of necessity they publicly take things farther than they ever would have by themselves But when the people they are trying to fool by pretending figure it out, they have sex with each other, by force, with the bad guys watch and taping it to send to their bosses to out them hide spoiler I loved this book There was so much friendship, love and respect between the heroes There was no mistaking their love for one another I hated to see it come to an end. WREN Oh, I love you so much Master, take me Take me now HAVEN I mustn t I mustn t act upon these strong urges I have for your youthful golden body and your spiky brown blond hair To do so will cause the Order of the Light to separate us FOR EV ER WREN But Master, I have loved you since I was a 12 year old boy Squick Please use me Use my body to satiate the urges that run rampant through your ever so masculine build I neeeed you HAVEN No I cannot It is forbidden No Yes No THE GOOD Evangeline Anderson is a master at world building The detail that she puts into each and every society she creates is astounding Really, she should have written for Star Trek or something I loved her Kindred series and I saw some of her vivid imagination in this story.THE NOT SO GOOD AKA OH MY GOD PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY Haven is a bloomin idiot and Wren is just TSTL I mean, seriously Haven is supposed to be this big shot ambassador but he knew NOTHING about the people he was negotiating with Research much And Wren is like the girl in the movie that goes to investigate the strange noise coming from the shed even though she knows there is an axe murderer on the loose T S T L The whole premise of the public sex acts was just, in a word, ridiculous And don t get me started on the whole you re still a virgin because I didn t go all the way in, just the head factor WTF Don t get me wrong, I love reading stories that border on the ridiculous but only if that was the author s intention In this case it was not I sort of feel that my intelligence was insulted.I gave this one an extra star due to the sheer fact that it evoked strong emotions in me while I read it I was strongly irritated by the idiocy of both MCs Well, that s a few hours of my life I will never get back Edited to add on 7 11 13 OK, the extra star is coming off After giving this a week to stew, I still can t get over how incredibly awful this book was So I m taking it back I m taking em all back like my Goonies plug hee hee Erotic romance that is neither erotic nor romantic.Full disclosure I m a big fan of m m and f f slash fiction, and I ve read a lot of it over the years And what I expect from it is not that it is some great literature that reveals something about the human soul or whatever I want some nice romance, and it can be cheesy and there better be some clich involved memory loss accidental marriage they have to pretend they re a couple etc Of course, I don t mind some hot sex scenes, but they re an added bonus mostly.So when Slave Boy was recommended to me it wasn t entirely unreasonable that I should like it Slash with a mix of D s something I really liked in the Administration series and the book wasn t that expensive, so I thought I d give it a try.I wish I wouldn t have This book is so unbelievably bad words almost fail me Please, bear in mind that I expected it to be cheesy and all that But I also expected the main characters to behave somewhat like actual people might.In the beginning, we re introduced to the two main characters two men who are part of an interstellar religious organization corps called the Order of Light One is the master and the other his pupil, although the pupil is almost old enough to become a master himself The master is a large man while his pupil is smaller The pupil also has short spiky blond hair They have this intense mind bond that allows them to talk telepathically when they choose to And each of them is secretly in love with the other but doesn t tell the other one because that kind of relationship is forbidden by their order They re on their way to a summit where they have to convince some alien race not to annihilate another alien race For reasons that don t need exploring at this juncture, the pupil has to pretend he s his master s sex slave in order not to offend the alien bad guys Sound familiar Yeah, I know, it s just about every damn.Obi Wan Qui Gon fanfic ever written.Again the setting, the characters, the plot no matter how contrived or cheesy or ridiculous all this sounds, I do like that sort of thing, and I ve read some great stories using something similar like that This book, however, wasn t one of them.Basically, this book is like really bad porn The plot is just an excuse to get the characters to fuck, or rather, like in one notable example which I WISH I COULD UNREAD DEAR GODS PLEASE, almost fuck Again, it s not like that isn t the case in 95% of all fanfic I ve read, but in this case it s so badly done and none of it makes sense Apart from the fact that I doubt there is an alien race that requires people to fuck each other in front of the king as a tribute if there is, I don t want to know my main problem was with the main characters who act like they re completely insane Nevermind that the whole main story takes place over a time period of about two days while their relationship progresses at a really unnatural pace, the most ridiculous thing is the non stop internal WHINING of these two supposedly grown men who fight for the good of the universe I fear for the universe.Basically every interaction they have is along the following lines they re in a situation that requires them to be intimate in some way or the other So each of them thinks, OMG I want him so badly, but no, it s wrong, I shouldn t, he doesn t like me that way, I can t, but I have to, oh no, look what I m doing And then their mind link starts working and they start telling each other stuff like I want to fuck you so hard, please Master fuck me lalalala NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT WHEN THEY THINK THE OTHER PERSON DOESN T WANT THEM PLEASE And then they start whining again And the dirty talk is so horrible, and the sex isn t hot and their relationship is supercreepy, because the only way a D s relationship works for me is when they are actually equals This is just icky and what I think the author believes is romantic is disturbing and ridiculous and about as sweet as Edward and Bella s wonderful love UGH.Another thing that bugged me was that the whole thing was very similar to another of Anderson s books I ve read the Assignment has some situations that are almost identical, and even though there the relationship at least wasn t quite as disturbing, I found that annoying.So yeah I d apologize for the rant, but I think I deserve it after reading the whole damn thing Which I only did because I was on the bus and then there were only a couple of pages left over, and what would have been the point of stopping there TYPICAL ANDERSON AT WORK 3.5Slave Boy offers up typical Evangeline Anderson, the writng is just so her and the plot is basically one we have experienced before I enjoyed the sci fi world created, and she does offer up some really vile and strange creatures in this one, but with that said this book lacked originality when it came to characters Its like I have seen them before, just with different names and I liked them a lot.Haven is a Master of The order of light, they are healers and they go around making wrongs right, so we could call them the galaxies peace keepers While on a mission Haven runs into a small slave boy owned and sold to men for the use of his mouth and soon because he is of age other things This small boy captures Haven s heart and he also carries the light within him, because this boy has the power to heal Haven knows he has to free the boy and take him back to the order With a little buy and sell Havan gets the boy who he calls Wren.It is now Haven s job to be mentor to Wren, after ten years of being together there bond is stronger than ever Well it seems both men want a little to their relastionship, but anything sexual is forbidden in Light culture between a master and his trainee That was until they were called to help with keeping a planet from being blown up.To stay on the Tiberion war ship, calls for a sex slave All the things Haven knows he should not feel start bubbling up, and to save a planet they will go where there is no turning back Basically, they want to have sex but know they shouldn t but it will be the very thing that saves the lives of many.It is just too much, when characters are forced to have sex They never just come together on their own, they had to play a little game of Pain or Pleasure That is why I said typical Anderson style I just cannot understand why people don t just have sex for sex sakes, in this Wren and Haven s first time together their was an audience, and some form of pain was involved If this is a trend of the authors, its gonna get old real fast With that said, I liked it there was D s element to it, and that is right up my ally Plus the Tiberions were really nasty and made my skin crawl, and I liked it. I recently reread this book, and I admit, I worried that it might have been best to leave it safe in the fog of memory, as it was one of my first m m books I read Happily, I can tell you the answer is no, it was a wise move to reread This book is light, fun, and naughty Kinky and voyeuristic and a wonderful afternoon s escape If I have any complaints, it s that this same book that initially seemed so racy now seems like it doesn t go far enough But that only adds to the charm If you re looking for a slightly naughty m m book to cut your teeth on, this is a good choice. Completely suspend your disbelief and this is an entertaining story Evangeline Anderson has a way of making sex a matter of life or death In Slave Boy, a blow job brought Wren back from the brink of death I was just thinking, if a blow job has healing properties my DH may be immortal Just a thought. This book is a good read for anyone looking for a silly, sexy and surprisingly sweet story that does not take itself seriously. I highly recommend giving it a chance Again, it is absurd but also hot, fun and has a heart. I really didn t know what to expect when I started this book Honestly, I didn t think I would like it I had seen it many times, and bypassed it because I thought it was going have hardcore BDSM, abuse and they would have multiple partnersI was wrongVERY WRONG.First let me say that this is truly a story of two people who are not only friends, but have a very deep affection and admiration for one another Never once did I doubt their feelings for one another, even when it was put to the test, it was very obvious that they hold one another in very high esteem and truly love each other.Haven is a mediator and healer He belongs to a select group called Master of the Order of the Light His job is to right wrongs, and to bring peace to civilizations that have a conflict or at war with one another Ten years ago, as he was about to leave Rigel Six, he spots a young boy chained and has been neglected and abused Have soon comes to the realization the boy has been used, and will be obviously sold as a prosititute to the highest bidder Enraged by the obvious mistreatment of the youngster he buys the boy outright They immediately have an emotional connection Haven names the boy Wren he didn t have a name You ll understand where he gets the name Wren when you read the book and takes him to his home planet and becomes his mentor.Wren has been in love with Haven since the moment he laid eyes on him Haven not only saved him from a life of sexual abuse and neglect he has educated Wren, he has shown him kindness and affection that any father would show his son This is foreign to Wren at first, but he thives on the guidance and attention he receives from Haven As the years go by and Wren becomes a man, both Haven and Wren struggle with not only their love for one another, but their budding sexual attraction to each other But, ANY kind of sexual touching is forbidden between a mentor and his apprentice If they give into their feelings and desires for one another, they will be separated, and neither Wren of Have are willing to risk that.When they are sent to mediate a conflict between two civilizations almost at war, they are forced to participate in some of the customs, or they will insult their host, and lives will be lost This means that Wren must act as Haven s pleasure slave Haven does everything in his power to talk Wren out of it He is afraid this will bring back unhappy memories of sexual abuse Wren endured as a child Wren on the other hand, knows that Haven would never hurt him, and craves for his touch If being forced to be a pleasure slave is the only way Haven and he can be together, than Wren is willing to take that chance.I loved Haven and Wren I cannot say enough about these two characters They literally grabbed my heartstrings and didn t let go until the last letter on the last page This book will definately be a re read for me, and have a place on my keeper shelf In my opinion, the storyline was interesting, but the characters itself is what makes this book very special.I do want to give a word of warningThere ARE some BDSM roleplay, voyuerism and public sex in this book If this is offensive to you, this is not the book for you Poor Wren had endured much sexual abuse before he met Haven, but he overcomes it If this bothers you, you might want to rethink reading it also There are no sexual abuse scenes with Wren as a child, but the emotional turmoil he goes through can pack quite a punch So know that in advance before reading this book Honestly, the love between them made the things they had to endure to keep peace between the fighting civilizations , okay because they truly felt love and affection to one another, and it wasn t just two people seeking to hurt or humiliate the other person They truly belonged together That made this book different for me, and I loved it. Haven Is A Master Of The Order Of The Light A Revered Sect Of Mediators And Healers That Roam The Galaxy Righting Wrongs Ten Years Ago He Bought A Ragged Slave Boy From Rigel Six And Brought Him To Live At The Temple Of Light On Radiant As Wren S Master And Mentor, Haven Knows The Young Man Is Off Limits, So He Keeps His Forbidden Feelings For His Novice Under Wraps, Vowing Never To Act On Them Wren Has Been In Love With His Master From The Moment He Laid Eyes On Him Haven Rescued Him From A Life Of Sexual Slavery And His Gratitude Is Exceeded Only By His Desire For The Tall, Broad Shouldered Man He Calls Master When The Pair Are Sent To Mediate A Conflict Aboard The Huge Tiberion War Ship, Haven Discovers That He Must Have A Pleasure Slave To Fulfill The Local Customs Wren Offers To Play The Part But Will His Role As Haven S Slave Boy Bring Back Too Much Of His Painful Past And How Can Haven Keep His Vows Of Chastity When He Is Forced To Use Wren In The Most Forbidden Way In A Matter Of Life Or Death, Both Men Must Act On Their Hidden Desires And Hope Not To Lose Each Other Forever Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Branding, Dubious Consent, Exhibitionism, Male Male Sexual Practices, Strong Violence, Voyeurism

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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