Against the Wind

Against the Wind Against The Wind Is An Elegantly Written Story Of Relationships Involving Six Principal Characters, Strands Of Whose Lives Braid Together After A Chance Reunion Among Three Of Them A Successful Environmental Lawyer Is Forced To Take Himself To Task When He Realizes That Everything About His Work Has Betrayed His Core Beliefs A High School English Teacher Asks Her Former High School Love To Take Up Her Environmental Cause A Transgender Adolescent Male Raised By His Grandparents Struggles To Excel In A World Hostile To His Kind A French Canadian Political Science Professor Finds Himself Left With A Choice Between His Cherished Separatist Cause And His Marriage And Family An Accomplished Engineer Is Chronically Unable To Impress His Accomplished Father Sufficiently To Be Named Head Of The International Wind Technology Company His Father Founded The Quebec Separatist Party S Minister Of Natural Resources, A Divorc E, Finds Herself Caught Between Her French Canadian Lover And An Unexpected English Canadian Suitor

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Against the Wind book, this is one of the most wanted Jim Tilley author readers around the world.

➦ [Ebook] ➡ Against the Wind  By Jim Tilley ➱ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 271 pages
  • Against the Wind
  • Jim Tilley
  • 22 May 2017

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    Against The Wind by Jim Tilley Pub Date 9 24 19I enjoyed reading this novel that is set in both Canada Montreal and Quebec and in the US NYC The story is about 6 very interesting characters whose lives intertwine into this wonderful story about relationships, emotions and the strength to face past decisions Tilley delivered a masterful and beautifully written family drama that spans about a year through this complex interwoven relationships between them Ralph is going through health crisis, and is nearing the end of his career as an environmental lawyer, who for many years have been defending big corporations in the wind energy world Lynn and Jean Pierre have a rocky relationship and also raising a transgender son, Jules, who is a talented high school student interested in becoming an engineer, and is showing a lot of promise Lynn is both trying to rekindle her relationship with Ralph and her relationship with husband Jean Pierre Monique, a divorcee is the Minister of Natural Resources whose relationship is intertwined with both Jean Pierre and Ralph Dietrich is an accomplished engineer who went to high school with both Ralph and had a relationship with Lynn I loved the writing and the complex character development The characters are brilliantly presented, each with their own story to tell The book discusses topics and stories that include political and business issues, as well as, the trials of transgender parenting and the difficulties and responsibilities on our role of being human Some of the themes include regret, disappointment, loss, depression and some elements of rape abuse I truly enjoyed Tilley s writing style with an effortless flow and beautiful prose I loved that even the most flawed characters were given the chance to redeem themselves and have the development of growth, relationships, and understanding of human interactions.I have received a complementary ARC copy of the book from the author My review is voluntary and my own honest opinion.

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    I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this novel, which follows multiple characters as their lives intersect over the course of a year At the center of the story is Ralph, an environmental lawyer who, at the end of his career, seeks to overcome regrets from his youth, rekindling a romance with his high school sweetheart, and finishing a canoe trip that ended in disaster While the novel is anchored by Ralph s story, each character is given space to become fully formed Lynn, the high school girlfriend, Jules, her son, Jean Pierre, her estranged husband, Monique, a Canadian politician, and Dieter, who has inflicted harm on others throughout his life Tilley writes with attention to detail and sympathy even for the most conflicted characters, infusing his novel with questions about the way the past shapes the present and how to balance responsibility toward the world and responsibility toward oneself.

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    This is a novel of character, among other things I found myself quickly drawn to the main protagonists with all their strengths but even their limitations and failures I can t help but think that anyone entering the troisi me ge cannot but connect with some of the themes in the book revisiting and confronting the distant past, all the way back to high school who were we, who we are now, the conflicts between those time periods, but also acknowledging principles, influences, and even love that are still with us and that maybe define who we are, after all these years And which may require some effort and integrity to clarify.There s another character in the novel that is a benevolent presence throughout, and that is the beauty of the forests, lakes, rivers and nature in general in Quebec The author grew up in Quebec, and his obvious love for the environment there is touching and contagious.There other important themes, such as political conflicts in Quebec around the issues of language and independence adultery and reconciliation even gender identity What I found really satisfying is how all these different threads are adroitly woven together by the author into an impressive tapestry Highly recommended.

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    It took a bit for me to get into this story but I ended up really enjoying it the writing style is almost lyrical and very smooth And the characters stories weave together nicely to create an emotional journey.

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    From the very first page, you know that the author, Jim Tilley, is a poet While the layout of the novel is obviously prose, so many of the powerful, short sentences read like lines in an elegy The main characters are extremely complex and well developed They surprise you with their ability to shake themselves out of behavioral ruts and move on with their lives, in spite of strong connections to their past.The author clearly knows the terrain that his characters navigate environmentalism, Quebec separatism, sexual identity conflicts, parenting, politics, live and betrayal I sped through the book, but was a bit disappointed that parts of the story seemed to end a bit too neatly and too cleanly I felt that all of the decades long character conflict called for a good bit messier of an ending.I hope we don t have to wait too long for Tilley s next novel.

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    I received this book in a goodreads giveaway.Unlike some other reviewers I found the writing somewhat flat Or maybe it was just that I didn t really like the characters, didn t relate well with them maybe they were all just too human, plotting to get their own needs met.The story of the grandparents raising the transgender son was sympathetic, and his desire to see his parents reunite compelling French Canadian separatism sparked my interest to learn about this, and the challenges imposed by wind energy production.It was ok.

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