Utterly Dwarfed

Utterly Dwarfed Brilliant as always Order of the Stick is my favorite webcomic for a reason, and has been consistently good for than a decade now the update schedule is another matter, of course While it s still very much a story based in 3.5 Dungeons Dragons, by this part of the story having knowledge of DD isn t really necessary any This is epic fantasy with a self aware parody style that can be funny without undermining the dramatic tension I m sad to think there will be only one volume before the story ends. Here Comes The Sixth Volume Of The Order Of The Stick, The Fantasy Comedy Webcomic That Everyone Agrees Gets Longer With Each Book Released In Utterly Dwarfed, The Order Is On Their Way North To Save The World In Style, Thanks To Their New Friends On A Cool Pirate Airship Little Do They Suspect That While They Deal With Monsters And The Usual Plot Stuff, One Of Their Own Is Facing A Battle Inside Their Own Mind It S Durkon, Obviously And When The Gods Themselves Start Taking A Closer Interest In Roy S Band Of Misfit Heroes, This Action Packed Adventure Ends Up Having Repercussions So Big, We Couldn T Fit Them On The Page With Almost Five Years Of Comics, This Mammoth Collection Is Our Longest Book Yet Not Counting The Previous One Here S What You Ll Find Inside All Of The Comics From To, Uh, The End Of This Story Arc More Than All New Bonus Comics Here And There Throughout The Adventure A Recap Of Events To Date By Durkon Thundershield Wink, Wink Foreword By Haley Starshine A Never Before Seen Map Of The Northern Continent Nine Or So Pages Of Navel Gazing Author Commentary A New Moderately Improved Art Style That Makes Some Things Look Better And Others Worse Probably Some Other Stuff This supposedly penultimate collection of Burlew s webcomic really shines in the author s commentaries there is a lot of plot advancement and story happening in this installment, and gaining a peek behind the scenes of how it came together was very interesting.As usual, the content is great because the original webcomic is great, and there are a few additional bonus pages woven in But forget about it being a webcomic or, in this form, a graphic novel this is another amazing installment of a well told story that just happens to be told with the trappings of DD and similar fantasy genre tropes Ten quatloos on Burlew flipping this into a mini series when it s all done and I ll be there for it. The penultimate volume of OOTS the main story, at least As always, fun, entertaining, well written, strong worldbuilding The story holds together a lot better when read over a few days than the 5 years it took to appear on the web If you re a fan of the series, definitely worth a read If you re not, it might be better to start at an earlier volume. This is the first physical book I ve read for Order of the Stick mostly because I can t resist reading the web comic but the behind the scenes interludes and the comfort of reading it in book form make it worth it That, and I wanted to finally financially support the author whose work I ve been reading for well over a decade Can t wait until the final book is released The bonus material is great and I love the secondary characters presented in this collection. Starts off slow, with a couple of potentially unneeded digressions, but really sticks the climactic moment. The Order of the Stick book 6 Serious spoilers for earlier works ahead, as this one makes little sense without them.Starting with its opening with Durkon as a vampire, which means that a vampire spirit is running his body and holding him prisoner in his own head.This leads to a lot of incidents of his memories Meanwhile the quest to save the world goes on with some sidequests and subplots Belkar s awareness that Durkon is not really Durkon A thread for Halley s past gets tied off and shows her growth A fight with giants that goes reasonably smoothly except for drama on the ship The discovery that the gods are discussing what to do it really has reached such a pitch that can be a subplot Death A steampunk gnome city And. Five years Sheesh, that s even longer than I thought it had been The story works so much better all read at the same time, rather than one page a week.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Utterly Dwarfed book, this is one of the most wanted Rich Burlew author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Utterly Dwarfed
  • Rich Burlew
  • English
  • 08 May 2017

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