The Captain and the Glory

The Captain and the GloryA quick but not inconsequential read Funny and depressing at the same time, this story satirizes the sad and utterly absurd truth about what s happened to our beloved Glory during the past three years Ends on a hopeful note. This is a novella that satirizes the current state of US federal politics It starts out funny with a beloved admiral retiring only to be replaced by a new guy who has absolutely no experience with ships but a whole lot of bravado Lots of passengers vote for him to become the new captain because he ll shake things up It s not hard to see who the new guy is in real life.The story starts off funny and there were a few places where I actually snorted in how realistically this crazy ship represents life in America But, then, it just turned sad And kinda hopeless And I actually started to feel sorry for the Captain something I ll never do with his real life doppelganger The Captain and the Glory Knopf is a quick Dave Eggers, a slim stopgap of a novel between The Parade which we reviewed here and whatever s up next While that novel is a sparse farce populated by short, punchy sentences and minimal set pieces, this one is a direct and wordy parody of the Trump presidency featuring not so subtle stand ins for major players in Trump s life from Ivanka to Putin to Kim Jong un.The setup The Captain is a brash, stupid, loathsome narcissist who falls ass backward into the highest leadership position on a ship called the Glory.What follows is a spoof of certain lowlights in 45 s White House Certain People are either thrown off the ship or placed in crab cages A Robert Mueller type investigates the Captain and presents his findings in a bound book that nobody aboard the Glory reads Meanwhile, the Captain scrawls incoherent messages that everybody on board reads.The Trump presidency is such a bizarre and nonsensical event in American history that it almost seems beyond parody Often spoofs of this charade feel needless, as electing somebody like Trump was such an obviously poor decision that a cautionary tale would ring hollow and a straight up spoof could never live up to the absurdity of the real thing.The rest of the review The Captain and the Glory is a satire of the current political environment in the United States The story has characters that resemble Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and even less subtly named characters, such as Paul the Manafort or David the Cohen The Captain writes odd, nonsensical things on a white board during the night for citizens of the ship to see The Captain fires everyone and appoints all his friends to important roles He views people who are not from the boat as dangerous As he steers the boat, he turns left and right suddenly, just to surprise people and change things up His supporters talk about how great it is that he says whatever comes to mind Is all of this sounding familiar I laughed a lot reading this book However, this book also caused me to reflect on the strange and terrifying situation that the current president has created and how much it really feels like we have a captain president guiding our boat country who has no experience in doing so and makes extremely irrational decisions.Thank you aaknopf for sending me a copy of The Captain and the Glory A biting satire with thinly disguised characters from the current presidential administration as the captain and crew of a ship that has lost its way A short novella that I would recommend except for the many parts of it that made me angry or sad or both Once there is a regime change and a new captain, and I can look back from the comfort of a new and progressive administration, it will be much funnier and less scary. A quick read I devoured in one day The Captain and the Glory paints modern politics in America as if a fable There s just enough that s recognizable and just enough that s moulded to a different shape to make it funny instead of tragic Big lessons and observations here Maybe future generations will look back on this story and see that some people understood the lunacy of our age, and saw tragedy unfolding Dave Eggars is an essential American writer Possibly this may be the most important fiction of 2019. Clown scary, horror farce, funny because it s true but sad for the same reason Read it for the absurdist and highly accurate view of our current world Listen to the audio for John Hodgman s wonderful wonderful voice and nuance. Clever, witty, and appropriately maddening It s no wonder that Eggers is alternating his dark tales, like this book and his previous novel The Parade, with positive and lighthearted children s booksmaybe that s a way for him to stay sane I ll read anything Eggers writes, and he does classify this one as an entertainment Which is to say, don t approach it with the same degree of expectation as his serious works, in particular, his ongoing series of telling a larger story through a focussed lens Here he unleashes his feelings about the current atrocity in the White House, and he doesn t mean for it to be anything but a satire or, as he puts it, an Entertainment about a dangerous, destructive situation There are other prominent authors who have thrust out books on the subject, so much so that there s practically an entire shelf of them i.e., Rushdie, McEwan, Coe, Lethem He had to say something, and this is it. A Savage Satire Of The United States In The Throes Of Insanity, This Blisteringly Funny Novel Tells The Story Of A Noble Ship, TheGlory, And The Loud, Clownish, And Foul Captain Who Steers It To The Brink Of DisasterWhen The Decorated Captain Of A Great Ship Descends The Gangplank For The Final Time, A New Leader, A Man With A Yellow Feather In His Hair, Vows To Step Forward Though He Has No Experience, No Knowledge Of Nautical Navigation Or Maritime Law, And Though He Has Often Remarked He Doesn T Much Like Boats, He Solemnly Swears To Shake Things Up Together With His Band Of Petty Thieves And Confidence Men Known As The Upskirt Boys, The Captain Thrills His Passengers, Writing His Dreams And Notions On The Cafeteria Wipe Away Board, Boasting Of His Exemplary Anatomy, Devouring Cheeseburgers, And Tossing Overboard Anyone Who Displeases Him Until One Day A Famous Pirate, Long Feared By Passengers Of The Glory But Revered By The Captain For How Phenomenally Masculine He Looked Without A Shirt While Riding A Horse, Appears On The Horizon Absurd, Hilarious, And All Too Recognizable, The Captain And The Glory Is A Wicked Farce Of Contemporary America Only Dave Eggers Could Dream Up

Dave Eggers is the author of ten books, including most recently Your Fathers, Where Are They And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever , The Circle and A Hologram for the King, which was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award He is the founder of McSweeney s, an independent publishing company based in San Francisco that produces books, a quarterly journal of new writing McSweeney s Quarterly

[PDF / Epub] ☄ The Captain and the Glory Author Dave Eggers –
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • The Captain and the Glory
  • Dave Eggers
  • English
  • 16 December 2018
  • 9780525659082

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