Dark Heart

Dark Heart In Amaranth, The Wayfarers Guild Attracts All Kinds Of Custom When Lucan The Mage Walks Into The Stable Yard With A Lame Horse In The Rain, Slave Boy Tam Runs To Serve Him And Soon Tam Wants To Do Nothing Else EverLucan Is Demanding, Ruthless, Devastating, In Bed And Out Everything Tam Ever Yearned For In A Master He S Also Master Of The Darkest Arts, And Not Blind To Tam S Feelings, But Heedless Of Them Why Would A Free Man Care How A Slave Feels When Tam S Mistress Asks For The Mage S Help Because The Guild Is Under Attack, Master Lucan Finds Other Uses For Tam As A Guide To The City, As Payment To A Demon In Hell But When He Doesn T Come Back To The Guildhouse One Night, Tam Knows The Great Man Is In Trouble And Only An Insignificant Slave Boy Can Save Him

Author Thom Lane is an English writer who has published romances and erotica as well as fantasies and other books under other names In his tales of Amaranth, he is combining as many of those genres as possible

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  • ebook
  • 150 pages
  • Dark Heart
  • Thom Lane
  • English
  • 22 January 2017
  • 9781596327825

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    This is not a romance.But it s not a dark, nasty story either Dark Heart is something else altogether.In the world of Amaranth, a caste system is firmly intact Slaves are regarded as soulless and are or less on the same footing as domestic animals This means that from our perspective, the way the 23 year old Tam who was once a petty thief until he was caught and collared is treated seems harsh Ever since he is a slave at a guild house, he is fed only once a day, whipped every now and then for no particular reason and must service the guests, sexually and otherwise It also means that when one stormy night a powerful mage seeks shelter at the guild house and chooses Tam to see to his needs, the boy is very much treated like a pet dog.When the mistress of the guild house begs his new, temporary master for help in a series of mysterious attacks on the guild, Tam is sucked into a turmoil of events After an explosion in the city, he secretly watches how the strong, mysterious mage collects stiff, dead bodies and calls back their souls However, before Tam s curious mind has time to grasp the the definition of a necromancer , he gets than he bargained for as his master decides to drag him into hell as toll money for the demons After all, if something dreadful is to happen to a slave, it will just be considered collateral damage Which is in Hell, which is where I must go to interrogate it Ah I see And the boy I need something to pay my way To buy me answers An offering I ll hope to bring him back to you Be aware, though, I can t guarantee it What s interesting is that this isn t a story in which one person consciously chooses to take on a submissive role to play Or the opposite in which a main character is forced into slavery and both he and his master realize things could be different Since slavery is such a normal aspect of Amaranth s culture, the fact that Tam s a slave is never questioned, neither by him or his new master The mage therefore is entirely dismissive of Tam s feelings and handles him as nonchalantly as a farmer would treat one of his many sheep, not cruel but never particularly caring either If you can t handle this matter of factly inequality very well, Dark Heart can be a somewhat uncomfortable experience Although Tam did not strike me as an overly intelligent character and appears, in a way, happy in his submissive role and eager to please his attractive master What did I know I was only a slave All I wanted was his cock in my mouth , he shares enough tidbits to give the impression that deep down he is, in fact, not so excited about the cards he is dealt in life I would have liked to matter to either of them, really just a little than the furniture, but there s no point dreaming Free men and women value slaves only for their usefulness, and not a penny piece beyond.Despite several dramatic events in the story that could have forced a break through in the way both characters perceived their society imposed roles I know I had anticipated at least a subtle change in the way the mage regarded his slave the author chose to not let his characters explore their possibilities Despite my vague frustration about this lack of development I personally love a dash of friction, conflict and soul searching in my books I must admit that, besides the great writing, the preservation of this standstill is also one of the book s strengths The author opted for the road less traveled, which resulted in an ever present bittersweet undercurrent to Dark Heart Although it s probably clear by now that this is not really one of those books, for those who like their HEA there is just enough material to ignite your imagination.Ultimately, Dark Heart is so much than a fantasy story It just begs to be chewed on for a while To be explored from all angles If you get the chance, make this one a buddy read These characters and their motives can be interpreted in so many different ways It s food for discussion

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    not much in the way of story, but compelling anyway.I found myself utterly revolted by slave culture, and the behavior of sundry characters up to and including Master Lucan made me want to throw up.The sex is hot, if a little brief.Whipping isn t my kink, but the writing is competent, and the setting interesting.Wish there d been to the story than this, though.

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    Romance Absolutely not Erotica Definitely BDSM Also absolutely not no, this is dubcon at best, abuse, and a slave in an absolutely unvarnished world good for the author for not painting real slavery with a pretty brush grabbing on to the slightest hint of happiness he can cling to violent and callous as it often was and calling it love That being said, it was also hot and remarkably well written The prose is artful, the worldbuilding was brilliant, the plot secondary to the characters but still entertaining I was left feeling kind of oily and unpleasant at the very end you ll almost certainly know why when you get there and reminded of how awful the whole situation really is despite the prot s claim to happiness, but I was also left wishing it hadn t ended quite so soon I ll be picking up the next book in the series for sure.

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    Whip fetish can be overwhelming sometimes image error

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    5 delicious stars I wrote a looooong review of Dark Heart yesterday, with pics and quotes and everything and then something crushed and my almost finished review disappeared So, shorter version this time, sorry That book got to my absolute favourites shelf and I gave it 5 stars because it s exactly what I expected and needed it s 150 pages of smut, intertwined with some mystery and perfect for me to indulge in my slave kink Don t expect anything epic it s mostly kinky sex between a gruff, little grumpy, dark and dangerous Master Mage Lucan and a Wayfarers Guild s slave, brave, pretty Tam who will risk punishment and even his life to help the Mage Even if he can t hope to belong to somebody as perfect as Lucan.Master Mage Lucan Tam The world building isn t overly developed but it provides all the necessary details.The mystery to be solved is not very complicated and innovative but I think it served well to fill in the space between the ahem bedroom scenes You must be also aware that Lucan is a truly rough Master, he s always carrying his switch to correct the sweet houseboy and he metes out his punishments freely But Tam craves that strong hand, he yearns for Lucan s manhandling him his cuffs, clips, shoves and pushesThere can also be no love between a freeman, let alone a Master Mage, and a lowly, idiot slaveboy but As Tam says, he saw something in his eyes, not a softness but a sharp affection and so we know that Lucan is not as blind to Tam s devotion as he seems to be The best sum up for our MCs You will find me a strict master, and very demanding I swallowed, and mumbled, Yes, Master, and still couldn t have wished for anything else I wanted to tell him so, to say that he was than I d ever dreamed of, but masters aren t interested in confessions of love.Nor do they make them So, if you re looking for a hot and kinky, quick read with a rough Master slave dynamic something to feel good after some angsty, thought provoking books, and you don t expect high fantasy, but rather some entertaining and easy, magical mystery story go for it I can recommend it to all the Master slave junkies like me D

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    Well, this book was a conglomerate of everything I find disgusting, unpleasant and boring Why did I think I might have liked it Because I do like some slavery stories But not this one, no I kinda feel bewildered right now what I was supposed to feel while after reading it Both main characters are repulsive, even though in a different way, and their relationship well, it fits their personalities, so good luck to them but ouch, shudder.

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    Despite the cover and title, this is a decidedly un dark read I suppose as far as Gaymance goes, it s also a bit of a strange read It s romance, yet I m not sure you can soundly classify as that When it comes to slavery in M M Romance, there s usually that certain point in the book when social class, differences or anything really don t matter in the face of their love.In that respect, Dark Heart is different The gap between their social classes is there and even at the end of the book, it s almost certainly clear that the gap will always be there.In saying that though, it seems logical to think that this is a pretty intense, depressing read But it s not really and this is coming from a fluff addict They both understand their position and the relationship though I hesitate to call it that works Though it seems almost crude to call this thing between them love I certainly don t know any couples who would use each other as a payment to the gateway of hell literally.In the end, their relationship is one of slave and master, with a maybe love on both sides view spoiler Tam says he loves Lucan, but honestly, it feels like master worship to me hide spoiler

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    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire Wow, just wow, this rather dark and harsh book was amazing in its treatment of the reality of total slavery To be a slave in Amaranth is to be as replaceable as a piece of paper and worth just about as much Tam is a slave in the Wayfarer s Guild house and while being owned by a guild house may seem like a better than average place to be owned, it is not A slave is only worth as much as they are capable of doing and the slave quickly learns their place at the bottom of the ladder or dies Tam has resigned himself to his fate and while his outlook is bleak, it is totally realistic He is assigned to the Master Mage Lucian while Lucian stays at the guild house doing a job for the Guild Mistress Someone is out to ruin the Wayfarer s Guild and that person can only be a Mage with a strong hold on some power Lucian s slightest whim is Tam s command whether it be for sex or an arm and the slightest disobedience results in a harsh beating Lucian dragged Tam literally through hell, offered him to a demon and used as a sex toy yet Tam actually seems to enjoy being Lucian s slave despite the beatings and abuse The world building in this story was excellent and I applaud Mr Lane for the way he developed the slave s mentality toward his life situation and the caste system within slavery itself Having the story narrated by Tam was a stroke of genius because I got to see Amaranth from the level of the dirt looking up This is not a BDSM story in my opinion because the slave or sub has no choice in his her bondage, the choice of a Dom, the length of servitude or contract or even a safe word This story is strictly a master slave story with no room for doubt The only thing that bothered me was that even though Tan was 23 years old, he was still called boy or young one which often made me feel like I was reading kiddie porn While I found myself totally immersed in the quality of the writing and the content of the story, I had to keep reminding myself that Tam was a grown man when I started to get uncomfortable with Mr Lane s wording This book is without a doubt not for everyone but if your tastes run toward a dose of very well written master slave fantasy then I recommend this book highly.

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    As some people have said in reviews, this is not a typical m m romance.Amaranth is a place where there are only 2 kinds of people slaves and the free Slaves seem to be valued, in as much as they do vital work, but easily replaced if they die, and pretty much on a social level with domesticated animals Tam is a Slave in a guildhouse, and luckily for him he has a very submissive mentality, and so it seems to work out for him He lives very much in the moment, which I liked about him He thinks very positively about the little things, an extra bit of food, or an extra moment of sleep seems to make him content And he never thinks of forming an attatchment, or looking to the future, until Master Lucan comes along.Master Lucan is a fairly well drawn character considering its not his POV He s he s a well respected and feared mage, but with a little bit of a rebelious streak in him He seems to have a fondness for Tam, but shows it not much than you would show preference for a favourite pet or horse, and he does beat him for disobedience But I love how you can see the affection underneath things He is not cruel, it is simply a product of the culture of Amaranth, where slaves and free men can never be equal.I really liked this storry, and my main disappointment, was the ending It was a great ending in its own way, but I really wanted to see of Tam and Lucan, and I found the next in the series is about another couple entirely But I ll read that one soon anyhow, as the world is fascinating, and the writing is very good See my other reviews of the Tales of Amaranth series 2 Healing Heart

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    I love this series. this first book is not available on and with Loose ID closing, if you haven t read it or don t own it yet, now is the time to buy it direct from LID while you still have the chance This series is NOW AVAILABLE ON KU all 8 books I read this back in 2008 I almost never re read books but I m re reading this whole series since it looks like the next book is finally coming out at some point soon from Loose ID and I ve missed Amaranth The reviews for it are already succinct and tell you what I would It s a non romanticized, practical slave story with adventure, sex, reward and punishment, magic and distinctive world building Amaranth seems like a real place to me The author bio says he writes in many different genres under different names I believe it The writing style is exactly for me I love it On to the next book in the series.

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