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Laura L Smith lis a best selling author and speaker She loves Jesus, her husband, her four kiddos, music,books, coffee, France, and chocolate Smith lives in the college town of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Skinny By Laura L.  Smith –
  • Paperback
  • 169 pages
  • Skinny
  • Laura L. Smith
  • English
  • 06 December 2019
  • 9781600063565

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    I found this to be an unrealistic look at anorexia The writing was quite good and the topic worthy of discussion However, anorexia doesn t develops in two weeks, nor is it cured in two weeks This is a disease which develops over time, is tenacious and intractable.Anorexia may involve bulimia and binge exercising and eating They can be seem in conjunction or singularly.This book has a great premise, but does not have the research.

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    I often read books on self help and disorders because I m curious about them I work at the library and always find books that I want to read And then never get around to and this was one of the books that caught my eye.My first impression The cover is amateur ish watch, that s probably not even how you spell it Now I look like the dumb ass I just felt like I was looking at a book that had been published by a high school aspiring writer I m one of those people so I know what kind of work those aspiring writers are capable of I m usually not into books with religion woven into it I m a Catholic but I don t like to read books where everything relates back to God Melissa, the main character, talks about having a date with her bible and the book contains bible passages It s not that I found it pointless. but Smith wrote the passages in the book and it just felt like she only put it in so she could fill up pages Skinny wasn t even 200 pages long The actual writing was not good At all I kept thinking about how I could write better There were lines like, The girls just had so much fun.I had a lot of problems with Skinny Sorry if this review is quite annoying, choppy, and blah.Smith definitley could have written in some scenes I felt like she didn t really have a grip on what teenagers are really like I found myself scoffing at certain parts.Sure, girls paint each others finger nails and eat popcorn but it bothers me how she wrote it It just felt like it was me writing one of my stories back when I was into Twilight and wanted to be a writer Back in like the 6th grade Overall, I know this review didn t say a whole lot But I wouldn t tell anyone to read this book It s a huge waste of time and extremely annoying Just put it down and read the other book Skinny with the green popsicle on the front I promise it will be a helluva lot better.

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    I ve seen reviews that this title was too simple and straightforward, but I would have to disagree I feel this is a book that should be read by all teenagers Having a 14 year old myself and her having a friend that faced these issues at only 12 , I feel this is an excellent introduction for teens to understand the severity of eating disorders, and allow them to see a glimpse of what someone with this illness goes through every day Granted, there was no in depth resolution, but I don t feel that was the intent The author skimmed the surface, leaving hints here there and by the end of the book, I could no longer see where exactly the changes had originally begun This was one of those titles that stayed with me, and opened up further communication on the subject for my daughter and I It s a quick read, and something I would pass on and suggest to others.

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    I got this book for free on my Kindle, and all I can say is to stay away from it.It s basically about a high school girl who develops an eating disorder because she is way too busy in high school and has boy problems The stress leads to her sort of developing an eating disorder and fainting at dance practice.Her dance instructor forces her to go to a doctor, and she is magically cured of her eating disorder by talking to God and having her parents watch what she ate Yeah, lame.

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    This was a free selection on the Kindle I would never have paid for this I wouldn t suggest anyone else, either.The writing in this book was juvenile, falling somewhere between Sweet Valley Twins and Fear Street Melissa, the main character, was a freshman in high school, but this book read like it was for preteens I also could not find anything about Melissa or her friends that seemed real The conversations and language did not sound like a real teen They also didn t sound like they were from 2008 There was also no fleshing out of characters I didn t care about Melissa because she had no personality.As far as Melissa s eating disorder other than the fainting, all the symptoms of an eating disorder seemed to be glossed over Only briefly did the author mention hair falling out in passing There were no physical repercussions for what she had done to herself She also seemed to get over it in a week or two She was able to go back to dance in two weeks and be perfectly physically healthy If you re interested in reading about eating disorders, there have to be better, informative books out there.The added Christian aspect to the story didn t add anything for me, but may for some readers At least the whole story wasn t focused on some specific message.

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    I m kind of glad that the next books are companions I ve never read a book like this, and I m glad that I did

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    I read Skinny from start to finish while on the plane to New York It s an easy read and geared toward young teens, which the voice definitely fits It s a bit young for me, but I can see young teens loving it The stress young teens face is very well reflected in the theme and emotion of the story I had a cousin and several friends with eating disorders and the author portrays a realistic scenario with this story However, the character in the book actually recovered fairly quickly and usually that is not the case But God can do amazing things when people are willing I was surprised that main characters had such a warped perspective regarding food, dieting, and the Bible, but then again it made sense that she would see things through that twisted lens Sometimes young people learn bad behavior from reading these types of books, but I don t see this book as promoting unhealthy eating, but doing just the opposite I applaud the author for communicating that well.

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    If I could I would give it 3 and a half stars It was a quick read I read it in a day I really enjoyed all the little prayers thrown in the book, and all the scripture references It was good to see a 14 year old girl who spent time reading the Bible and talking to God She read out of the Bible every night, and we got to see how that helped her And it inspired me to do the same Overall I liked Melissa She was a sweet girl And she really set a good example besides the whole eating disorder thing She did well in school, she was a go9d Christian, and overall a nice person But with all the stress she develops an eating disorder I did not like how quickly the romance developed between Melissa and Beau It was like one second Melissa is crushing on him and the next they are going on dates It was to fast It was neat to see the dancing aspect, but I m not big on dancing cheerleading Overall it was a good read I think Christian teen girls would enjoy it And dancers cheerleaders.

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    i thought it was kinda fake lol very unrealistic to suddenly get an ED, lose enough weight to look like a skeleton as her mom said, and recover all in about half a school year lol well it is a christian book and she was saved by jesus or something so i guess all that is possible lol.also unrealistic popular high school girl on the dance team with a jock boyfriend and basically a perfect life and her friends are all loving and supportive and stuff like, no lol those girls are typically the meanest ones in high school.idk there was too much fantasy in this book i also think it gives the idea that its easy to develop an eating disorder and lose weight really fast and it makes it look like EDs are just a teenage phase and if you just read the bible you can instantly recover when its really not like that in real life at all.

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    I think that this was a very good book because it showed one of our societies biggest problems The main character in this book begins to see herself how she imagines others see her fat, annoying, unwanted, and an overall loser She starves herself because she thinks people will like her if she s skinny She becomes a shell of herself And that is what hundreds of people do because they think it will help them fit in I think this book has a powerful message and that everyone should read it, if only to gain a new perspective Melissa battles with herself, how she thinks people see her, and the seemingly absence of God in her life Everyone can relate to part of what she s going through I really liked this book.

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