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A Violet Fire ARC received from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.You can view this review others on my blog www.speakingofspellbooks.comWell I m torn with this one I really wanted to love this book and there were points where I thought yeah I really dig it but then several where I found myself really struggling to get on board.My initial thoughts about Wavorly are that she s a pretty cool chick We encounter her attempting to carry out a bold and fearless escape from the Stratocracy of Cain and her vampire overlords , where humans are bred, and then kept as slaves blood bags until they lose their looks and get sent off to breed themselves.Unfortunately, this opinion fades pretty quickly We re treated to a bit of a spectacular info dump about 4% into the book, courtesy of two characters that turn up for absolutely no reason at all, other than to say As you know to each other and then leave, somehow giving us too much and far too little information about this world all at once.This lack of world building continues through most of the book We re drip fed certain details and slapped round the face with other, often inconsequential details, causing me to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the rules of this fantasy world actually are Why all the French That being said, there were moments when the atmosphere felt dark and dangerous, and the politics of the Vampire Lords is played out well, particular during what I like to call Zein Time.Wavorly also loses her badass MC status and turns with the help of a few senseless decisions and a smattering of manipulation , into a bit of pathetic puddle for a lot of the book She talks the talk but doesn t walk the walk which I find almost as annoying as rhyming cliches, yet here I am A unique sense of pride wells up inside of me and I decide He s taken everything else, I won t let him take my pride 5 minutes laterrr As told, I step forward and ready myself in the offering position I outstretch my arms, crossing one wrist over the other, and present them underside up No promoting of threatening involved in making her do that by the way just straight up changed her mind and decided to be subjugated after all I guess I think Quick was aiming for a sense of helplessness in these scenes and she does achieve that throughout a lot of them The exploration of manipulation and emotional abuse are there, but perhaps not fleshed out quite enough to be called a theme She does deal with the side effects that inevitably come from a large number of girls all forced to live and work together well though who doesn t love girl friends.The last quarter of the book for me was probably the best part and the action really picks up a notch and there are a couple of reveals which really bring full the plot up onto a higher level Though I would have loved just a little bit world building and a little less smoochy, brooding scenes, I feel this book is a great foundation to build upon and rated it at 3 stars. Vampires are really letting me down in 2019 Is this replacing my mermaid disappointment trend of 2018 Thank you Netgalley and DB Management for sending me a digital copy of A Violet Fire This book is quite different from typical vampire stories In a world ruled by vampires, Wavorly is a mere human, trained to become a supply unit humans who provides blood to the vampires for the dark brooding Lord Anton Zein, one of the five rulers of the vampire nation, who rescued her years ago from an attack of rogue vampires But just because Wavorly owes her life to him does not mean she is willing to serve as his slave and live to feed his blood lust She loathes him and chooses to defy him in every way she can but as she spends time with him, she starts to question whether he really is the monster she thought him to be But in this ruthless world ruled by bloodsucking monsters, things are not the way they seem Soon her life takes an unexpected and dangerous turn as she learns about sinister plots and hidden prophecies SPOILERS AHEAD I was quite torn on whether to give it a 4 star or 5 star, so i guess I am settling for 4.5 stars This book gave me everything I needed dark and forbidden romance, chosen one, cool prophecies everything It is perfect for all the Darkling and Alina from Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo shippers including me I loved the main character but while she starts off as a badass heroine, her character kind of becomes of a lovesick damsel in distress in the middle of the book until she regains her awesome stature in the end The love interest villain is extremely well written he is manipulative and evil but he also has this soft vulnerable side, especially, in the end of the book you see his conflicts and realize that no matter what his original intentions were, to his own dismay, he IS in love with Wavorly I still hate him for all the heinous things he has done, but I also ship him with Wavorly so hard and hope to see him redeem himself eventually though I don t know if anyone can ever excuse this level of atrocity This book is set in a dark and semi dystopian vampire world which I haven t seen in books before and enjoyed very much The starting of this book, however, was very slow I was almost 20% in when I was seriously considering not finishing but once you get past it, the plot atleast romance wise starts getting interesting I also felt like the author was unnecessarily too descriptive The book would have worked just fine without those details and I skimmed through most of them.Overall, it was a really good book a bit slow paced but swoon worthy I can t wait to see of Wavorly and Zein Prophecies and chosen ones are my favorite fantasy tropes and I am very excited to see how this one plays out I look forward to reading the next installment of this series. I really enjoyed this book The main character s name is Waverly and as you read through the book her early life story starts to emerge The complexity of her past and how she survived it and continues to try too not only survive, but live, in a society where humans are not the dominant species She grows from a rebellious young girl to a woman with a purpose I don t want to say about the plot because I don t want to give anything away The writing is descriptive and the plot moves along quickly I found that I could relate to the character s actions and choices because they made decisions that were true to their nature This helped draw me into this world I am looking forward to the next installment I received an ARC of A Violet Fire via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.1.5 starsThe premise of this story didn t sound all too bad to me Even while I was reading I was still hopeful that, at some point, maybe the story would grip me and I would start feeling entertained That point was probably at around 85% into the book, which is when I started feeling entertained because of the whole mess that started to unfold The actual main plot, a supposedly huge twist in the MC Wavorly s identity, starts in the last 15% of the story, cramming a whole lot of information in about 4 pages, followed by an action sequence that I mainly skimmed through.I can honestly say that I was disappointed in a sad sort of way when the plot twists were all revealed, simultaneously, at the end Besides the fact that I had or less figured them all out before they were revealed which can happen, no huge book breaking problems there , they were just smushed into the book quickly right before it ended, while the first 3 quarters of it didn t really have much substance If the actual plot that was introduced at the end was spread out a little , it might have been a lot smooth The main thing I got from the story was that there was a huge pile of girls and women fighting over the attention of their owner, alternating with a select few paragraphs of political world building, and by the end Wavorly has changed her mind around 6 times about anything and everything, making it clear that she doesn t know what she wants in the least Not knowing what she wants in itself isn t the problem, but I do feel like that isn t the best mindset to be in while making the fairly big decision of killing a whole bunch of people.Wavorly seems to be an incredibly distrusting person when it comes to women and the exact opposite when it comes to men The second a man most of them vampires, who are supposed to be her enemy shows any form of kindness or compassion, she considers them a good person, despite the list of reasons she has to believe the opposite While the women she meets, who are all in the same harsh situation she is in, all immediately get pushed aside in her mind as being either mean evil or irrelevant.Zein, the love interest lord, felt extremely inconsistent to me One scene he s not like the other vampires and the next he s showing how much importance he places on doing what s right for his vampire society If this were caused by miscommunications or gossip or the like, that would make sense in the story, but he himself literally says contrasting things The love he supposedly feels for her, I can t really account for, since we don t know what he s thinking, but I didn t feel like it was portrayed as a very gradual or genuine thing However, the fact that there s even any hinting at her feeling something for him just feels kinda outlandish to me As we established, she doesn t know what she wants, and that very much includes the love aspect of it During the wild mess of an action scene at the end it becomes clear that she has no problems with pushing aside her feelings for him, which just makes everything she s felt throughout the whole story sort of empty How long would it take her to push anything else she feels aside without much trouble TL DR Wavorly is a whole mess, suitable for the whole mess of a book she s the MC of. I honestly could not put this down Absolutely enthralling and I was constantly kept on my toes I frequently went from loving the main character to wanting to strangle her, yet it just made for an even amazing read Love what the author did with the characters and I can t wait to see where this leads This review was also posted on my blog Violet Fire, on the surface, reads as just any standard vampire YA novel At first glance, it feels just as one in a string of publications that reached its height in pop culture circa 2010 I was gladly mistaken when the author broke from the standard and upated the genre to 2019 s awareness.Wavorly Sterling s treatment at her Nightingale school, prior to being taken to Lord Zein s estate, is strongly written, and deals with the world building well Many times, there are too many new terms and laws that an author must introduce to a reader, and Quick does a good job at introducing them gradually without feeling like I was reading a dictionary.I seriously considered becoming fulltime vegan, or at least vegetarian, just from the first 20% of the book Quick s description of the human or, in AVF speak, supply unit vs vampire relationship, one of cultivated prey vs distinguished predator, creates a stark parallel with factory farming and inhumane practices I don t know if this is the author s intention, but it is a metaphor that I have not read before in a vampire novel.Upon Wavorly s entrance to Zein s estate, the book really begins to pick up steam In a classic vampire novel, there are frequently tropes that take place, centered around the vampire falling in love with a mortal As we have reached a modern era, we can see that these tropes are, in fact, problematic Rape, pedophilia, and Stockholm Syndrome are typical in vampire novels, situations that in the real world, we would tell the victim that this is not right, yet in vampire novels, the human still falls in love with the vampire and forgives them for all view spoiler I was concerned when that path was what seemed to be happening in AVF As someone who grew up reading vampire novels, I will admit that I still like reading these types of romances, problematic as they may be I know now that this is not okay There is no such thing as consent between a slave and owner, and I was concerned Wavorly would forget that in her aroused state That being said, I am HERE for the slow burn of the romance between Wavorly and Zein That is the type of story development I adore in YA novels.Thankfully, that slow burn turns into a sharp turn, and Quick makes sure AVF maintains a thoroughly modern romance with contemporary feminist views hide spoiler An e ARC was provided by NetGalley and the publisher to this user in exchange for an honest review All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone THIS BOOK I never expected to be so invested in multiple books just one after the other but in my case, it happened This book got me hooked and reading through it was a hell of a roller coaster ride Okay, at first, I didn t have much expectations for this one because a vampiric dystopia sounds like a odd combination to me since I really expect vampires to belong in like fantasy or urban fantasy but wow A Violet Fire somehow made these two blend together to become a very interesting combination I liked the world building since it was so dark and foreboding and it is very atmospheric and draws you in quickly Imagine, vampires ruling over what remains of the earth and having humans be at their beck and call and become livestock YEESH The story immediately drew me in because it started quickly We get Waverly, whose a human rescued by the ever mysterious Anton Zein, one of the council bigshots One day before her Distribution ceremony, she attempts to escape and gloriously fails so she has to go through After causing a ruckus in her ceremony, with Waverly talking back to Zein because she was so certain she would die, and if she has to die, well, she has to die with her pride intact , she finds out that she is given a second chance at life and has been chosen to join Zein s supply I really liked Waverly as a character She s got spunk, never ever backs down from a fight, and boy if you mess with the people she cares about you can kiss your face goodbye because if she wanted to, she can pulverize you, NO LIE IN HERE She doesn t back down from all this holier than thou attitude from her vampire lords and her quick mouth equalled with her temper might have landed her in worst books with others She is also fiercely overprotective of her friends and would do anything to protect them WAVE YAS GO GET EM GIRL Her banter with Gemini also was a big joy to me I enjoy their Master Bloodsucking Scumbag Miss Dimwit routines it was HILARIOUSOn to Zein At this point, Zein strikes me as a typical cardboard vampire overlord with all the mystery and the enigma and the dark, brooding personality where he occasionally shines a bit of kindness through At first, he didn t appeal much to me because he treats Wave like shit, but as the chapters further progressed, I can t help but squeal over his and Wave s chemistry and their banter Gosh, I loved their banter Although, I do admit this whole sorting emotions thing with him got quick too fast I m not big on the insta love sort of thing and I really wanted to know what the turning point was for him to feel such things for Waverly and not just give me the you re not the same like the other girls trope again ALSO THAT PLOT TWIST YO I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING FROM 30 MILES AWAY It just gave me so many questions AND Y ALL MY HEART SHATTERED A BIT So much scheming and talks of a rebellion brewing and so many conflicted feelings GOSH I really need to get my answers so I am eagerly waiting for the next book All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book than I expected to I really liked how this was structured and the fact that those plot twists also appeared makes me hungry for answers Hope to read the next book soon Review to come A Vampire Tale With A Heady Mix Of Defiance And Doubt, Rebellion And Romance Kirkus ReviewsIn The Vampire Stratocracy Of Cain, Human Blood Is Scarce For Centuries, Councils Have Sought To Assuage The Blood Shortage By Enslaving And Breeding Humans, Turning Them Into Profitable Supply Units For The Rich And The Abled Today, Eighteen Year Old Wavorly Sterling Is Officially A Supply Unit, Bound To Serve Her Blood Willingly To Her Master For The Rest Of Her Life One Of Only Few Humans That Was Not Bred In Cain, Wavorly Knows Freedom Better Than Anyone, And She Is Determined To Escape The Clutches Of Her Oppressors, Even If By The Hands Of Death But Surprises Lay Beyond Every Certainty, And Within Every Doubt Where Wavorly S Hatred For Both Vampires And Her Enslavement Once Flowed Free As Blood, It Merely Trickles As She Grows To Admire Her Reserved, Yet Receptive Master And Savior, Anton Zein Although Warmed By Comforts Never Felt Before, Danger Still Lurks In The Castle, And A Prophecy Calls From Beyond The Walls Of A Lavender Gate Concealing The Horrific Secrets Lodged Between Handsome Smirks And Cinereous Eyes It Will Take Everything Within Wavorly To Face Her Fears And Her Doubts To Harness The Truth Of Her Past Despite What That Means For Her Future The Only Question Is, Will She Set In A Richly Detailed World Of Fantasy, A Violet Fire Is A Gripping Journey Filled With Passion, Betrayal, Lies, And The Encouragement We All Need To Take A Stand For Our Freedom No Matter The Cost

To contact me regarding offers, rights, requests to review, or business, please email me here ambyrlane gmail.comAuthor bios are usually long and boring so let s keep this short, sweet, and fun Hi, I m Kelsey I love writing, drawing, running, archery, and traveling Cool Facts about me 1 I can speak and write conversational Japanese 2 I run a steel company by day It s my dad s legacy, so I p

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