Kubrick: Inside a Film Artist's Maze

Kubrick: Inside a Film Artist's MazeThis is not the book on Kubrick you are looking for. A clever, thoughtful display of arguments pertaining to some of Kubrick s masterpieces I think some of them were a stretch, but some were very well thought out as well But isn t that what is so great about Kubrick No one ever knows what he was going fortherefore, maybe most interpretations are correct I have always loved coming out of a movie asking myself, What the heck did I just watch Stanley Kubrick Ranks Among The Most Important American Film Makers Of His Generation, But His Work Is Often Misunderstood Because It Is Widely Diverse In Subject Matter And Seems To Lack Thematic And Tonal Consistency Thomas Nelson S Perceptive And Comprehensive Study Of Kubrick Rescues Him From The Hostility Of Auteurist Critics And Discovers The Roots Of A Kubrickian Aesthetic, Which Nelson Defines As The Aesthetics Of Contingency After Analyzing How This Aesthetic Develops And Manifests Itself In The Early Works, Nelson Devotes Individual Chapters To Lolita, Dr Stangelove, A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, And The ShiningFor This Expanded Edition, Nelson Has Added Chapters On Full Metal Jacket And Eyes Wide Shut, And, In The Wake Of The Director S Death, Reconsidered His Body Of Work As A Whole By Placing Kubrick In A Historical And Theoretical Context, This Study Is A Reliable Guide Into And Out Of Stanley Kubrick S Cinematic Maze This is a really good scholarly take on Kubrick s career There are a few points where I think he s off the mark, but his observations throughout are very thought provoking Easily one of the best Kubrick books out there A very thorough analysis of Kubrick s work, though it does get pretty dense at times I wouldn t recommend this unless you re a film major or a fan of the man s work. Nelson has an extraordinary ability to sound like he has something very clever to say when in fact he is just talking crap Still, he does make a few good points. brilliant a deeply well thought through analysis of the master s films. Not the best book you could read on Kubrick I felt like the author was too analytical and I don t think Kubrick would agree with his views on his films. I wish I owned this one So it would be easier to go through page by page and argue all the points Nelson made This was not a book written by someone who has a working knowledge of how a film set is run, but by an English professor who extrapolates far too much meaning out of things that were done in Kubrick s films purely for technical reasons Not to say everything in this book is inaccurate or incorrect regarding the methods or meanings hidden in Kubrick s work, just that Nelson finds even hidden meanings in Kubrick s body of work that just simply were not there There was, however, an interesting change in writing style in the last quarter of the book When Nelson first wrote the book it was just after The Shining , this new edition, written after Kubrick s death, includes full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut Those two entries seem to be understanding of the film making process and mature in it s writing style That at least leaves the reader with a good taste in their mouth. An excellent analysis of Kubrick s work There are eight Kubrick films which I ve seen times than I can count, but I still discovered quite a few things that Nelson pointed out about them which I hadn t noticed A serious albeit somewhat stiffly academic work that looks carefully and analytically at Kubrick s films, almost frame by frame at times This book will give you a new deeper appreciation for 2001, Full Metal Jacket, etc Even Eyes Wide Shut One wonders if the publisher was paying Nelson for every time he said temporal or mise en sine , though, ha ha.

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  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • Kubrick: Inside a Film Artist's Maze
  • Thomas Allen Nelson
  • English
  • 20 October 2019
  • 9780253213907

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