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Feast Your Eyes What a beautiful book I was dubious about the conceit of writing the novel in the form of a museum catalogue, but Goldberg handled this so well In my memory, I see the photos she described as if they were part of the novel itself From the annotations of Lillian s journal, her daughter s interviews with roommates, parents and lovers, and the daughter s own memories, we come to know so many facets of the woman as she developed over time Some mornings I m so heavy with dread I can hardly move What mother hasn t felt like that at some point And Lillian has so much talent and such a compelling drive to exercise that talent It is hard to imagine her choosing to share her life with a child, and yet how impossible to imagine her life without her daughter Samantha in it The characters in Feast Your Eyes are multi dimensional and sympathetic I very much look forward to the publication of this novel and to discussing it with others.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. In her latest novel, Goldberg tries something new writing the entire book in the form of a photography exhibition catalog yet we never see a single photograph The gallery number, title, and date of each photo appear, followed by commentary by the artist s daughter, friends and ex lovers, and letters and journal entries written by the artist herself The works range from the 1950s, when Lillian Preston rejects her parents plan for her college education and moves to New York to pursue her passion in photography, to her death from leukemia in 1977 A quiet woman, Lillian nevertheless manages to choose her own path When she finds herself pregnant at 19, she declines an abortion at the last minute and rejects her parents offer to help by sending her off to a distant relative to have the child and give it up for adoption She struggles to keep herself and her daughter Samantha afloat financially, even rejecting another offer of marriage, but she never stops taking photos A breaking point almost comes when a small gallery show results in arrest and obscenity charges over the Samantha series that depicts Lillian s daughter in semi undress These include what becomes an infamous photo, Mommy Is Sick, in which Samantha offers a glass of milk to her bedridden, bloodstained mother whop has just had an abortion No spoilers here the photo and the incident are described in the novel s first pages The incident caused changes in the mother daughter relationship that are the focus of most of the novel In that sense, it is a coming of age novel, but it also tackles questions about parenting, art, friendship, and morality Mann draws on cultural keystones throughout the Beats, Sputnik, the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War protests, punk rock, Saturday Night Live The structure provides a means of presenting multiple points of view without the usual practice of ascribing alternating chapters to different narrators As a result, the conflicts between and feelings of each character areimmediate.It has been almost a decade since Goldberg s last book, but Feast Your Eyes is well worth the wait. Absolutely loved this A story of photography, of New York, of art, of mothers and daughters, of love and time Goldberg s structure is a joy, and I thrilled to imagine each of the 118 photographs but to also see the exploration of Lillian Preston as a person, as told through her own writings and the thoughts of others It doesn t feel entirely like a traditional gallery guide, but maybe gallery guides ought to feellike this than they currently do, you know This is the a story of a photographer and her daughter But the form is unique It s 13 years after the photographer s death and there s a retrospective show of her work The novel is the catalog for that show s 118 photographs The catalog is written by her daughter and includes excerpts from the photographer s journal written to her daughter , and interviews with other significant figures from the photographer s life What develops see what I did there is a powerful portrait oops, did it again of a photographer who breaks new ground by challenging the norms of the art form, but who unwittingly creates a scandal and suffers again and again as her art comes between her daughter and herself By the end, it s quite poignant and heartbreaking It s been a decade since Goldberg s last novel, and I believe it has been worth the wait to receive this one. Five huge stars from me for this one After finishing this wonderful novel, I asked how could I possibly not have heard of Myla Goldberg before especially since one of her previous novels got turned into a film starring Richard Gere Apparently, this novel came ten years after her previous one no Joyce Carol Oates, this one , and she hit it out of the park as far as I m concerned.It is an unusual format It is written as a catalog of the works of a photographer named Lillian, assembled by her daughter Smantha Included are snippets from friends and associates that Samantha gets in touch with, along with writings from a journal kept by the mother It is essentially a story of a compulsive artist who essentially lives to simply take pictures, most of them on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn However, Lillian s and Samantha s lives are upended when she displays pictures of her daughter and herself in the nude This must have been patterned after the work of Sally Mann, a famous photographer from Virginia who riled the local folk after publishing a book of her three children in somewhat erotic poses The relationship between the mother and daughter is quite strained, and then Samantha starts down a road that borders on juvenile delinquency However, when her mother becomes gravely ill, there is somewhat of a reconnection between mother and daughter, though the mother s photography obsession and the fallout from the naked pictures always seem to get in the way of a complete reconciliation.The novel is beautifully written and the construction is strong throughout Every section is heralded by the title of a particular photograph, and it is all done in strict chronological order I found it to be very readable, and very compelling And the end is profoundly moving What could have been maudlin is handled very adeptly with much subtlety and little melodrama It was truly one of the better reads I have had in a while. via my blog Just as I was beginning to worry that waiting was all there would ever be, I picked up a camera but you know this already Myla Goldberg states in her acknowledgements that she was inspired by the life and work of people like Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, and Harold Feinstein just to name a few and it certainly shows in the creation of her fictional character, Lillian Preston This novel is beautiful, we are able to feast our own eyes on subjects Lillian photographs as much as the life of a photographer Rather than stating someone is a photographer, the reader is witness to the inspiration and expression of Lillian s passions, of breaking out of her cage when she was young, and the consequences self expression through art costs her child and parents, anyone that is both inside or outside her orbit Feast Your Eyes is a love story of pictures butso of mother and daughter and it isn t always pretty The ending gutted me, as a mother and as a daughter because I could feel the pain of both, all the regrets.Lillian is born with hungry eyes, her purpose is to strip people naked through her series of work, sometimes shocking and vulgar making her the Worse Mother in the World and other times going without notice A field trip when she is young, a rocket in her chest when she sees photographs hanging in museums, a pivotal moment shaping her future, Lillian knows she will one day have her own upon such walls Her reasons are never about attention seeking nor fame, but always telling a story, as with her most infamous photos which her daughter is haunted by Samantha is mostly nude in the damaging series, but worse is Lillian s abortion photo Having grown up in the fifties, being on photo safaris in the streets of New York Samantha grows up free to roam the city, a child that is fiercely loved by Lillian there is no doubt about that but whose mother s focus is always first and foremost her camera Her work is her life, as vital as oxygen Mommy is sick , at least a judge rules it to be true but those vulgar photos verging on the pornographic according to some don t make up the majority of Lillian s work, so much overlooked because it isn t shocking The novel finds Samantha cataloging her mother s work for a show, as Lillian is no longer alive We journey through the memories, the friends, the strangers and the bond between Samantha and Lillian that sours and forces Samantha s disappearance from her mother s life Mommy is sick ends up being a precursor of sorts, but I won t go into that Her notoriety ruins her chances for a successful career, but still her work continues It is the story of artist, subjects and what it means to come of age beside a creative genius, whether the rest of the world acknowledges their gift with praise or in horror labels said artist as a degenerate It is fiercely engaging, and Lillian is ahead of her time, as many artists are Her eyes feast upon the world and tell stories, jolt viewers by exposing both the obvious and unseen In strangers, we recognize ourselves, our pride, anger, poverty, love, sickness, strength every situation and emotion one can scrape up on the streets Her camera is there, a witness like God, to the very last blink of Lillian s life that is one of the most beautiful endings I ve read It s not about the posing for her, it s not about showing the world or people as they wish to be seen but instead, as they really are.Of course Samantha changes as she grows up, no longer an extension of her mother like the camera As Lillian once removed herself from her own parents and their ordinary life in Cleveland, knowing she was meant live differently from others , her own girl craves stability, affection when she learns she has grandparents That her girl could come from her body and be so vastly different is all too familiar a truth mothers must accept Samantha and Lillian are the biggest love story in the novel, going between immense affection to resentment Samantha , testing the waters of teenage angst, Samantha must remove herself to understand who she is without Lillian, acts out as most children do, as a form of punishment, assuming her mother is immortal and will always be there to make up with Those photos return and drive a deep wedge.There is a lot of story in the cataloging, and the photographs are beautifully described to the point of painting it in the reader s mind It s a bohemian life, but not for show as it was for some people during certain decades, trying so hard to be other than Lillian really is an original, and being different is always a sore spot for children Samantha struggles with embracing and rejecting her mother as artist, but it can be no other way, for it is her mother s very makeup There is a line that expresses the period of time Samantha shucks off her mother, in the spirit of self destruction and self discovery , for it can be no other way.Somehow this novel manages to be many things and Goldberg keeps it all flowing My heart broke at the end, it s too close to recent losses in my life I really caught my breath at the writing, Lillian s final moments are so much in keeping with her character I don t know if my review is doing this novel the justice it deserves, all I can say is I loved it Most people fancy themselves photographers these days and it goes without saying there is an over abundance of artifice with selfies, it s evident so many of the pictures we see are manufactured and that makes this story all theappealing, because there is an authenticity to Lillian that does honor to the work of people like Diane Arbus Artists who are using their medium to relate to the world, to explain it or question it in the only way they can It can seem shallow at times, certainly a compulsion but one must recognize it is used to express love as well, as with any pictures of Samantha One must consider the self, and how desperately Samantha wants to be her own person, it s so hard to do when your mother has always defined you it s just sad what it costs her, time that can t be given back.Yes read it Publication Date April 16, 2019Scribner Read The Bee Season long ago and eagerly anticipated this book 4.5 but rounding up A truly impactful book sometimes difficult to read because it was so full of raw emotion.A story of dysfunction, photography, mothers and daughters, relationships, andSocial s and social change The 60s and 70s this book is chock full of everything.Written as a catalogue but so muchof the late Lillian Lilly Preston s photographs by her daughter, Samantha Jane, with intervening dialogue from friends.The first quarter was somewhat of a struggle, but it was so beautifully written that I took my time and slowly got into the rhythm and becameengaged Some of the descriptions were breathtaking grim treadmill of adolescence taken us for a pair of deaf mutes, considering how thorough we weren t speaking to each other her eyes reached out to me like hands and .The latter third of the book I couldn t put down I particularly loved the descriptions and interactions between Samantha and her grandparents Vivid My only disconnect was I thought one small part too contrived I saw it coming and wondered why it was necessary And the last part of the book seems very sped up considering the pacing of all that preceded it.But highly recommend Take your time to read and savor it. 4.5 This to me was a sad story of missed cues and opportunities between a mother and daughter who desperately needed each other s love and couldn t seem to connect The format used to relate the story was a great way to make what would have been a slow story move along and add depth to the characters At times I felt claustrophobic with the obsessive behaviors of Lilly and couldn t imagine living with that I loved the time period of the 60 and 70 s and thought she did a really good job representing the time period This was a powerful read and made me think about my relationship with my mother good and bad. Just as I was beginning to worry that waiting was all there would ever be, I picked up a camera but you know this already You re the only one who understands when I say that making pictures makes me fully and truly myself Lillian s love of photography began through her high school photo club, and her love led to a desire to pursue her passion, hoping that one day she would be working as a photographer for a magazine or newspaper Shortly after her graduation, she forgoes her parents plans for her to attend college and moves to New York City in the mid 1950s.Her story is shared, in part, as a catalog of a photography exhibit, so you are able to see much of her life through her eyes and her vision of capture worthy moments, her journal entries as well as letters, interviews of friends and lovers, and through her daughter s eyes and memories There is in one way, Lillian s personal story, her journey to become the photographer that would not only shoot beautiful photographs, but one that could share a truth that would move people, never imagining her work would alienate them Inspired by photographers such as Sally Mann, Diane Arbus and the stories of their struggles as females, as well as female photographers in an era when that was an anomaly, the main story of this is one that Sally Mann is perhapsassociated with An innocent photograph of a young girl, in Lillian s case her daughter Samantha, wearing underwear only, is photographed Sally Mann photographed her children at play, sometimes without clothing, and the description of the censored photograph in Lillian s story closely matches the newspaper article that followed one of Mann s photographs on a 1990 cover of Aperture, a photography magazine The Wall Street Journal, using the same photograph of Mann s daughter Virginia, placed black bars across her eyes, her chest and her groin, when publishing a decidedly damning article which was written, oddly, by a food critic Mann s daughter, Virginia, wrote a letter, in return, saying simplyDEAR SIR, I DON T LIKE THE WAY YOU CROSSED ME OUT I WILL BE 6 ON FRIDAY Keeping in mind that there is less nudity in the photograph taken by Lillian than in the Coppertone billboards that used to populate the entire USA from the 1950s on featuring a little blonde girl with pigtails, wearing the bottom half of a swimsuit, and a puppy pulling that down the reaction to the photograph in question might seem questionable, but there is also a story behind the photograph that triggers the headline Judge RulesMOMMY IS Sick in a pre Roe v Wade era The politics of public opinion, and the unequal opportunities afforded women are focused on in aobvious way, but underlying this is a story of love and passion, a love and passion for doing what we love and loving what we do, what brings us joy, shapes our lives How those we love can build us up, or bend us and sometimes even break us, and how to rebuild that which has been bent and broken The bond between mothers and daughters that is sometimes frayed beyond measure, but is always a part of who we become.Lovely, if sometimes heartbreaking, I loved this story, fell completely under its spell, and highly recommend it I m pretty sure I left a piece of my heart in the last pages.Pub Date 16 Apr 2019Many thanks for the ARC provided by Scribner A Daringly Inventive Parable Of Female Creativity And Motherhood O, The Oprah Magazine From Myla Goldberg, The Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Bee Season, About A Female Photographer Grappling With Ambition And Motherhood A Balancing Act Familiar To Women Of Every Generation Feast Your Eyes, Framed As The Catalogue Notes From A Photography Show At The Museum Of Modern Art, Tells The Life Story Of Lillian Preston America S Worst Mother, America S Bravest Mother, America S Worst Photographer, Or America S Greatest Photographer, Depending On Who Was Talking After Discovering Photography As A Teenager Through Her High School S Photo Club, Lillian Rejects Her Parents Expectations Of College And Marriage And Moves To New York City InWhen A Small Gallery Exhibits Partially Nude Photographs Of Lillian And Her Daughter Samantha, Lillian Is Arrested, Thrust Into The National Spotlight, And Targeted With An Obscenity Charge Mother And Daughter S Sudden Notoriety Changes The Course Of Both Of Their Lives, And Especially Lillian S Career As She Continues A Life Long Quest For Artistic Legitimacy And Recognition A Searching Consideration Of The Way That The Identities And Perceptions Of A Female Artist Shift Over Time The New Yorker , Feast Your Eyes Shares Samantha S Memories, Interviews With Lillian S Friends And Lovers, And Excerpts From Lillian S Journals And Letters A Collage Of Stories And Impressions, Together Amounting To An Astounding Portrait Of A Mother And An Artist Dedicated, Above All, To A Vision Of Beauty, Truth, And Authenticity Myla Goldberg Has Gifted Us With A Mother Daughter Story, An Art Monster Story, And An Exciting Structural Gambit Lit Hub And, In The End, A Universal And Profound Story Of Love And Loss New York Newsday

Myla Goldberg is the bestselling author of Bee Season, Wickett s Remedy, and The False Friendas well as a children s book, Catching the Moon.

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