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Mary Ball WashingtonThe Mother Of The Father Of Our Country Mary Ball Washington Was An Unlikely Candidate To Be The Mother Of History S Most Famous Revolutionary In Fact, George Washington S First Fight For Independence Was From His Controlling, Singular Mother Stubborn, Aristocratic Mary Ball Washington Was Entrenched In The Old World Ways Of Her Ancestors, Dismissing The American Experiment Even As Her Son Led The Successful Rebellion Against The Crown During His Youth, Ambitious George Dove Into The Hard Scrabble Work Of A Surveyor And Rose Through The Ranks Of The Fledgling Colonial Army, Even As His Overprotective Mother Tried To Discourage These EffortsMary S Influence On George Was Twofold Though She Raised Her Eldest Son To Become One Of The World S Greatest Leaders, Mary Also Tried Many Times To Hold Him Back While She Passed Down Her Strength And Individuality To George, She Also Sought To Protect Him From The Risks He Needed To Take To Become A Daring General And President But It Was This Resistance Itself Which Fanned The Spark Of George S Independence Into A Flame The Constant Tug Of War Between The Two Throughout The Early Years Helped Define George S CharacterIn Mary Ball Washington, New York Times Bestselling Author Craig Shirley Uncovers Startling Details About The Inner Workings Of The Washington Family He Vividly Brings To Life A Resilient Widow Who Singlehandedly Raised Six Children And Ran A Large Farm At A Time When Most Women S Duties Were Relegated To Household Matters Throughout, Shirley Compares And Contrasts Mother And Son, Illuminating The Qualities They Shared And The Differences That Divided Them A Significant Contribution To American History, Mary Ball Washington Is The Definitive Take On The Relationship Between George And Mary Washington, Offering Fresh Insight Into This Extraordinary Figure Who Would Shape Our Nation And The Woman Who Shaped Him

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    With a span of bestselling biographies that chronicle the eventful life of Ronald Reagan, historian Craig Shirley shifts gears to a rather unlikely subject who first made a name for herself in the early seventeenth century This unpredictable dame who has been characterized by both acquaintances and historians alike as a cantankerous and unabashed Royalist hasn t been given a biographical spotlight since the nineteenth century, though interestingly enough, two have come to light in 2019 Shirley admits in his introduction that this may be due to the fact that Mary did not leave much of any record of her life, whether through correspondence or diary entries leaving his audience in a predicament from the beginning, and questioning whether or not there will be enough material gathered that will fulfill her life story.Born on or around 1708, it s evident from the opening that there already may be a few signs of speculation always a red flag for a subject that has been previously left alone Shirley from there moves into a drawn out yet meticulously researched social history of early to mid eighteenth century Great Britain and its Thirteen Colonies, discussing the farming and mercantile prospects of the populace, the fashion articles that Mary perhaps wore, and the traditional gender roles that she would have embraced While indeed interesting, this extra detail can at times be unrelated to Mary, and rather leans toward the categorization of blatant filler content with over extended instances of Shirley delving and spending far too much time on the etymological background of the Ball and Washington surnames.Setting aside the question of whether or not this biography perhaps could have been appropriate as a broad genealogical focus on George Washington s ancestry, it is interesting to point out that his great grandfather William Ball had already made a name for himself as an immigrant of property and prestige in Lancaster, Virginia, rising in rank from major to colonel Both of these traits and aspirations would no doubt be mirrored and inherited down the line decades later to young Washington Upon investigating Mary s upbringing, Shirley fortunately gives a much in depth look at the controversy surrounding her birth year as well as the two part scandal of perhaps being born out of wedlock to her father s own maid Brief snippets of her early life are taken from her parent s last wills and testaments, though for the most part little can be gathered here apart from dreary periods of being an orphan and experiencing a constant reminder of death and the inheritances that come with it.Shirley notes that unfortunately there is not a likeness of Mary that survives, so it is difficult to picture her youth and maiden appearance upon marrying and becoming the second wife of Augustine Washington A recurring theme both at this stage of the biography and further on is the fact that Shirley seems to pull mostly from secondary sources and nineteenth century accounts which even he acknowledges can all but be verified or relied upon as they are known for their tendency to border along the lines of hagiography Further, a good portion of the facts and research being presented to his audience are summaries and passages from prior works, quoting liberally from the likes of Benson J Lossing and other earlier biographers, as well as Douglas Southall Freeman, Ron Chernow, and Williard Sterne Randolph.The newlyweds matrimonial bliss is brief as they bring the future first President of the United States into existence the following year, accompanied by five other children each being born at the astonishing rate of almost one year after the next It s here that the reader familiar with the faults of Jill Lepore s Book of Ages will be equally frustrated by the similar circumstances found in Shirley s biography, where Martha takes a backseat most of the time while the story focuses and centers around young George Washington and his childhood circumstances and upbringing Extensive tangents that feature prominent individuals that the Washington s were intimate with, as well as pivotal legends and events are found throughout, which constantly overshadow Mary including the background of her husband Augustine and his landholdings, the births of George III and Thomas Jefferson, and the apocryphal myths of her son George Washington grew up here Here, also, stories of his youth developed Parson Weems, the origin of many of these fanciful tales, recounts the most famous of all these stories, as told to him by an anonymous aged lady, who was a distant relative in 1833 One day, he wrote, in the garden, where he often amused himself hacking his mother s pea sticks, he unluckily tried the edge of his hatchet on the body of a beautiful young English cherry tree, which he barked so terribly, that I don t believe the tree ever got the better of it Augustine Washington was flabbergasted, confused, and wanting to know who did it.With George Washington now enlisted and marching along with Braddock s expedition, Shirley s primary focus unabashedly serves Mary s son and his exploits in the field, with bits and pieces of letters from home showing the matriarch s voice and concerns but otherwise no traces of substance or value are found that would portray her character or actions Upon selling his childhood home to Hugh Mercer and installing his mother in a comfortable setting at Fredericksburg, George Washington all too often at odds with his mother was unsurprised to learn Mary was not a fan of this change in circumstance This is a rare occurrence in the text, where by now the over the top and obvious abuse of filler content carries through to the end of the American Revolution and into the Founding era Indeed, only snippets of Mary s opinions and alleged conversations from various acquaintances are added in along with brief appearances of her attendance at dinners and balls in honor of both her son and independence from Great Britain.Unfortunately, Shirley s biography is a classic bait and switch tactic of fooling the audience with an enticing title, and delivering to them instead something dramatically unrelated and deceiving a bold, frustrating, and unnecessary move Indeed, there would have been nothing wrong with publishing a history of the colonies until the formation of the United States, as he devotes much attention to events such as the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and that of Washington s leadership and ascent than he does his protagonist Forgettable and altogether regrettably disappointing, Shirley concludes with Mary s final two years battling breast cancer, which go in tandem with George s difficulties in handling her estate, as well as his death years later While absent of illustrations, the book is accompanied by a helpful Family Tree and index Read the Full Review and More

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