The Deep

The Deep 3.5 starsIs something sinister haunting the Titanic Four passengers Madeline Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Mark Fletcher and Annie Hebbley believe something is haunting the ship A series of strange events occurrences and deaths have occurred since the Titanic set sail Then of course there is the sinking of that great magnificent ship.Annie Hebbley has survived the sinking of the Titanic and after receiving correspondence from Violet Jessop, another survivor of the Titanic, she agrees to work as a nurse on board the Britannic the Titanic s sister ship The Britannic is a hospital ship and during her duties, Annie recognizes a man A man she thought had died on the Titanic A man she feels drawn to, a man she has been thinking aboutAlma Katsu excels at blending history with the paranormal If you have read her book The Hunger you will know what I mean In this book she takes the sinking of both the Titanic and the Britannic to tell her story She uses real life millionaires who died during the sinking of the Titanic John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, W.T Stead and a woman who survived both the sinking of the Titanic and Britannic Violet Jessop She utilizes their stories to tell her own story about someone or something which is haunting the Titanic.This was a carefully crafted tale of a haunting that plagued both ships I enjoy books that use real life events in their telling I found myself looking to Wikipedia to learn and was shocked to learn that one woman, Violet Jessop not only survived the sinking of both ships, but before that working on a ship which collided with another Bad luck or one hell of a lucky woman After the sinking of the Titanic, I would not have set foot on a ship again, but she did repeatedly But enough about history.In this book she is but a minor character who serves to connect Annie to both ships This book is told in multiple timelines, giving various characters perspectives and back current stories The paranormal element is seamless and not overbearing There are little clues along the way that I didn t really connect until I completed the book and looking back had aha, that was a clue realizations Alms Katsu has proven once again that she is a wonderful storyteller who can take tragic historical events and beautifully blend them with paranormal elements Everything comes out in the end as it often does and I enjoyed this seaworthy tale As the synopsis says, Katsu utilizes this book to show how our choices can lead us inexorably toward our doom It didn t quite have the bite for me that the Hunger did, but it was still satisfying I received a copy of this book from Penguin Group Putnam and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. CursedA sense of connection drove me to this story and an intriguing twist in terms of the supernatural sealed its fate I would bribe the author, publisher or NetGalley if necessary to get hold of this ASAP For the record, I didn t need to, that s how NetGalley works the ARCs, not the bribery.For years I worked in a building just to the left of this photo and looked at this picture every day, never getting tired of it The picture shows the Titanic and one of its sister ships, the Olympic, docked in Belfast The other sister ship was the Britannic, which was refitted as a hospital ship during WWI and also suffered a doomed voyage when it hit a German mine in the Mediterranean Sea and sank in 1916, leading to the stories that these liners were cursed Annie Hebbley is the main character in two timelines, firstly during her voyage as a maid on the RMS Titanic and secondly as a nurse on the Titanic s sister ship HMHS Britannic, and a survivor of both While Annie is a fictional character in this novel, she is drawn in similar roles as her friend throughout, Violet Jessop Violet Jessop was a real person who survived the sinking of both ships and was also on board the Olympic when it encountered a major sinkable incident The biographical story of Violet Jessop is an extremely interesting and fascinating one, and it was a very clever call from Alma Katsu to give her a place in this novel.Alma Katsu is a wonderfully descriptive writer and weaves the fictional narrative of a story with the factual incidents and people of the time The opulence of the Titanic and its wealthy passengers is really well portrayed along with their fascination with the Occult The unique perspective Alma brings to this story is the threat of paranormal and demonic forces that are haunting the ships and threatening evil doings Onboard the Britannic doors get locked and items go missing all without a valid explanation The rumours start, that the ship is haunted, but then again it is war and the ship is filled with very sick often mentally hindered patients What is unsettling for Annie is that she recognises an unconscious soldier as Mark Fletcher from the Titanic voyage but she believed he died when the ship sank Mark was a first class passenger with his wife and child but Annie had an infatuation with him and now he is alone and will finally belong to her.Well, did I expect too much from this book Yes, I did It didn t come alive as much as I hoped or spark the pervasive menacing atmosphere that suggestions of curses and hauntings would invoke The anticipated drama of paranormal activity didn t really materialise and bring terror and fear, even with the Irish fascination of spirits and demons.I enjoyed reading the book but just felt it lacked a strong storytelling plot, so I ll rate it 3.5 stars I would recommend reading this book and it may appeal to readers who haven t read, watched or visited as much about the Titanic story as I have I would like to thank Bantam Press, Random House UK and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review. OCTOBER SPOOKTACULAR CONTINUES a couple years back, i read this author s horror spin on the donner party tragedy, The Hunger i loved her writing, and i thought the way she handled the historical details was excellent, but the horror elements seemed extraneous they were fine, but they didn t really contribute much to the story, which is a bit of history horrifically gruesome enough without adding supernatural elements to it this one, however, is a perfect melding of history and horror, and it s one of those books you just lose yourself in, blinking up out of bewilderingly when something in the real world startles you, like a bird dive bombing you or the subway car suddenly going dark both of which happened to me i snatched up this arc the moment i saw it, bewitched by that cover, and knowing that, even if the horror element didn t wow me, her writing would be exceptional going into this, i wasn t sure what shape that horror element would take if this was a mermaid siren situation or ghosties or some sort of sea monster, and i very much liked the not knowing, so i m gonna play coy in this review to give other readers the same discovery experience i do think it s funny that i specifically referenced the titanic in my review for The Hunger, speaking about the various ways other authors have combined horror and history, and i will only say that this one is NOT a zombie situation the story shifts between two historical disasters at sea, tragedies linked by a woman unfortunate enough to have been a passenger on both the titanic in 1912 and its semblable ship, the britannic in 1914, both of which SPOILER ALERT FOR NAUTICAL HISTORY came to bad ends one doomed by iceberg, one by naval mines there are multiple POVs here, but the main focus is annie hebbley, a young irishwoman who had served as a maid to the wealthy passengers on the titanic s final voyage she managed to escape the ship s sinking, but had no memory of her experiences on the titanic, nor of her life before the catastrophe, and she had been institutionalized in a liverpool asylum ever since over time, her memories had begun to return, along with an irresistible compulsion to return to the sea when she receives a letter from her friend violet who had also served on and survived the titanic entreating her to join her as a nurse on the titanic s sister ship, newly repurposed as a floating hospital for the war effort, she does not hesitate me, i would hesitate fool me onceetc, but annie is drawn to by the sea and, once aboard the britannic, she encounters a wounded soldier whose face she remembers very well, indeed the action shifts between the titanic and the britannic, with katsu expertly manipulating several layers of cryptic plot threads throughout, only some of which are supernatural she does an excellent job prolonging the suspense on all fronts, even though the ending of the titanic storyline is a given, and it is a complex and rewarding read annie is the linchpin to the separate storylines, but the story is deliciously wide in scope, following the exploits of several passengers in its dual ship time period narrative, spooling out stories of the mostly doomed, historically significant, passengers there s an almost edith whartony dramatic sensibility at work, detailing the lives and problems and secret vices of the wealthy as well as those less gem encrusted, providing a sort of whatever the floating version of upstairs downstairs is called dynamic, rich in intrigue and romance and social envy and oh, those boxers it was such a perfect book to read for spookymonth the story is compelling, dramatic, and fairly fast paced while still being detail rich, and the horror elements are gracefully woven into a story of grief and guilt and survival and fate and love.i m going to risk quoting an overlong passage from the arc because it s a great example of her writing style immersive, descriptive, and almost lulling in nature, as annie boards the britannic for the first time, fragile and disoriented by the sudden transition from asylum to the larger world, processing her still returning memories while being further unsettled by the blurring of the two ships in her mind the unsettling superimposition of their similarities and differences and alla that.She marches up the gangplank Everyone is in a uniform, without exception, and these are serious uniforms, not the White Star Line livery that she s used to The men wear drab olive wool, the nurses in sweeping blue skirts with capes over their shoulders against the chill, faces framed by wimples Everyone is busy, intent on whatever it is they ve been set to do No one pays any attention to her.Inside, it s even different She finds it hard to imagine this ship was ever like the Titanic, it s been changed so much, like a woman after childbirth ragged and pale and vacant.Inside, it could be any hospital If you weren t near a porthole or door, you wouldn t know you were on a ship Everything that made the Titanic sparkling and grand has been taken away There are no deck chairs or card tables, no crystal chandeliers or wicker chaises It is all antiseptic and uniform Rows of cots for the patients, cupboards filled with supplies And everywhere bustle Nurses supervise as men are loaded onto stretchers Orderlies pass by with full stretchers, making their way to ambulances waiting on the dock below, then return with empty stretchers for the next lot Some patients make their way on foot arms in slings, heads wrapped, usually escorted by a nurse or orderly There is as much commotion as on the Titanic s boarding day Annie remembers the crush of humanity that had come up the gangplanks that day and instinctively takes a deep breath So many people, it had felt like she was being swamped by a giant wave Swamped and sucked under.But these are no guests, only survivors, each wth a story tucked inside their bandages wounds, pains, visions of shrapnel, explosions, and terrors she can t fathom These are the half dead.And the bustling staff have signed on to attend to them, to usher them either back to our world or into the one beyond An altogether different kind of voyage.phoar, right a wonderful addition to the world of historical horror, and i m ready to read what she does next incidentally, if anyone has a working link to A Twitter ghost, send it my way i d like to read it as part of my december short story advent calendar project, but i can t seem to find it in its entirety, and i mistrust the one place i found that wants me to download some app thingie because i am the kind of person who would NOT get back on a boat after surviving a watery disaster like the titanic i do not court calamity come to my blog Pages 432Expected publication March 10th 2020 The troubled mind can never know itself That is the sad truth of madness Sinister and atmospheric drama infused with real people and facts regarding the voyage of the Titanic and the last Voyage of the Britannic This was similar in ways to the Titanic movie in that it included some of the actual people who were on the Titanic The story includes supporting characters such as John Jacob Astor and his young pregnant wife Madeline, Benjamin Guggenheim and a lady friend, Lucy Duff Morgan, a famous fashion designer and her husband Cosmo, as well as two boxers Dai Bowen and Leslie Williams Most of these people are than just bit players, though the main story revolves around a stewardess on the Titanic who later becomes a Nurse on the Britannic by the name of Annie Hebbley, and a young couple Mark and Caroline Fletcher and their Baby, Ondine Annie leaves a sanitarium four years after surviving the sinking of the Titanic to board the Britannic as a Nurse at the request of her former cabin mate and fellow stewardess Violet The Britannic, having been outfitted as a Hospital ship with the ability to carry thousands of men injured in the war.The story is is told in multiple POV, by Annie and the others and the reader is shown the events on the Titanic in flashbacks as Annie is working on the hospital ship and especially after she discovers Mark Fletcher as a patient on the Britannic Annie had been taken with Mark and his Baby Ondine from the first time they met on the Titanic and she worried about the baby Odd occurrences plagued the voyage of the Titanic, starting with Madeline Astor s young orphaned cabin boy, Teddy The nine year old claims he heard singing from the sea and climbs the ships railing and nearly jumps into the sea, only to be pulled back at the last minute by the boxer, Dai Some of the passengers decide to hold a s ance that evening The s ance happens and something eerie occurs, which may or may not have been an entity, depending on who you ask The s ance is broken up by a death on board As the Titanic continues its voyage other things seem to happen and it is unclear to the reader if it is something supernatural, some sort of cabin fever where a few of the passengers and crew seem like they are either going crazy or they have very overactive imaginations.Though the first half of the book went a bit slow for my liking, the second half made up for it The entire book was interesting and informative I always seem to have this issue though with a lot of fantasy novels I don t like the slow beginning, but then after reading the entire book, I think back and realize all the reasons for the slow beginning In this case all the background is necessary to understand the story as a whole, but also I liked the fact that we didn t get too many occurrences so that we weren t really sure what was going on Is there something supernatural happening or is it just in Annie s mind Even she is unsure most of the timeI know firsthand how easy it is for this kind of thing to happen in a confined space with few distractions Someone gives voice to a concern and before long, it s on everyone s lips Paranoia is itself a kind of contagion The most interesting thing is the relationship between Annie and Mark It is obvious she is interested in him However, he is married and seems to be in love with his wife while they are on the Titanic Throughout the book we learn about Annie and her background as well as the Fletchers and how they came to be on the Titanic.I don t like to give away any spoilers aside from background information that occurs in the first part of the books I read So I will just say that most of the book was unpredictable and I was constantly surprised by what was happening and especially the way it ended I did end up really enjoying the book overall I would give this a rating of 4.5, due to originality, historical information, great characters and wonderful world building I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub Katsu casts her spell by weaving together the timelines of the sinking of the Titanic and the explosion of sister ship Britannic There are ghostly goings on, s ances, marital strife, and the clash of class on the Titanic All of which foreshadow the tragedy The action on the Britannic provides closure to the mysterious occurrences Despite some unresolved plot points, this is a haunting, paranormal novel that captures that cold, visceral feeling of impending danger and the terror of sinking ships. Give.Me.This.Book. Someone, Or Some Thing, Is Haunting The TitanicThis Is The Only Way To Explain The Series Of Misfortunes That Have Plagued The Passengers Of The Ship From The Moment They Set Sail Mysterious Disappearances, Sudden Deaths Now Suspended In An Eerie, Unsettling Twilight Zone During The Four Days Of The Liner S Illustrious Maiden Voyage, A Number Of The Passengers Including Millionaires Madeleine Astor And Benjamin Guggenheim, The Maid Annie Hebbley And Mark Fletcher Are Convinced That Something Sinister Is Going On And Then, As The World Knows, Disaster StrikesYears Later And The World Is At War And A Survivor Of That Fateful Night, Annie, Is Working As A Nurse On The Sixth Voyage Of The Titanic S Sister Ship, The Britannic, Now Refitted As A Hospital Ship Plagued By The Demons Of Her Doomed First And Near Fatal Journey Across The Atlantic, Annie Comes Across An Unconscious Soldier She Recognises While Doing Her Rounds It Is The Young Man Mark And She Is Convinced That He Did Not Could Not Have Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic THE DEEP takes us back to the final days of the Titanic, her sister ship the Britannic, and the mysterious woman who links them both In a haunting story of love and revenge, Alma Katsu blends paranormal and historical fiction as only she can a spellbinding tale where desire knows no bounds and death is only a beginning Another fantastic story from the author of THE HUNGER.Many thanks to Ms Katsu and her publisher for the advance copy Morbidly fascinating, ghostly, and spooky In the days leading up to that fateful day in April of 1912, the guests of the infamous luxury ocean liner, the Titanic, are being plagued by strange occurrences cold spots, disappearing belongings, whispered voices emanating from the sea, overwhelming feelings of paranoia and suspicion, and sudden unexplained deaths Is it a warning, an omem of death, or something even monstrous Four years later, during WW1, a survivor of the sinking, works as a nurse on the Britannic a fleet mate of the Titanic, with an eerily identical layout which is being used as a hospital There she encounters a patient who shouldn t be there And unbeknownst to everyone on board, this voyage too will end in disaster Trapped at sea, isolated, alone, with no way off, haunted by an unseen presence I could not have been excited to read this Not only that, the ship in question was the Titanic, which sold me on the idea even The writing had a surreal, hypnotic quality which suited the mystical storyline Events alternated between the Britannic 1916 and the Titanic 1912 , and Alma Katsu seamlessly wove historical fact and fiction Post finishing, I went into research mode, as my knowledge of the Titanic was limited to the actual sinking rather than the names and backgrounds of the passengers, and I knew next to nothing about Britannic bombed and sank by the Germans during the first world war It surprised me how much of The Deep was based on real events, rather than the author s imagination I m glad I went in blind, and didn t do my research beforehand Having said that, if you are a Titanic expert, I think there is still enough within the pages to satisfy, as the emphasis of the novel is on the paranormal.There were instances where the plot felt somewhat disjointed, possibly due to the dreamlike prose, but it s only a small gripe I had my suspicions regarding the supernatural happenings that proved to be correct, but that didn t distract from my overall enjoyment, and there was still a stockpile of unexpected revelations The large cast of characters, and multiple POV s was a lot to take in, so read carefully Those familiar with the history will likely find this easier, since some of the names will be known to them, but I didn t know who anyone was, and was able to keep track just fine.I have a copy of The Hunger on my bookshelf, and if it s as absorbing and seductive as this one, then I m in for another treat All aboard I d like to thank Netgalley, Random House UK, Transworld Publishers Bantam Press, and Alma Katsu for the e ARC.Release Date 5th March, 2020. 2.5 stars and I wish I could have liked it betterEverything and I mean everything about the Titanic fascinates me When this book became a download on Edelweiss, I jumped at the chance to read this advanced copy As much as I wanted to love it, I didn t, and of course mixed into that was disappointment.This is a story about a haunting and ships that was destined to sink and lives that were destined to be lost The story linked a fictional character, Annie, based on a real person, Violet Jessup, who managed through fate to survive both the sinking of the Titanic and the Britannic.In this tale, a tale of the paranormal blended with reality, we follow the character Annie, as she experience things that go bump in the night, and eeriness She has visions and in reality thinks she might be possessed and that there lurked an evil spirit walking the decks of both ships Of course at the time, the occult was a topic that many of the well heeled passengers on the Titanic clung to, so it did fit the mood of many of the travelers to believe there was something out there There was much mention of spooky things, silkies, sirens, demons, and other creepy characters and yet I just couldn t gather up enough scariness to say this was a chilling and ominous story I held my attention for the majority of the story but there were some holes in the telling and I sometimes found myself doing a bit of skimming However, there are many reviewers who enjoyed it greatly so take a look and see what they thought.Thank you to Alma Katsu, G.P Putnam s Sons and Edelweiss for a copy of this book due out in March of 20202.

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