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If It BleedsCOVER REVEAL I know I pitched a fit about 10 03 19 Unpopular opinion time I am not a fan of this cover It totally branches off from the style of The Outsiders and The Institute and I LOVED that style Also, is that Church from Pet Sematary 9 12 19 Holly was one of my favorite characters from The Outsiders I am beyond excited is this real Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Just announced Another Holly Gibney mystery Update 4 21 20 Another year another Stephen King book this time containing 4 novellas and not another full novel, I have found that Kings shorter stories and novellas are actually quite brilliant and offer some amazing stories I do love the cover and was in first view also wondering if the cover might depict Church from Pet Cemetery but that is not the case the cats nose seems to contain at least one of the books novella titles hidden very nicely Mr Harrigans PhoneA bittersweet tale about a boy and an adult man who befriends him and helps him making some extra money reading books to him The relationship somehow continues after the mans demise Some supernatural but modern stuff involved Really haunting but beautiful written The Life of ChuckThis reads like a post apocalyptic story at first and is then about life itself, as always King knows how to tell a tale but this one left me puzzled and less impressed For me one of Kings lesser stories It is actually according to Stephen King three short stories within one novella If It Bleeds Holly Gibsons new adventure in a sequel to the King novel The Ousider which is a satisfying read even if it is situated in the near future like end of this year next year The story builds upon the new kind of baddie as created by King in the previous novel RatThis is a little Faustian tale about a writer who has troubles writing a novel and makes some interesting choices A nice writers tale of whom King has written so often this one is very likable.The advantage of a book with Novellas is that you can read them in no particular order and so I kept the title track of the book for last and looking forward to it This book was already easier to read than the previous Stephen King novel The institute which still lies on my stack of books that I have not finished yet Glad to see King back on form and his best format besides the doorstop format. Like most of you, I devour everything Stephen King puts down on paper He plays a great long game but it s with short stories and novellas where he shines brightest and this latest collection of four may be his best yet Over recent years his love for authors such as Michael Connelly, Don Winslow, and Meg Gardiner have crept into his own work, adding a realistic police procedural element to some of his tales Combining with his uncanny ability to make the unbelievable believable, he tends to strike gold the title story in this book being a great example.IF IT BLEEDS gives us a welcome glimpse into the life of Holly Gibney, his detective of choice for the twenty first century Alan Pangborn 2.0 for those of us who have been reading his work for a while The story picks up after the events of THE OUTSIDER and answers a question not only for Holly but us readers was the monster in that book alone in the world I imagine the executive in charge of THE OUTSIDER Season Two over at HBO perked up when this one crossed his or her desk.RAT and MR HARRIGAN S PHONE will satisfy those Constant Readers who regularly say things like, I ll read the new stuff but it s the books from the 80s that really hooked me Either would fit perfectly in earlier collections like NIGHT SHIFT or SKELETON CREW If you ve ever tried to write a novel, RAT in particular will claw under your skin There s a certain anxiety only writers know, one that comes from staring at a blank page for a little too long or just as bad reading something you just wrote and wondering about your word choice A simile is not the same as a metaphor and neither are quite an analogy and you can drive yourself mad spilling red ink as you swap one for the other.My personal favorite and we all have one after reading a book like this, right was THE LIFE OF CHUCK In his author s note, King mentions how this story came together I won t reveal that here, I ll only say that it works It works wonderfully It worked well enough for me to put on my student cap and map out the structure on a piece of paper Some stories have a rhythm, a beat to them, and this is one you can dance to.This collection has a little something for everyone the hardcore fans, newbies, and even those people who harp, Oh, that King guy is too scary for me The latter may need to leave a few extra lights on but they ll find themselves flipping the pages as fast as the rest of us. From New York Times Bestselling Author, Legendary Storyteller, And Master Of Short Fiction Stephen King Comes An Extraordinary Collection Of Four New And Compelling Novellas Mr Harrigan S Phone, The Life Of Chuck, Rat, And The Title Story If It Bleeds Each Pulling Readers Into Intriguing And Frightening PlacesA Collection Of Four Uniquely Wonderful Long Stories, Including A Stand Alone Sequel To The No Bestseller The OutsiderNews People Have A Saying If It Bleeds, It Leads And A Bomb At Albert Macready Middle School Is Guaranteed To Lead Any BulletinHolly Gibney Of The Finders Keepers Detective Agency Is Working On The Case Of A Missing Dog And On Her Own Need To Be Assertive When She Sees The Footage On TV But When She Tunes In Again, To The Late Night Report, She Realizes There Is Something Not Quite Right About The Correspondent Who Was First On The Scene So BeginsIf It Bleeds , A Stand Alone Sequel To The No Bestselling The Outsider Featuring The Incomparable Holly On Her First Solo Case And Also The Riveting Title Story In Stephen King S Brilliant New CollectionDancing Alongside Are Three Wonderful Long Stories From This Formidably Versatile Author The Sunday TimesMr Harrigan S Phone , The Life Of ChuckandRatAll Four Display The Richness Of King S Storytelling With Grace, Humor, Horror And Breathtaking Suspense A Fascinating Author S Note Gives Us A Wonderful Insight Into The Origin Of Each Story And The Writer S Unparalleled ImaginationThe Novella Is A Form King Has Returned To Over And Over Again In The Course Of His Amazing Career, And Many Have Been Made Into Iconic Films, If It Bleeds Is A Uniquely Satisfying Collection Of Longer Short Fiction By An Incomparably Gifted Writer PRE ORDERED Holly Gibney Yes Update The release date for this book has been changed from May 5th to April 28th Yay I can t even remember the last time I awarded all the stars to a King book I know it s been a few years I m really happy to say that, on this one, King earns every single damn star There s four stories in here, and I won t take you through them I will, however, say that, while they re all separate, non connected stories well, okay, they all take place in the Stephen King Universe, but they aren t directly connected to each other , they do have a common thread running through them.King has written about death in pretty much everything he s published But these four stories look at death a little delicately, and with the compassion of someone who knows they have many years behind them than ahead At least one character in each outing faces the death of disease or simply old age, rather than the usually violent death that we re used to.And King handles each one with a deft, loving touch.Now, having said that, these deaths are by no means the central pivot of any of the stories, but they do serve, as I said, as a tenuous connection between the four All I will say about three of the four are, the stories are wonderful, touching on youthful love and lust, the horrors of actually wrangling the creative process to the ground and making it work for you, and a brilliant take on the Amadou Hamp t B quote, when an old man dies, it s a library burning I have to say, the burning library story in particular stole my heart simply for the scene with the dancing That s all I ll say.I do want to mention a couple of things about the title story If It Bleeds, which is the much touted return of Holly Gibson from the Bill Hodges trilogy of books, as well as The Outsider I will say I found the trilogy offered diminishing returns as it went on, and I can say I only enjoyed the first half of Outsider, because King seemed to get very lost in the second half and couldn t stick the landing So, with that out there, three things about this story First, if you haven t read those previous four books, and most especially Outsider, go back and read them first, as they all get spoiled, and this story is a direct sequel to Outsider.Second, this is very much a solo Gibney outing, and for that, I m grateful With her fifth appearance, she s obviously becoming one of King s favourite go to characters, like Flagg was in the 70s and 80s, but on the side of good, and while I wasn t super fond of her in the first couple of books, she s really grown on me This story pays off by letting you into her world a lot and, while that is often a disappointment I m looking at you, Hannibal LecterHarris should have left you alone after your second appearance but the television show was brilliant , this outing only does very well by Ms Gibney.Finally, this story, to me, delivers the payoff that was only promised in Outsider, but never delivered on So, thanks Uncle Stevie.When this thing comes out Get it Read it You re gonna love it.

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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