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Mr NoonThe First Annotated Paperback Publication Of Lawrence S Autobiographical And Strikingly Innovative Unfinished Novel Begun In ,Mr Noon Is Divided Into Two Distinct Parts, The First Of Which Appeared In And The Second Of Which Remained Unpublished Until The Cambridge Edition Of , The First Publication Of The Novel In Full Abandoning A Promising Academic Career At Cambridge, Gilbert Noon Returns To Whetstone, Where He Becomes A Teacher At The Local Technical School His Rootlessness Leads Him Into An Inept Experiment Of Spoony Love With A Fellow Schoolteacher, Emmie Bostock The Ensuing Scandal Causes Him To Flee To Germany, Where He Finds True Passion In His Developing Relationship With Johanna, The Unhappily Married Wife Of An English DoctorFor Than Seventy Years, Penguin Has Been The Leading Publisher Of Classic Literature In The English Speaking World With Than , Titles, Penguin Classics Represents A Global Bookshelf Of The Best Works Throughout History And Across Genres And Disciplines Readers Trust The Series To Provide Authoritative Texts Enhanced By Introductions And Notes By Distinguished Scholars And Contemporary Authors, As Well As Up To Date Translations By Award Winning Translators

David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation In them, Lawrence confronts issues rel

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Mr Noon
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • English
  • 24 March 2017
  • 9780140189735

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    Mr Noon Was a First Rate SpoonFound Mr Noon in the second hand bookshop the other day Oh joy A DHL I hadn t read It is unfinished and unedited a process he took very seriously , and reading it, I get the feeling that a large part of his editing process involved toning down his wild and surreal silliness It is full of narrative breaking, fanciful addresses to his reader who he is certain is female, because males are all so frightened of him Frightened because he eviscerates them so brutally He has the classic Virgoan ability to dissect and ridicule, and mercurial skills I am quite jealous of He would have been excellent company, I am sure This novel is very funny I rather like him unedited You get the real man, and this is worth a little disarray It s also mostly about the early days of him and Frieda, which makes for fascinating reading What a unique man he was, most of all in how he saw women I have never encountered another author so in love with what a woman REALLY is Not some pious unreachable ideal, but the vital and furious blood magic of her He is quite stunning really, as a personality, and undoubtedly the most significant author of the 20th century if also the most misunderstood , as well as being the patron saint of vilified artists He was a first rate poet as well, which makes his prose shine like the sun, edited or not I love how he believes that everything worth doing is a fight, a struggle, including his tempestuous marriage He has the grit of a coal miner and the erudition of an angel Wonderful combination

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    This is a difficult book to review because it was never finished it was abandoned in 1921 and found among Lawrence s papers after his death Also, it doesn t really have a plot as it s a fictionalised account of the author s travels in Europe and his meeting with Frieda However, the writing is as wonderfully descriptive as ever with lots of the word inventions that Lawrence does so well sun shimmering, dry souled, bluey effervescent, dawn tender Worth reading.

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    Do you love to spoon There s an entire chapter dedicated to the art in this book.

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    very chatty, Mr lawrence is awfully mean to his reader.

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    Alas, another unfinished work, but as one of his autobiographical and personal works, it has a special place on the shelf.

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    It was fun to read an unfinished work by D.H Lawrence, especially since the story follows so closely to the author s own life Passionate, over the top, and downright goofy at times, the author by turns abuses and seduces the reader A refreshing change of pace from the fiction I ve been reading of late.

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    I ve read and enjoyed Lawrence before Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me and by the time I reached part two I was too bored to continue with it I can see why this was not published during his lifetime.

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    Worth a look It s written in a flippant, nudging sort of style that can get a little wearing, but it has a verve and a humour about it that make it entertaining for a while, at least I can see why he didn t go on to finish it I was not sorry when it ended But I m glad I took a look.

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    This is an engaging book Lawrence s language is wondrousbetter than muchof his other writing It has a free flowing senseoften directed to gentlereader There is humor as well as romance in this novel.

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