The Time Cavern

The Time CavernPresumably, this is targeted at pre and early teens Also, it appears to be the first in an open ended series assuming it sells enough to endure.If it is a series, I d rate it higher If not, I d rate it lower.It spends a lot of time in establishing and setting up The payoff at the end seems abbreviated, if not a series, or a big teaser for the series.The ending was good, it is complete, and moves quickly I like books that end this way complete, yet open and don t feel sequels are needed, when done right which I feel this is From the write up, where I got the idea to read the book, it implies it is to be a series The vocabulary is a bit much for early pre teens occasionally, but other than that, well suited It covers some scientific facts as part of the story, which never hurts For an adult, it isn t a bad read either. This book transported me back in time to when I was an avid 10 year old reader, which is both ironic and apt since it features 10 year old time travelers But I ve gotten ahead of myself yet time traveling as I pen this review about a most wonderful young adult novel The Time Cavern by Todd A Fonseca I typically do not read much fiction geared towards pre teens and those in their early teenage years, having left that period of my life decades behind Prior to The Time Cavern I suppose the last book I read that fit this bill was the first Harry Potter book There was a tiny bit of buzz about Ms Rowling s wizardry series perhaps you ve heard of it too so I decided to check out Part I and found it to be an enjoyable read, though it did not inspire me to pick up additional titles in the saga I appreciate the ultimate achievement of the Harry Potter books beyond making Rowling a gazillionaire and launching a number of movie star careers Millions of young people in their formative years who may not otherwise have been turned on by reading in a day and age where one s phone provides as much entertainment as an arcade decided to check out a book and then another and then another because tremendous buzz made it a trendy thing to do No doubt a good many of them moved beyond the Potter books and became lifelong readers, just as the Jules Verne books I read as a grade school kid sparked my addiction to books, not only as a vociferous reader but also as a writer Young people lucky enough to stumble into The Time Cavern will be similarly affected In it, a bright, curious, mechanically inclined boy named Aaron moves to a new house in a rural area with his family Initially he feels like a fish out of water but his acclimation to a new home is sped up when he befriends Jake, a classmate who is not crazy about her real name Jacqueline or about being passive and stereotypically girlish She has a spirit nearly as adventurous as Aaron s, which is a good thing because they soon find themselves on an adventure upon discovery of a century old diary page that eventually leads them to a most extraordinary tree Throughout the course of this briskly told tale Aaron and Jen become detectives on the trail of a case that is simultaneously ancient and futuristic Their interest in scholastics, particularly science, serves them well as they unearth clues in a number of inventive ways, including a most ingenious use of a tanning bed The backdrop to their caper which also put me in mind of the Dan Brown blockbusters but featuring considerably younger protagonists and minus the violent aspect of adult thrillers is an Amish community, people who Aaron comes to learn have basically suspended time with their lifestyle choices rather than joining the progressive march of technology Whether it s a trip to a cornfield or to a planetarium, each experience throughout the narrative is learned from and the knowledge is used to propel Aaron and Jake s progress into uncharted territory Fonseca cleverly intertwines the following of time honored traditions with science fiction elements to generate an enthralling plot that is sure to lure any young reader away from his wii game system As this book shows, kids today may be considerably different than kids of even just one generation prior, but what kids of all generations and all ages have always been drawn to is the opportunity to embark on a thrilling adventure The Time Cavern showcases masterful storytelling that will immediately be passed forward to one of my nephews I highly recommend picking up a copy for the young explorers that you love. THE MYSTERY BEGAN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO IT WAS NEVER SOLVED NOW IT S HAPPENING AGAINTen Year Old Aaron Moved From The Big City To The Country Where He Met A Know It All Farm Girl Who Said His House Is Haunted The Amish Boy Who Had Lived There Before Disappeared After Claiming To Hear The Wind Call His Name Aaron Knew She Was Just Trying To Scare Him She Was Doing A Good Job Too Because The Night Before Aaron Heard The Wind Call His Name Todd A Fonseca s The Time Cavern is a fantastic read for children and adults alike Todd has a knack for making the characters realistic and likeable, whether they be Aaron s parents or the main characters, 10 year old friends Aaron and Jake I laughed many times while reading the book at the way Todd skillfully phrased certain things.For the adult, the read takes you back to a time when the world is filled with adventure and mystery, begging to be discovered.For the young reader, both boys and girls would appreciate the excitement of this book, certainly inspiring them to explore the wonders of our world beyond the television.The Time Cavern is definitely an enjoyable page turning read and could easily be turned into a series of books It incorporates the various degrees of friendship and trust, and makes us able to appreciate what we learned in schoolie history, the Amish culture, farming corn, constellations, and uncovering mysteries through the wonders of science.I could go on but I don t want to spoil it Enjoy J.R Reardonauthor of Confidential Communications www.jrreardonconfidentialcommunicatio pleasant, informative, funTodd Fonseca s The Time Cavern is a story of how a 10 year old boy named Aaron, freshly transplanted from Minneapolis to the Pennsylvania Amish countryside and his new friend Jake a know it all girl something like Hermione Granger without the wand stumble across a hidden time machine and find out how it sparked a spooky legend of a young Amish boy disappearing a century before Fonseca tells the story mostly from Aaron s point of view His story hits on some YA friendly topics moving to a new city, making new friends, dealing with younger brothers, asking for independence, making mistakes, and exploration Lots of exploration, which is good, because the reader ends up learning a bit about corn combines, the Internet, the Amish way of life, ultraviolet lights, and railroad tracks Lots of other stuff too, which should make the book interesting to 10 year old boys Fonseca has Aaron and Jake put into a lot of problem solving situations as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the missing boy I found myself rooting for them as they struggle to put the clues together In a sense, there s two time travels in the book the 100 year trip that the Amish boy took, and the time travel that Aaron took when his family moved into horse buggy and buttonless Amish country It gave a nice parallel and theme to the book I got to see how both Aarons dealt with time differences one going back to the past, and one coming up to the future The Time Cavern ends with the promise of future adventures of Aaron and Jake, and I m looking forward to traveling through time with them again. 1 Science Fiction2 A centuries old mystery was left unsolved, and now ten year old Aaron finds himself in the midst of it At first, Aaron thought Jake was only pulling his leg about a boy who lived in his house years ago, and who disappeared without a trace after some peculiar phenomenon It is not long, however, before Aaron begins to think Jake may be telling the truth 3 Critique a The strength of this book is the story lineb This is a gripping and exciting novel that blends not only science fiction but also some historical elements as well, due to the time travel that occurs within the book The elements of the story are perfect for readers who are just beginning to get into chapter books Both boys and girls would be interested due to the mysterious nature of the book, everyone loves a scary story c Right off the bat, the book draws the reader in with an immediately tense situation as Aaron is camping By page four the reader s heart rate has increased with little Aaron s as we wait to find out what is making the noise outside of his tent, and we admire him as he bravely goes outside to investigate this noise With no one living on the property for years, who would have made a path or be walking about Join Aaron as he discovers than he ever imagined about his new country home.4 This book can be used as a class read aloud over time, or as individual reading The story elements are vivid and students can easily point out the supporting elements and the climax of the story This would be a good book to use to illustrate detail and suspense. While camping in the backyard of his new home, ten year old Aaron Logan thinks he hears someone call his name As he tries to find the source, he comes across an old barn at the back of the property In the barn is a trunk containing curious objects Aaron s new friend Jake informs him that the farm the Logans now own is haunted by an Amish boy, also named Aaron, who disappeared from this same farm a hundred years ago Discovery of a map and a page from the missing boy s diary, launch Aaron and Jake on a quest to figure out what happened to the boy.The Time Cavern is a well written story blending mystery and fantasy in an Amish setting Author, Todd Fonseca, provides a welcome balance of narrative description and dialogue which provides readers with a strong sense of place and great character development Both Jake and Aaron are quite articulate for their age, but it s necessary in this story because the mystery solving requires intelligence and resourcefulness, not to mention bravery.Time travel is commonplace in children s books and given this book s title I thought this would be a time travel story In a way it is, but with a really interesting twist One of the most compelling things about The Time Cavern is the suspense created by the possibility of time travel for our heroes Kudos to Fonseca for creating a satisfying ending, yet opening the door for new adventures. I realize this book was written for a young adult audience, but it kept popping up whenever I searched for new time travel e books for my kindle So I decided to give it a try I must admit that I was pleasantly suprised The story is engaging and entertaining, even for an adult reader, and I found the characters to be interesting and intelligent I will say that I was a little disappointed that Aaron and Jake never had the opportunity to travel through time As the story progressed, I kept wondering where they would go once they figured out how the cavern worked However, this first book in the Time Cavern series is about the discovery rather than the adventure of time travel So now I m left to eagerly await the next book in the series so I can see where the cavern will take our young heroes From the sample chapter that was included at the end of book one, it looks like it will be an adventure indeed. One word comes to mind after reading Todd Fonseca s Time Caverncharming It is a wholesome fun tale with a lot of heart.While I love YA books, the audience of this book is a bit younger than I m used to The main character is 10 years old I thought this might make the book a bit boring for a 40 something but on the contrary I was engrossed This book reminds me of Scooby Do and the Hardy boys and I love the way Todd weaves the life lessons and science lessons seemlessly in his book without dragging down the storyin fact they enhance the story If you have a nephew, niece, grand child, of child of your own in the 8 12 age group Get this for them for Christmas trust me you ll thank me Robin The Crown Conspiracy Avempartha Nyphron Rising On the surface, The Time Cavern, appears to be an average, YA Sci Fi adventure tale The plot initially simplistic A young boy Aaron and his tomboy girlfriend Jake , discover an ancient mystery of the universe, a time machine Yet, the story is than a fiction adventure for young boys and girls It is also a learning tool For, nestled within the pages of his story, Todd Fonseca subtly weaves an abundance of life lessons.I was pleasantly surprised to find The Time Cavern overflowing with factoids involving astronomy, science, history, religious acceptance, and family toleranceall intertwined into an intriguing tale of mystery, discovery and suspense One of my favorite chapters involved a brief, but heartfelt, father son talkclimaxing with ten year old Aaron s realization that he indeed needed to take responsibility in his being grounded Sprinkled throughout the book, precious gems of knowledge and wisdom are as abundant as the hidden clues propelling Aaron and Jake s quest to solve the ancient mystery.I highly recommend The Time Cavern, for parents that are looking for an intellectual story that neither talks over the heads of its readers, or talks down to them It is easy to tell from Todd Fonseca s tale, that he possesses the wisdom of the ancients, and the soul of eternal youth Dee Marie author of Sons of Avalon Merlin s Prophecy

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  • The Time Cavern
  • Todd A. Fonseca
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  • 14 November 2018
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