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Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.While on maternity leave from her work as a physician, she began to write fiction In 1987, her first novel was published Call After Midnight, a romantic thriller

✷ Never Say Die Epub ✺ Author Tess Gerritsen –
  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • Never Say Die
  • Tess Gerritsen
  • English
  • 15 August 2018
  • 9781551661766

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    Tess Gerritsen writes consistently good books However, for me, the kind of good they are varies depending upon the era they come from Never Say Die falls into her romantic thriller category, which is my least favourite category for her work Don t get me wrong, the books that fall into this category are still great, but there is far too much of a romantic focus as the category title would suggest.If you re a fan of all of Geritsen s work by that I mean you have read her early nineties stuff and not just her Rizzoli and Isles books then by all means give Never Say Die a try I m sure you ll adore it, in its own way, as I did However, if you have only read her crime thrillers, be aware that you get something quite different in these books.There is the consistent mystery across all of her books You are always trying to uncover some hidden facts When it comes to her romance thrillers, though, you have a predetermined ending in a number of ways You get the lead male You get the lead female You know they re going to get a happily ever after together It ruins quite a few aspects of the story for me, with attention being focused upon forming a relationship between the two Why does this relationship need to be formed Because we have a consistent main character initial hatred Alone the thriller aspects are wonderful, if not short, but with the romantic aspect you have a tale of old that has been done many times before.This time the tale of old takes place in the shadow of war Our lead female character is on a search to find the answers regarding her missing in action father Once half the world away, she is thrown into a mystery with many layers a mystery where everyone seems to be using her to find her father Does this mean she is truly searching for a living man, or are people mistaken about who he is Whatever the case, she is not the only one searching for him With enemies at her heels, and her life in danger, she turns to the only man that doesn t have a gun to her head figurate speaking, of course , although this man seems to have mysterious motives of his own.It s a storyline that already exists in the genre, but with Gerritsen you re kept on the edge of your seat throughout as you guess all that is going on Whilst some of it is predictable, it s certainly an interesting read.Overall, we still have a four star book It is a weaker four stars than her Rizzoli and Isles books the Rizzoli and Isles books are four stars working towards five, for me, whereas this is a four stars with the occasional slip into three star territory mainly through my inability to deal with too much romance at once but it is still a four star read.Certainly give it a read if you enjoy Gerritsen or romantic thriller.

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    So sehr ich die Rizzoli Isles Reihe von Tess Gerritsen mag, so schlecht fand ich leider diesen Einzelband Es mag daran liegen, dass mich das Milit r Thema und der Vietnamkrieg nicht angesprochen haben so merkw rdig diese Formulierung klingt aber es war einfach nicht spannend Kein Krimi und kein Thriller Irgendetwas dazwischen Am schlimmsten empfand ich allerdings die Liebesgeschichte Einfach nicht mein Ding

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    Una Gerritsen diversa, con un po di giallo e molto rosa.L avventura di una giovane e bella ragazza che, accompagnata dal fusto di turno, va in Vietnam alla ricerca del padre perdutoStorie di guerra e di segreti che non possono essere svelati Lettura leggera ma gradevole.

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    I enjoyed this book I was surprised how different it was to other Gerritsen books, I felt like I was reading a different author It s the story of Willy, a young woman searching Vietnam for the truth about her father who was shot down during the war She is joined in her search by Guy, an ex soldier, a man who initially has dubious motives for helping her but proves to be fundamentally decent How their relationship develops is a bit predictable and is written in a rather old fashioned style, similar I believe to a Barbara Cartland story, though I haven t actually read any of her books There are attempts on Willy s life and suspicion falls on a variety of characters, which maintains our interest The story moves at a fast pace and has a couple of good twists at the end.As a stand alone thriller I enjoyed the book If you are a Gerritsen fan looking for her normal type of edgy detective story then you will find this different but still I think enjoyable.

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    Epey s k c Romans n h kmetti ini bilseydim, ne al r ne de okurdum Tess diyince akl ma hep polisiye geliyor benim Ha gizem, kovalamaca yok diyemem ama merkezde salak ve inat bir k zla, cinsiyet i bir adam var Bi de havada kalm b y k casusluk i letmeleri, kay p bir baba falan Neyse ki bitti.

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    The story starts with William Wild Bill Maitland piloting a flight into Southeast Asia during the war, with cargo onboard that no one would talk about, as well as a silent VIP passenger When the plane drew flack and tracers, and they were hit, they were nonchalant, but suddenly there was to it than that, and the plane disappeared from the radar Twenty years later, Willy Maitland was searching for her father Her mother was dying, and had never forgotten her husband, and begged Willy to find some answers before it was too late But everywhere Willy turned she hit a wall of silence No one knew anything, everyone told her to drop it, all government departments were stone walling her She was growing and frustrated, until she decided to go and search the countryside for herself She was a determined young lady, feisty and courageous, but she had no idea what she was letting herself in for.When mercenary Guy Barnard offered to help her, she didn t want to trust him Heavens, she didn t trust anyone Let alone a person like Barnard But after only just escaping with her life, twice, she realized there was something to what was happening than just a girl looking for her missing father The jungles were overgrown and scary, the mosquitos thick, the heat oppressive, but the people who were out to stop Willy and Guy finding out twenty year old secrets were deadly They were only one step ahead of these assassins, but would it remain that way The desolation Willy felt when yet another person died whom they had just talked to, just wouldn t leave her Would they find what they were seeking, or would the assassins find them first Another wonderful thriller by Tess Gerritsen, an edge of your seat ride, one that you won t be able to put down until you turn the final page Highly recommended.

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    I read one of Tess Gerritsen s medical thrillers once and it was okay I came across this in a sale and as the story sounded interesting I thought I d give her another go Well, this was just about okay too Never Say Die is a thriller about a man and woman who team up against their better judgement to dig up some ghosts in Vietnam Throughout the story there is a rather pathetic will they won t they romance with the woman alternating between calling the man a cad and wanting to press herself to his manly chest This is a constant theme throughout the book There is a thriller hiding in there somewhere, but I found that pretty mediocre too.

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    The first book I have read by TG if we don t count NRftD and the reason I wanted to check on her works was TV series Rizzoli Isles Haven t read the books This book has nothing to do with that seriesMaybe it was Bill Haber s success Wasn t that bad though but I expect or I guess I expected too much.

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    It s not often I get barely 30 pages into a book and give up I m a perfectionist and even if I m hating every word on a book s page, I ll usually finish it just to say I saw it through.That is an impossibility with this book Every single cliche from ghastly 80s romance adventure films comes into play here Tess Gerristsen What the fuck

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    K z m z yirmi y l nce kaybolan pilotlu uyla nam salm babas n ar yor.Ancak bu arama i i umdu u gibi gitmiyor nk gizli bilgilerin g n y z ne kmas s z konusu.Tabi bu da birilerini rahats z ediyor Suikastler, ko u turmaca ve a k sizi bekliyor

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