Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Spinning Out Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Almost The Entire Galaxy S Defenders Have Been Blown Through A Black Hole, Including The Silver Surfer But The Story Doesn T End ThereIn Order To Fight Back The Oblivion, Surfer Will Have To Fight To Save His Own Soul And Not Lose Himself To The Void Follow The Sentinel Of The Spaceways On A Journey That Will Change Him Forever COLLECTING Silver Surfer Black This was pretty fantastic And while I haven t been a big Tradd Moore fan up to now, his style is very suited to this kind of book It s visually bonkers at times in the best possible sense Part of me wishes this was an ongoing though I expect we ll see Silver Surfer from these creators soon. WowSo if read Guardians issue 1 you ll know Silver Surfer got sucked into some black hole and never to be seen again The end However, we now have the answer to what happened This strange, weird, epic, and tragic tale of Silver surfer trying to find his way back home and bring balance is great The main villain, who I won t spoil, chases Silver Surfer to the ends of the universe to exact revenge We learn of the past of now only Surfer but also Galactus On top of that the book wants to really focus on the story of balance and if killing, even a murderer, really does anything to bring balance The other part of this book you ll see get mentioned a lot is the art That s because is out of this fucking world amazing The colors just up the Inks, and this is one trippy but amazing looking book From the dower sad moments to the epic amazing moments, the art catches it all Truly amazing This is a fantastic book If possible I recommend getting the Library edition It s the one I got, and though expensive, looks extremely impressive with this art and storytelling Wish read it earlier because it s a easy 5 out of 5 and one of the best 2019 books out. Fantastic Silver Surfer story with fun, trippy art This was even great despite it being another title where Marvel shoves cheap Thanos knockoff and 90s Image comics character look alike Knull down our throats once again. This book is all about Tradd Moore s incredible art His thick, fluid lines and wild color patterns are a perfect fit for a cosmic fable about the Silver Surfer s confrontation with the beginning of the universe Donny Cates does well to stand back and give Moore all the room he could want for his visual experiments and indulgences The end result is a mind blowing book that looks very little like anything that comes out of Marvel these days Read in single issues Tradd Moore and Dave Stewart have created something beautiful here a kinetic, psychedelic odyssey into cosmic strangeness, the sort of thing Kirby might have wrought if his blockiness ever softened into fluidity The story Well, that ties too closely to the mythic bits of Cates passable Venom, and worse, to his misfire Guardians run, and hinges on dilemmas with inevitable answers and other false jeopardies Ultimately, it resolves in a circle of life bit which could easily have felt like a cop out into vague platitudes had it not looked quite so fabulously trippy But for creating any armature, however iffy, on which those amazing visuals can grow, I suppose we must thank the writer too. The art is out of this world The Silver Surfer unleashes something sinister into the universe With very little options, he is traveling all of time and space to make things right again A little bit of a history lesson on the surfer, but didn t take a huge leap forward With that said, I would treat it as of a one and done THE ART WAS BY FAR THE BEST PART The way everything is rounded, it almost seems to move on the page The colors are also super awesome and vibrant It really makes the cosmic scene work. Too much backstory for 5 stars Storytelling was a bit too formal, as well But the concept and direction are amazing I look forward to future developments I have high expectations so maybe I gotta scale it back But the amazing Silver Surfer existential stories already written are TOUGH acts to followit s gonna be a tall order, hopefully it succeeds. Donny Cates is defitnely now my current favourite marvel writer I m also glad they are utilising independent artists This guy Tradd Moore did the art for Justin Jordan s Luther Strode I don t see DC take risks like this as often as Marvel and so I see people online call this art weird Weird it s jeffin great Silver surfer black is a Tribute to Stan lee from Cates and in its final chapter he delivers the final heart wrenching blow Fantastic. Tradd Moore is on some next level craziness with this

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Silver Surfer book, this is one of the most wanted Donny Cates author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➣ Silver Surfer  By Donny Cates –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Silver Surfer
  • Donny Cates
  • 09 September 2018
  • 9781302917432

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