Beheld From The Bestselling Author Of The Wives Of Los Alamos Comes A Riveting Story Of The First Murder In Plymouth, Massachusetts A Crime That Shook The Fledging Colony To Its Core It Begins With A Killing Ten Years After The Mayflower Struck Shore On Rocky, Unfamiliar Soil, Plymouth Is Not The Land Its Residents Had Imagined Seemingly Established On A Dream Of Religious Freedom, The Town Is Led By Fervent Puritans Who Prevent The Anglican Residents From Worshiping As They Choose The Billingtons Anglicans, Outsiders, And Rebels Have Just About Had Enough, And That S When A Stranger Arrives With Gripping, Immersive Details And Beautiful Prose, TaraShea Nesbit Reframes The Story Of The Pilgrims In The Historically Under Recorded Voices Of Two Women Of Very Different Status And Means She Evokes A Vivid, Ominous Plymouth, Populated By Famous And Unknown Characters Alike, Each With Conflicting Desires And Questionable Behavior Suspenseful And Literary, Beheldis About A Murder And A Trial But It S Also About The Motivations Personal And Political That Cause People To Act In Unsavory Ways Whose Stories Get Told Over Time, Who Gets Believed And Subsequently, Who Gets Punished Beheld Is An Intimate, Personal Portrait Of Love, Motherhood, And Friendship, And An Exploration Of What People Lose And What They Struggle To Maintain

TaraShea Nesbit is the author of THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS and BEHELD Her nonfiction, fiction, and critical essays have appeared in Granta, The Guardian, Salon, Fourth Genre, The Iowa Review, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere She is an assistant professor of fiction and nonfiction at Miami University.THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS was a New York Times Book Review Editors Choice, a finalist

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Beheld  By TaraShea Nesbit ⚣ –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Beheld
  • TaraShea Nesbit
  • 03 March 2017
  • 9781635573220

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    The fastest way to get me interested in a historical story is to say that it s about a well known topic from the perspective of people who have largely been written out of the history books.In this case the story of the Pilgrims is told through the perspective of the women and the Anglican former indentured servants ten years after the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, and it focuses on the time leading up to the community s first murder The writing and ideas really hooked me and kept me engaged throughout, which is really saying something since I ve struggled to get into any of the books I ve picked up over the last couple of weeks My one criticism might be that the author uses aphorisms a little too liberally, but that s only a minor quibble.Overall it was pretty fascinating to see this story from the vastly different perspectives of the ruling Puritans and the former servants who feel wronged and hemmed in by their self righteous piety You really get a strong sense of each side s bitterness, resentment, hypocrisy, and self centeredness I was on guard as I read to see how Ingenious folks would be portrayed, but the scope of the book is very narrow and it doesn t look heavily at the Europeans interactions with them I do think that this aspect of the book was done pretty well, though, particularly because the Pilgrims were definitely not painted in a positive light the whole time I was just mentally going fuuuuuuuuck the Puritans.Another thing that I appreciated was how the characters feel very of their time place, but at the same time still feel somehow very relatable, like on an a basic human nature sort of level For example We were trying to be in God s good favor, and whatever was fashionable was lowly and earthly Beauty was a vanity, an earthly vanity, which is why the royalty spent their time upon it That was not us, I kept telling myself, but privately I believed it was far easier to be less vain when you were beautiful He spoke loud enough for his wife to register the grumbling, but not loud enough to elevate his annoyance into an argument, as is common with husbands Overall I really found this to be fascinating and super readable Would recommend to anyone who would like to read things from this time period without having an absolute aneurysm over racist sexist classiest xenophobic shit I mean it s there, of course, but it s not held up as good or natural in any way.

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    For too long the history of the Plymouth colony and its inhabitants were only told through the male narrative but that is about to change Beheld the new novel by TaraShea Nesbit author of the Wives of Los Alamos finally gives voice to the women of the colony as she retells a story of the first murder to take place in the colony Its 10 years after the Mayflower landed and the new world is not the utopia of religious freedom that many sought after In fact, there is a dark side to the colony Nesbit peels back the fa ade of what readers think that they know about the colony and presents the dark hearts of men and women in this fascinating work of historical fiction This book will get much attention as 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower I read an advance copy and was not compensated.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this historical novel based on what is known, and what the author imagined of the lives of the people who created the village of Plymouth, Massachusetts A murder, injustice all around and the love of husbands and wives, children and friends and the power of corruption It opened my eyes and my mind to imagining the lives of those who lived where I live now and to seek the remnants of what they left behind A wonderful novel, well told.

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