The Garden of Bewitchment

The Garden of Bewitchment Don T Play The Game In , Evelyn And Claire Leave Their Home In A Yorkshire Town For Life In A Rural Retreat On Their Beloved Moors But When A Strange Toy Garden Mysteriously Appears, A Chain Of Increasingly Terrifying Events Is Unleashed Neighbour Matthew Dixon Befriends Evelyn, But Seems To Have Than One Secret To Hide Then The Horror Really Begins The Garden Of Bewitchment Is All Too Real And Something Is Threatening The Lives And Sanity Of The Women Evelyn No Longer Knows Who Or What To Believe And Time Is Running Out FLAME TREE PRESS Is The New Fiction Imprint Of Flame Tree Publishing Launched In The List Brings Together Brilliant New Authors And The Established The Award Winners, And Exciting, Original Voices

Hello, my name s Catherine Cavendish and I write horror fiction frequently with ghostly, supernatural, Gothic and haunted house themes.My latest novel THE GARDEN OF BEWITCHMENT is out now from Flame Tree Press Historical haunted Gothic horror set in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors pure Bronte country with a Bronte theme.My novella THE DARKEST VEIL is published from Crossroad Press.

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  • The Garden of Bewitchment
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  • English
  • 04 October 2019
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    My thanks to Flame Tree Press, Catherine Cavendish, and Netgalley This was a quick read for me Which means that I really liked it I ve only read one other book by this author, and it was also from Flame Tree What I m wondering is where has this author been all my life I love the time period, and especially how people back then thought of spinsters How very quaint Catherine writes this time period, and the moors beautifully The ghosts They were a bit shivery I have known a few ghosts, and I don t like them I have even known a few friendly spirits, and I still don t like them The Garden, board game have me the creepy crawlies, and there were a few times when I grew tense I call it, being on high alert You know, those moment s where any sound, shadow or movement is bound to make you jump Yeah, that was me Funny thing, for a 56 years old woman with aches, pains, bitching and moaningI can move like a ninja when I m startled I was startled once or twice with this book Those damn snowplows need to call ahead before they start plowing Terrifying Anywhothe Garden was um..a bit weird Honestly, it was strange enough to give me the sleeping willies Not quite a nightmare, but just enough to get the brain thinking as you re falling asleep For me, that s a great recommendation

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    When you sit down with a Catherine Cavendish story, you are guaranteed three things a haunting atmosphere, a wild imagination, and fascinating characters Each book is a fanciful, dreamlike, nightmarish read, and one that often than not leaves you questioning your sanity.The Garden of Bewitchment is very much a period piece, a work of supernatural Gothic horror that owes as much to Poe, Dickens, Wilde, and Le Fanu as it does to the Bront sisters Much to Cavendish s credit, it feels like a much older book than it is, which may be something to admire or be concerned about, depending on your taste in literature I ll be perfectly honest, I was uncomfortable with the first fifty of so pages, not sure I could stand an entire novel about the bickering spinster sisters, but once the horror began emerging from the fog of the moors, I was hooked It took me the better part of a week to get to the hundred page mark and but a single evening night to read from there through to the end.The cursed old child s board game is a fantastic invention, having shades of Jumanji to it, but it is far sinister It hardly seems like much at first, bu as the story continues and it begins to loom larger over the story, the amount of detail invested in its secrets becomes exceptional The ghost story aspect of the book is intriguing as well, ranging from a phantom lover who leaves the lingering smell of cigars to an invisible poltergeist that hurls heavy brass beds around like they re made of cardboard Add to that the mysteries of an old house, the barren darkness of the moors, the legends of a small village, and the secret burying of trinkets in the peat, and the story becomes very unsettling.There is a significant point at which the story twists and turns, and while I anticipated part of that as an idle wondering than a real expectation , it is how Cavendish follows it up, and how she transforms the story, that makes it so compelling The last hundred or so pages are intense, with the story growing deeper and darker with each page turn, successfully transforming questions of ghosts, curses, madness, and cruelty into something than the sum of its parts.There are so many fantastic moments here, scenes that get your heart racing, or that leave you feeling clammy with claustrophobia, that I could write pages upon pages about them The first seeming confirmation of terrors in the bedroom, the toy that won t burn, the garden that should not be there, the cardboard figures, the oddity of the dress shop I could go on, but you really need to experience them in situ in order to appreciate them.More than any other genre, I find horror often struggles to achieve a climax worthy of the emotions we ve invested in the story, but that is where The Garden of Bewitchment truly excels Once that mysterious box is opened, and the web of secrets and lies begins to unravel, there was no way I could stop reading, and once the true horrors are revealed from the darkness well, all you can do is close the book, close your eyes, and say Bravo.

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    This book starts off slow while we are getting to know Claire and Evelyn and the details of their life Then the Bronte s are introduced to the story I am familiar with their lives so i m not sure how or if this would have a impact on the story for others The you read, the it becomes clear that Claire is having some problems she s seeing someone who can not be there This is the focus of the story for a while then the Garden of Bewitchment shows up It sounds like it s packaged as a board game but it s really just a table top terrain set up The ladies quickly realize this is not just a game There s an Alice in Wonderland like scene with Evelyn that made me feel so panicky and claustrophobic by 60% in, the worry for Claire is real She s missing and is clearly disillusion For me, the last little bit fell apart There was so much going on and it seemed to was too much to wrap together nicely I really like Catherine Cavendish but this would not be a favorite from her i would like to thank NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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    I m really enjoying discovering the books released by Flame Tree Press It s re awakened by love of horror stories and this one is no exception A fascinating tale of supernatural and the tricks the mind can play on us I love the setting I don t lie that far from the Moors and having seen them the bleakness is a brilliant setting for this story I love the Victorian time period and all their superstitions and beliefs from a distance, not sure I would love it if I lived then and I think it all comes together perfectly here The board game if flat out creepy It makes Jumanji seem almost sane It s weird and a little scary and did leave me feeling a little bit disturbed which is no mean feat Overall really enjoyed this and will definitely go and read the authors other works.

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    I loved Catherine Cavendish s creepy tale The Haunting of Henderson Close, so when I saw this new title pop up I knew I had to read it Glad I did.Cavendish delivers yet another fantastically creepy tale This one snuck up on me..the story, the atmosphere and the horror build slowly, but perfectly Loved it Two spinster sisters move into a new cottage They bicker a lot, as sisters will Each has their idiosyncrasies.Claire is obsessed with the long dead Bramwell Bront and sees things that aren t there Evelyn becomes a bit obsessed with a neighbor, Matthew Dixon When a strange miniature garden appears in their house.a children s game..sinister things begin to happen The Garden of Bewitchment is cursed, after all..This book is a bit like gothic suspense meets Jumanji Very atmospheric.and incredibly entertaining Lots of twists and creepy weirdness Another great book from Catherine Cavendish I am looking foward to her next book I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Flame Tree Press All opinions expressed are entirely my own No ghostly Bront s assisted with the writing of this review.

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    3.5 stars.THE GARDEN OF BEWITCHMENT, by Catherine Cavendish, is her latest novel released by Flame Tree Publishing One thing I ve come to expect from this author is incredible atmosphere throughout her entire story This one is no exception to that The Gothic feel set in almost immediately, and never let up.We begin with twins, Evelyn and Claire, unmarried wealthy women, alone now since the death of their parents In an attempt to hide from society and the possibility of men after them only for their money Evelyn insists they move to a remote location maybe she hadn t chosen Heather Cottage at all Maybe it had chosen her Of course, this misty area is seeped in Gothic imagery and just enough isolation to let you feel as though anything is possible here This is a land where the unnatural belongs A few days ago, she wouldn t have given the supernatural a second thought The characters of Evelyn and Claire have the most dynamics between them Other chance encounters one with a new neighbor show that everything here seems destined to unfold, and that there are no mere coincidences After the man, Matthew, describes his encounter many years before with a game called The Garden of Bewitchment , Evelyn s sister finds a game by the same name in her new room.A game that seemingly plays you, and is much than an innocuous toy I have seen enough in my life to make me believe there are some things best left alone and some things we will never explain I loved the characters of Evelyn and Claire even Matthew, to an extent The only complaint I had during the first two thirds or so of the book was that there were several repetitive scenes basically same people, location, slightly different conversation nothing was as it seemed in this place Additionally, there were some characters later introduced that I just didn t understand the need for One, in particular, really confused me towards the end in an otherwise fantastic idea, this one part intruded on what could have been a perfect ending, in my mind This is real life It s much sinister Overall, I really enjoyed this book and the writing style The setting was perfect and gave my imagination plenty to speculate on, making it easy to fall into the events unfolding Don t you feel as if you re losing touch with reality in some way The idea behind the GARDEN OF BEWITCHMENT was sinister and led me to believe the actions happening here My only real complaints were the excess scenes and one of the characters at the end that felt unnecessary and simply confusing as I didn t see where he fit in, or the reason for him at all Aside from that, a riveting book that kept me thinking the entire read.Recommended.

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    Evelyn and Claire are twin sisters They feel they no longer belong in Yorkshire Their parents are deceased and before dying, their father sold the family business which employed much of the town While this left Evelyn and Claire financially set, many lost their jobs Evelyn and Claire are looking for a new start and since they are budding writers who are obsessed to different degrees with all things Bronte, they move to a small cottage on the Moors Once their, Evelyn and Claire stumble upon a game, The Garden of Bewitchment, that shouldn t exist but does The neighbor, Matthew, also has had experiences with this game and even though they are leery of him, Evelyn and Claire end up seeking his help.I really enjoyed this tale and to be honest, it would be a great read for a cold winter s night huddled in a blanket with a glass of bourbon or coffee, but I m in the mood for bourbon While not exactly action packed, Cavendish does a great job with scenes and setting and at times I actually felt like I was on the Moors with Evelyn and Claire I enjoyed their sisterly bond to a point, but can t really elaborate any for risk of spoiling things I also kind of figured out some of the twists early on, but that didn t damper my reading enjoyment My only real issue with it was that I wish it had been a tad scarier That being said, I m not easy to scare so if you are looking for a mild horror read, this is definitely the ticket While this book is classified as horror I think it might better be described as a slow burn suspense novel However, it also very much feels like a Gothic horror tale So if any of these descriptors intrigue you, then you might want to pick this one up I will most certainly be on the lookout for titles from this author.

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    I believe author Catherine Cavendish may have lived a past life or two in Victorian Great Britain she possesses a rare and quite special gift for writing that period from the inside, and so readers experience her stories rather than just peruse a narrative I felt I lived with the characters in her newest, the spectacularly spooky supernatural story GARDEN OF BEWITCHMENT Evelyn and Claire, twin protagonists, literally identical twins, their lives, their hauntings Claire s obsession, that mysterious and alien concept toy referenced so delightfully in the title for the duration of reading, all this was a part of me.

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    Wow, this was a great read This is the first book by Catherine Cavendish I have read and I devoured it If you love gothic horror, you ll love this slow burn ghost story with a touch of demons.Evelyn and Claire, identical twins, move to a small cottage and things begin to become odd A handsome stranger, a mysterious child s game and sisterly conflict create a story that will stick with you for a while.I can t wait to read from this author Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.

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    The Queen of Gothic Horror returns with another dark thriller A cottage in a small town, two quirky spinster sisters, and a whole host of ghosts Throw in the creepiest doll house ever and this becomes a riveting tale with some splendid, surreal, scenes Catherine has the ability to nail period settings and this book is no exception Highly recommended.

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