Breaking Free

Breaking FreeA Best Selling Book Now Available In Paperback For The First Time Do You Want To Know God And Really Believe Him Do You Want To Find Satisfaction In God, Experience His Peace, And Enjoy His Presence Do You Want To Make The Freedom Christ Promised A Reality In Your Daily Life In Breaking Free , Beth Moore Embarks On A Study Of Selected Passages From The Book Of Isaiah, Drawing Several Parallels Between The Captive Israelites And Today S Christians, In Order To Show How To Make Freedom In Christ A Daily Reality Moore Teaches Readers To Remove Obstacles That Hinder Freedom By Identifying Spiritual Strongholds In Their Lives And Overcoming Them Through The Truth Of God S Word Truth That Will Set Us Free great book for self examination if you are ready to be honest with yourself. An insightful study in the book of Isaiah I fully expected God to reveal of Himself as I gave my attention to Him but did not expect to see so much of myself While the process is painstaking it s also a relief and helpful in knowing what obstacles are on the path of my Christian walk Gained a lot of insight into areas that I need to surrender and the model for how to do that Loved this study Holy Toledo In going through a year s counseling and really watching God peel of the layers of stuckness from my life a few years back, I went into this Bible study with 2 things stacked against it 1 I thought I was going to struggle through Beth Moore as an author I was judging a book by it s cover or an author by their reputation in this case and just didn t think she was going to be an author that I would easily hear from 2 I went into it knowing I would learn things seeking God s voice in the matter, but was mostly looking for the voice of God in the collective dialog of my Bible study group not so much about my own journey.Boy, was I wrong on both accounts I had to let go of my irritation about Beth calling me beloved all the time and there was so much to be gained from the group dialog, but I fully underestimated God s hand in Beth s voice and God s designs on my life through this study.It s true that it s terrific material if you know you re stuck in some area of your life But what s most impressive about it is how useful the information can be for EVERY SINGLE person to light up their spiritual walk I honestly would recommend this book Bible study to anyone looking for something in their walk with God Whether you re trying to break out of something or trying to run towards something you see hinted at in the lives of people you respect spiritually, or just get a grasp on something you re pretty sure is out t here spiritually but that you just can t seem to captureBeth s use of God s words packs a powerful punch. Where I live it is possible to ask women if they ve had their BM for the day and they understand it to mean Beth Moore I read this book as part of a womens study at a church I used to attend, at a time when Beth Moore was just beginning to be the bee s knees Her writing is hardly revolutionary, but since the christian sub culture is behind on almost everything, she was considered to be a new voice This particular book was about breaking free from things that have held you back from living the life that you were intended to live If you like reading popular self help Christian writing, this book is as good a place to start as any I am changing my rating from didn t like it to it was okay because I just remembered that this book did outline the signs of sexual abuse fairly well, and dealt with it gently In fact, although I don t want to admit it that chapter was a big help to me What you don t know might not hurt you but it sure can mess you up So, two stars And I ve now had my BM for the day.

Beth Moore has written many best selling books and is a dynamic teacher and a prolific Bible study author whose public speaking engagements take her across the United States to challenge tens of thousands Beth is focused on teaching women all over the world and is known and respected wherever she goes She is a dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters and lives in Houston, Texas, where

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Breaking Free
  • Beth Moore
  • English
  • 25 January 2018
  • 9780805445527

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