Beth's Story: Portraits of Little Women

Beth's Story: Portraits of Little Women Painfully Shy Beth March Is Excited To Be Visiting New York City With Her Parents The Theater, Opera, Symphony, Museums Beth Loves Every Minute Of Her Adventure She Even Meets Abraham Lincoln, And Has The Courage To Tell Him That Women Deserve The Right To Vote But Once She S Back In Massachusetts, None Of Beth S Schoolmates Believe That She Really Spoke To Mr Lincoln Or That She Even Met Him They Know Beth Is Shy Too Shy To Speak To A Man Running For President Of The United States Even Beth S Younger Sister, Amy, Thinks Beth Is Lying Now Beth Wishes She D Never Been To New York Until She S Surprised By An Unexpected Visitor

Susan Beth Pfeffer was born in New York City in 1948 She grew up in the city and its nearby suburbs and spent summers in the Catskill Mountains When she was six her father wrote and published a book on constitutional law, and Pfeffer decided that she, too, wanted to be a writer That year she wrote her first story, about the love between an Oreo cookie and a pair of scissors However, it wasn t

[EPUB] ✴ Beth's Story: Portraits of Little Women By Susan Beth Pfeffer –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Beth's Story: Portraits of Little Women
  • Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780440413516

10 thoughts on “Beth's Story: Portraits of Little Women

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    My favorite one from the series Beth has always been my favorite one of the four sisters, and her story is my favorite out of them all I read this book, and the other three about Beth s sisters when I was little, and now, years later, I still love them, and enjoy rereading them for fun This story is sweet, and good for young girls who aren t interested in Little Women yet.

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    A story featuring each of the Little Woman at age 10, course Jo is my favorite This book has been laying around my house for quite a while so I read it Really short, only like 50 pages I think the best thing I liked was the recipe at the back I haven t read Little Women I tried to when I was younger but bored quickly Maybe I ll take another whack at it now.

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    Beth s Story by Susan Beth PfefferThis is a very interesting book In the book this girl named Beth, goes to New York City with her parents While she was there, she met Abraham Lincoln and told him that women should have the right to vote When she gets home, she tells everyone that she met Abraham Lincoln, but nobody believes her, until an unexpected things happens.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a series of story s about 10 year old girls and their life.

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    UGGGHHH even boring than jo

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    A story is given for each of the March sisters at age 10 These are great and go well with Little Womenperfect for LW fans who want I wish I had known about these when I was little

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    It was kinda easy but really good

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    Worse than Meg s Story, but not quite as bad as Jo s Don t bother reading these if you love your Little Women.

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    I loved these when I was in 4th 5th grade a story is given for each of the March sisters at age 10 Jo was my favorite, of course

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    Stupidly fake adaption of the characters of Little Women Horrible portrail of my favorite character in Alcott s book.

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