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The Plain Janes Meet The Plain Janes Teenage Artist Activists On A Mission To Wake Up Their Sleepy Suburban Town In This Graphic Novel Bind Up, Perfect For Fans Of This One Summer And AwkwardAfter Getting Caught In The Midst Of A Terrorist Attack On Metro City, Artsy Misfit Jane Beckles Is Forced To Leave Her Beloved Bustling Metropolis For The Boring Suburb Of Kent Waters At First Jane Thinks Her Life Is Over, But Then She Finds Where She Belongs At The Reject Table In The Cafeteria, Along With Brain Jayne, Theater Jane, And Sporty Polly Jane United By Only Two Things A Shared Name And An All Too Relatable Frustration With The Adults Around Them The Girls Form A Secret Club Dedicated To Waking Up Their Fellow Citizens With Guerrilla Works Of Art Scattered Around TownBut For Main Jane, The Group Is Than Just A Simple Act Of Teenaged Rebellion, It S An Act Of Survival She S Determined Not To Let Fear Rule Her Life Like It Does Her Parents And Neighbors Armed With Her Sketchbook And A Mission Of Resistance, She S Out To Prove That True Passion And A Group Of Good Friends Can Save Anyone From The Hell That Is High SchoolIncludes The Original Two Installments Of The Cult Classic Graphic Novel The Plain Janes The Plain Janes And Janes In Love Plus A Never Before Seen Third Story, Janes Attack Back And It Gets Even Better In The Final Book, Each Part Will Be Printed In Its Own Distinct Color, Because There S Nothing Plain About These Janes

Cecil Castellucci is an author of young adult novels and comic books Titles include Boy Proof, The Year of the Beasts illustrated by Nate Powell , First Day on Earth, Rose Sees Red, Beige, The Queen of Cool The Plain Janes and Janes in Love illustrated by Jim Rugg , Tin Star Stone in the Sky, Odd Duck illustrated by Sara Varon and Star Wars Moving Target A Princess Leia Adventure Her short

[BOOKS] ⚡ The Plain Janes  ✯ Cecil Castellucci –
  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • The Plain Janes
  • Cecil Castellucci
  • 14 August 2017
  • 9780316522724

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThis was so unexpectedly good and it warmed my heart in a way that a book hasn t in a long time THE PLAIN JANES is one of those books that manages to be hip and empowering without feeling like it s being too heavy handed, which is a rarity in this day and age Jane Beckles is a cool, artsy girl suffering from PTSD from a bombing She feels the world is going crazy, spinning out of control to dark forces, and it s made her jaded.She and her family moved from the city to the suburbs, and Jane ends up finding her people at a table of misfits all named Jane There s Jock Jane, Theater Jane, and Science Jane Art Jane is the missing piece, the one who ends up tying them all together and causing them to be friends, when she gets the idea to stir up their community by creating Banksy like installation people to get people thinking a little about the world and their values.Unfortunately, the authorities only see vandalism instead of art, and the Janes attempts receive punishments to deter them But you can t keep a Jane down, and as the P.L.A.I.N movement gains a foothold in the community, other people in town start waking up to the world around them and feeling a little free to confront their own demons and embrace who they are.So yes, obviously I loved this book I love art, I love installation art, I love the avant garde, and I love girl power There were so many great messages in here about feminism, activism, diversity, inclusivity, and also being yourself when everyone is trying to squeeze you into a mold Also, none of the villains were too two dimensional Several of them were complex and you could at least understand their motivations, which I really appreciated in a graphic novel targeted towards teens.This was a delight and I think it will be a hit with forward thinking teens Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4 stars

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    I received an ARC of this book for free from The NOVL in exchange for an honest review Please note that since this is an ARC, it only includes the first 2 installments and a sneak peek at the third installment Therefore, my review is based only on these parts.I really liked this graphic novel and the story it told The book deals with many relevant topics such as terrorism and PTSD I was happy that the book didn t shy away with showing the mental effects that terrorism has on people Jane s mother is the perfect example of that I liked how the girls came together to make a statement using art Art is such an important tool in enacting societal change I loved the artwork and stylization of the text Both the illustrations and the text were clear and easy to follow If you find graphic novels to be a bit distracting, you might want to try this one I m really glad that all the installments were put together in this book because they all come together nicely For example, the first installment, The PLAIN Janes, sort of just ends abruptly But the second installment, Janes in Love, really builds upon the first I only got a sneak peek at the third one, Janes Attack Back, but from what I read, I think it will be a satisfying conclusion.Overall, I enjoyed this graphic novel and am looking forward to seeing how it all ends.

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    I was so bored, the characters are incredibly one dimensional, and the main character is fairly unbearable most of the time Pass Thank you so much to the Vine reviewer program for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Arc provided by HBG Canada Definitely not for me This one read as a sad moppy story about misfits who changes the school with art.

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    THE PLAIN JANES is a YA graphic novel that celebrates friendship and art The book is in two parts for the first two graphic novels originally published years ago THE PLAIN JANES tells of how Jane came to Kent Waters, a small town, found a group she wanted to call her own and began the PLAIN movement People Loving Art In Neighborhoods The second, JANES IN LOVE, continues this storyline as well as goes into the romances that the Janes have, centered around the Ides of March dance, where girls ask the boys.The main Jane their names all happen to be variants of Jane came from Metro City, and her parents moved her away to a small town after she was injured by a bomb explosion This moment really altered Jane s perception, and when she helped another young man following, she found his Art Saves notebook In the small town without museums, Jane is determined to bring art to the people, and so begins the PLAIN movement However, the police and authorities are avidly against PLAIN from the start, focusing on the attack part of the art attacks.At the same time, Jane is dealing with a maybe romance with Damon and parent issues, where her mother is constantly checking up on her until another bad thing happens to someone her mother used to know, and she becomes so anxious she cannot leave the house.The book tackles some big issues in a really approachable way The artwork is fantastic, and though a lot of the story is told in Jane s letters to John Doe the man she helped save after the bomb or through her thoughts and not dialogue, it is still really readable The font size does mean I had to keep the book close to my face, but the text to image ratio is spot on.The storyline itself is highly engaging, making this a really fun read to dive into I would highly recommend for fans of books like MOXIE and ON THE COME UP This is a really fun graphic novel.Please note that I received an ARC through The NOVL All opinions are my own.

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    I have been waiting years for the third Janes story It is now coming out in an incredible 3 in 1 volume A great conclusion to the series Full review below.This is a book nearly a decade in the making Cecil and Jim collaborated on the first two Janes stores in 2007 and 2008 And had a third planned And it never happened I interviewed Cecil in 2010 and the working title of a third story at that point was Janes Go Summer In this finally released three in one edition the title of the third instalment is Janes Attack Back So the sections in this volume are The PLAIN JanesJanes in LoveJanes Attack Back.The first two were previously release as single volumes and were done with color coves and the artwork was black and white and grey scale In this edition each of the three stories are in a different monochromatic scale Part 1 is blue, part 2 is fuchsia and part three is green And this new edition is being simultaneously release in hard cover, paperback and digitally I went back and check my reading log and I have read both of the first two volumes 10 times I reread them nearly once a year since I discovered them And now I will likely be reading this new edition annually When this book arrived I read it immediately And it did not disappoint And I have already started reading it a second time with my oldest daughter who is 13 I can t wait to find out what she thinks of the Janes.The Janes are Jane DramaticJaneJayne BrainJaynePolly Jane SportyJaneJane MainJanePart I The PLAIN JanesThe story is set shortly after 9 11 and features a girl, Jane, who was near one of the blasts Her whole life is turned upside down He parents move her to a small town Her mother is not getting better from the shock of 9 11 she is getting frightened, and protective and a little paranoid Jane was popular and in the in crowd at her old school in the city Here she decided to make conscious changes she joins the outcast, a group of Plain Janes And they use Art as therapy and as a way of understanding themselves and the world around them Part II Janes in LoveMainJane is still dealing with the aftermath of being near ground zero of a terrorist attack She is getting better but her mother is getting worse All of Janes art is an attempt to bring her mother back out of her shell The Janes get in trouble for their public art But decide to try and work with the system This one does go into greater depth about relationships and overcoming adversity.Part III Janes Attack BackThis story starts with the girls doing art installations in the park They want to expand to public spaces but the city threatens to take even the park they have So then compromise This causes them to start losing focus and the edge to their art Then each of them ends up going a different way for the summer When they come back MainJane hopes her renewed passion is carried by the group, but that at first does not seem to be the case They are preparing for university the next year And life is busier than ever A New girl at school really clashes with MainJane even though she is an artist They are very different in their styles and approach But they end up feeding off each other and inspiring each other And in the end it comes down to a showdown with the city of the art space, and keeping it around for others to take over.In this edition you get not only three complete incredible stories you get a whole lot There is a wonderful forward by Mariko Tamaki Between part 1 and 2 there is original concept art for Main Jane Between parts 2 and 3 there is a section called The Evolution of a Graphic Novel with a full page to each of the four steps Then we are treated to original cover sketches, and 8 evolutions of cover options And the book ends with other artists renditions of the Janes including Joshua Middleton, Sophie Campbell, Becky Cloonan, Cliff Chiang, Tom Scioli and Philip Bond.When I reviewed the first one 10 years ago I stated The story is great It has a message every high school student and maybe every adult could learn from It is incredibly well written and Jim Rugg did an amazing job illustrating the story I have a feeling this will become one of those books I read annually because there will be I can get from it each time I read it It has proved true and I am sure will be even so with this third instalment added I would love to see what happens to the Janes in University, or even after But to finally have the third Janes story is a blessing and a treasure If you have read either of the others you must pick up this to find out how the story continues And if you have not it is an incredible read.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Cecil Castellucci And also an author profile and interview with Miss Cecil.

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    I received a copy of this from the Novl via Goodreads and am so glad that I did I don t keep up with graphic novel releases and this book was so cute I loved the exploration of grief and overcoming trauma I loved the role that art played in these stories The art style was really cute as well Highly recommend these graphic novels

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    What an interesting book about art and friendship I really enjoyed this story It was unique and cute I thought it also had a great look on PTSD The relationship with the mother was also complicated and I appreciated that element as well.My only complaint is that it felt a little unrealistic I don t know what it was about the whole thing but it just seemed like something that couldn t really happen The teens were great and I loved the symbolism of the whole Art Saves But it just didn t seem like a realistic endeavor It was a great example of female friendships I loved the Janes and how their own group of sisterhood were awesome I d highly recommend it to any young adults who are fans of graphic novels.Conclusion Keep the ARC

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    I received an ARC from TheNovl for an honest review.This book is a graphic novel bind up of volumes 1 3, but the ARC only has volumes 1 2 The Plain Janes and Janes in Love with a sneak peek of volume 3, Janes Attack Back and is in grayscale while the finished copy will have color The novel mainly follows Jane Beckles, who moves from a big city to a suburban area after being in the midst of a terrorist attack in the city She suffers from PTSD and struggles with seeing the good and beauty in the world some days, but finds solace in art and the new friends who all have some form of the name Jane at her new school, along with some other characters that both surprised and frustrated me Throughout, Main Jane writes letters to a mysterious John Doe that she helped rescue after the attack and contemplates life and art through those letters while writing some of her deepest thoughts to him That part of her struggle was both sad and uplifting to read at times, as she has to face a world after that attack, the changes it has brought to not only herself, but her family, and those around her the community and everyone else in general She tries to make loveliness in the world through these guerrilla art projects installations around town in The Plain Janes, and that continues into Janes in Love, while having added themes of love and drama surrounding it, as well as personal growth in herself, her art, and her friendship with the other Janes There s Main Jane, the main character, then Theater Jane, Brain Jayne and lastly, Sporty Polly Jane They all have different interests, but come together through art They also have very different personalities, but are all somehow friends I loved their spirit and courage, and how they are so down to do things Even Cindy surprised me, although Damon annoyed me a lot throughout Like boy, make up your mind James was a fun addition to the all Jane group, but I felt like he was overshadowed a lot, poor lonely only gay boy in the school purportedly Overall, I liked this graphic novel with its group of rebellious girls who come together to try to make art and an impact All the art stuff made me happy even though Jane s sadness and certain experiences also made me empathize with her and made me sad I m curious to see how the story will end in the third volume.

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    This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a Book Girl Content Warnings terrorist attacks bombing, anthrax poisoning , PTSD, anxiety, paranoia, depression, agoraphobia, hospitals, homophobia, bullying, sexismThe Plain Janes have been around for over ten years but this is the first time the installments are be all together in one binding This was also my first experience with these characters and the story.When it comes to the characters, I wasn t in love with any other than the main Jane All the others felt incredibly stereotypical and confined to a box I kept waiting for them to break out and become their own people but it never happened This was the big thing that kept this graphic novel from being great for me.The story itself was engaging and pulled me in from the beginning I loved how this group of friends found each other and banded together to fight back There were also heavy themes revolving around mental illness and it was handled so well.Even though the first two installments were created over ten years ago they still felt completely relevant The scenarios that took place still occur There was only a very brief sneak peek at the new third installment but I m very interested in the new character being introduced and I can t wait to read the final copy A physical ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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