Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds, #4)

Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds, #4) Fans Of Christina Lauren And Colleen Hoover Will Love This Sexy And Emotional Fourth Book In The New York Times Bestselling Dirty Deeds Series After His Wife Died Two Years Ago, Nathan Bell Has Neglected His Responsibility To His Baby Daughter, Letting His Parents Raise Her While He Loses Himself In His Work But When His Parents Give Him An Ultimatum, Nate Needs New Child Care FastJenna Savage Can See The Pain Nate Is In And How Much He Desperately Wants To Connect With His Daughter It S Not A Problem At All For The Single Mom To Watch His Little Girl Along With Her Own Two Children Soon, Jenna Can T Help But Fall In Love With Nate And The Family They Seem To Be Building Together, But Can The Career Driven, Guilt Ridden Man Look Beyond His Heartbreak And Learn To Love Again

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  • Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds, #4)
  • J. Daniels
  • 03 August 2018
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    An emotional and compelling single parents romance that will have your knees weak from the fabulous way J Daniels writes and brings characters together that have such intense chemistry, both emotionally and physically Anyone who knows me, knows that single parent trope romances is one of my top, top favorites and when Nate and Jenna were introduced in Four Letter Word I fell in love with them from the start I will be honest when am I not , for some odd reason I thought Nate would end up with someone else, another character that was briefly mentioned throughout the whole series That s another story in which I am hoping Jessica introduces with another character we are presented in this story More details on that later on in this review But going back to Nate and Jenna Lord Jesus help me because Jessica has done a number on me If you do not follow me on Instagram, then let me tell you right now that this book has wrecked me in the best of ways It has made me into this emotional rollercoaster in which I want to ride over and over again, get that high that I have not been able to get in such a long time from reading a good single parent romance Not since reading Jessica s words, words that gave me life for the moment I was able to comprehend Nate and Jenna s individual stories, and the story they have together as a family with their kids, have I felt this way in a while And there is no denying that the love and passion there is between them both is one that cannot be missed And let me tell you why that isNathan Bell, a widower and a single father to Marley Bell Also known as the boss and business owner of a diner in which Tori and Shay from Hit the Spot and Bad for You work at When he encounters himself upon an issue that he now has to deal with and not let it slide, Nate must learn that working all the time will not be the answer to let go of his past Being the owner of a diner and having to handle so much with only two hands, Nate needs help trying to balance both the boss life and the family life as a single parent And when his parents refuse to help him with taking care of Marley any longer, Nate must find someone pronto who will be able to help him take care of Marley Kew Jenna, a single mother of two beautiful twins, Olivia and Oliver, who also works from home sometimes and loves her children than anything in the world I cannot blame her, Olivia and Oliver are just the cutest fictional children I have read, and they seriously make me want to pinch their fictional cheeks and just simply be part of their family When Nate encounters upon the fact that he needs help with someone watching over Marley while he finds help for the diner, Jenna swoops in and saves the day She volunteers herself to take care of the bubbly and adorable Marley and she has no problem doing so because she instantly falls head over heels for her I mean, once you read this story you will ALL be in love with these kids Fall in love with their charisma and their own individual and different personalities that also tent to connect so perfectly Once Jenna gets acquainted with Marley, and Marley starts to open up to her instantly and her children, they become this team that is unstoppable Nate on the other hand needs to try to connect with his daughter He has neglected her a little bit ever since the death of his former wife, and now being a widower he knows that he must teach Marley that the death of her mother was not her fault It becomes difficult for Nate to comprehend that himself because he blames himself a bit for not paying attention to Sadie, his former wife Working so many hours has put him in a situation that he needs to rectify And with the help of Jenna, the connection that was absent with his daughter Marley, begins to expand and every day But there is no mistaking that the true chemistry between Jenna and Nate is meant to be in the best of all ways with Jenna it was different.I kissed her like I didn t know what the fuck I was doing, just that I needed to be doing it I couldn t get enough I touched her body like I d never felt a woman s shape before Like I could touch her and do nothing else for hours, and Jenna let me She didn t rush me along when I settled beside her, dick harder than steel She let me drag this out I can rave and talk about this novel non stop that s for sure But my words will not make a difference as to how Jessica s words make you feel when you read them I keep using the word instant a lot in this review I don t want you all to think this is an insta romance To my eyes I see it that way for sure, but there is so much angst from the characters when the plot starts building up and it thickens The pulsating chemistry these two have is off the roof, and once you read their love story you slowly come to comprehend what an ideal couple Nate and Jenna are As single parents, Nate and Jenna have the toughest battle to conquer and with the help of Jenna, Nate knows that anything he does to try and get that connection with his daughter and how he is able to do so, is because of the help from Jenna Her ambiance and persona overall is what makes her a true soul mate to Nate When did this woman become so important to me I didn t just desire Jenna physically Yes, of course that played a huge role in this longing to be near her all the time, but it went beyond that I wanted to be the first person she thought of an any given moment, because she was quickly becoming mine I mean HELLO That passion and lust, and ughhh just everything they have towards each other is what makes me crave them so much Jenna and Nate are the IT couple that you MUST read It s wonderful coming across two fictional characters that have so much to be connected to My mother is a single mother and she has learned how to cope in raising four children, one being autistic she has learned how to also be patient As the oldest in the family, I feel like a parent myself because I try everything I can to help out my mother This being a story about two single parents truly does connect with me and I am glad that after three years Nate and Jenna are finally here Now, lets talk about future books shall we There are two characters Actually make that three characters that I have noticed don t have a story We came across Jamie s older brother, and I am hoping that he gets a story along side another waitress from Nate s diner cough cough Jessica, you know what to do Unless she is done with the series, but she has not confirmed that yet I am looking forward to reading of her books even though I am a true fan already The third character is briefly mentioned but maybe I am being too selfish and asking for much wink wink I just don t want to see this series end, and when it does I will slowly begin to die Thank you once again to Estelle from Forever for being such a champ, a true friend and a dear and humble human being for letting me rant to her about Nate and Jenna, but also providing me with an early copy that I will forever cherish And once again, a massive thanks to Jessica for writing such eloquent and FRUITFUL words that will have you transported to the Dirty Deeds world Looking forward to see what else she has up her sleeve in this series ARC galley kindly provided and ETERNALLY BLESSED by my favorite and cutest publicist from Forever Romance in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

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    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author My heart had become its own protector It let me love, but it held me back It hoped, just like it always did, but it wouldn t believe any in the certainty of what I was feeling With every wish it allowed, it whispered caution behind it Be careful You know how I can break.J Daniels has finished off the Dirty Deeds series with a story that will have your hearts soaring and your temperatures rising I have been anxiously anticipating the release of Nate s book and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait I am so torn between Stitch and Nate as my favorite Heroes from this series I guess I do have a soft spot for romances with single fathers Nate s relationship with his little girl, Marley, had me swooning hard over him Jenna was his true soul mate I loved how the two were so perfect for each other and that their children played crucial roles in the plot development Nate s wife died nearly two years ago and since that time he has thrown himself into running his restaurant, Whitecaps Leaving his baby daughter with his parents to watch over, who at first were accommodating to help Nate through his grief but now his parents no longer want to play the role of permanent babysitters Nate feels like his world has been turned upside down He has no idea how to care for Marley as he never spent enough time with her to form that special father daughter bond He runs into Jenna at his restaurant when she stops by with her twins to have a bite to eat She immediately becomes smitten with Nate s cute little girl and offers to help him out by babysitting her while he s at work.Jenna not only helps Nate get to know Marley, but she also ends up stirring up feelings he never thought he would be capable of again These two had serious chemistry, but they also formed almost an instant emotional connection through their easy friendship and mutual adoration over their children Jenna has never been with a man who was worthy enough of her and her twins Nate is the first man to show her true affection and who also genuinely cares for Oliver and Olivia She s falling fast for him, but Nate is still haunted by his wife s death and carries so much guilt over it deep inside him Can he let go of the past or will it destroy his chances at a beautiful future Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 4.5Plot 4.5Angst 4.5Steam 4.5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5DOWN TOO DEEP releases on October 8th What an epic conclusion to an amazing series Apple Books Nook Kobo

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    Oh the feels

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    In Too Deep was a heartfelt romance that had you rooting for these characters from the very beginning It was touching with humorous moments and you wanted nothing than to stay in the moment that these characters have created It s been two years since the death of his wife and Nathan Bell is still trying to get his life back in order When his parents decide to put their foot down and make him take back control of his life and take care of his two year old daughter, Nate knows that things are about to get difficult When he meets a single mom of twins who offers to help him with his daughter, there s not only an audible sigh and a sense of relief, but this woman is going to save him than once There is nothing in this world that Jenna loves than her kids Her whole world revolves around her son and daughter and knowing that she will get to spend an almost work free summer with them, is icing on the cake But when she meets the owner of a popular restaurant whom she knows could use some help with his own daughter, Jenna volunteers What starts out a simple job turns out to be so much for these single parents and in return, friendships and families were created.I cant say this enough but one time won t hurt right I loved these characters The kids played a huge role in this story and I really liked that they each had their own personality and they brought something different to each conversation They were funny at times, you felt their frustrations, and they said exactly what was on their mind just like kids do I also liked the chemistry between Nate and Jenna and I felt like they were perfect for each other If you re looking for a heartwarming single parent romance, then you should really give this one a try.

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    It s LIVE there is nothing sweeter than reading about amazing children in books I m such a sucker for them And these kids top notch The blurb for DOWN TOO DEEP summarized events quite succinctly, so I m gonna delve into how this story made me feel Soooo good Between Nathan finding his love for life again, learning about his daughter, falling in love with her than ever, how could I not feel absolutely incredible while reading this book Add in Jenna and her huge heart, precocious children, unparalleled generosity and kindness, and it was almost too easy to give this story all the stars. To me, romance stories should be about beautiful characters and their impossibly beautiful journey to love With this story, J Daniels delivers and I can t recommend it enough Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub

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    ARC generously provided by Forever Romance I have been waiting for Nathan and Jenna For so long Nathan is a widower, alone with his two old daughter Marley, and Jenna is a single mother to her eight year old twins Olivia and Oliver Jenna is a wonderful mother who enjoys being just that A dedicated and loving mother whereas Nathan has other priorities Work and keeping himself busy so he can t think about his own failures and guilt especially when it comes to him bonding with his daughter and his deceased wife Jenna and Nathan had lovely chemistry and they bonded over their children I enjoyed how Jenna made Nathan fall in love again with being a father Also how Jenna grew closer to his daughter and Nathan to her twins They became a family and they fell in love.The other characters from the series made appearances too Jenna s brother Brian and his girl Syd along with her bestie Tori which was great.The reason for my rating all comes down to me and my expectations I felt the focus was centered too much around the children and they took too much attention away from Nathan and Jenna as a couple 65% revolved around Nathan and Jenna being with the children and it just became too repetitive and not much happened I m a huge fan of the single parent trope but here I felt the kids overshadowed their parents story wise I would ve liked of their courtship Of them exploring one another Down Too Deep is the final book of the Dirty Deed series and despite my issues with it and it not being my favorite of the four books it still had great closure to all the characters I m still a huge fan of the author and I will continue to read her books This just didn t live up to my own expectations ARC generously provided by Forever Romance

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    This was my first book by J Daniels and I really enjoyed it We got a super cute romance and some adorable children I am trash for single parent romances so I had high hopes for this one There were some things that kept me from loving it completely but nevertheless, I enjoyed my time reading this I loved Jenna from the beginning She was selfless and just so damn caring The amount of love she gave her kids and even Marley warmed my heart so much I couldn t get enough of her relationship with her kids Now Nathan on the other hand, I had ups and downs with him In the beginning, he wasn t a favorite Reading about him building a relationship with his daughter is what brought me to open up to him While I can t say that I love him, I do this he was a good match for Jenna.Daniels gave us so many swoony moments and just awesome characters to root for in general I adored the relationship that Nate made with Jenna s kids The five of these characters made a family that so sweet to read about I enjoyed the way that they cared for each other and showed their affection without hesitation So what were the things that I didn t enjoy I really don t enjoy the dead spouse aspect of stories Most of the time the character isn t ready to move on or they are still in love and trying to move on anyway Either way, it takes me out of the romance that we are actually reading about Since Nathan never wanted to talk about Sadie it gave me the feeling that he wasn t ready to move on Besides my issues, I enjoy this story and can t wait to read J Daniel s backlist If you are a fan of single parent romances and adorable children, then give this a read TW suicide I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Ohhh I wanted Nate s book since Four Letter Word

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    I keep holding back with you Can you tell Nathan bent his arm and braced it on the door above my head, his finger slowly gliding over my hand, my wrist, the sides of my elbow It s not because I don t want something to happen There is little I ve wanted than this DOWN TOO DEEP is the fourth and final book in J Daniels Dirty Deeds series Dare I say she saved the best for last Nate and Jenna s story is filled with heartache and hope, closed doors and new beginnings If you re familiar with the series, you know that Nate is a widower, Jenna is a single mom Their worlds collide effortlessly in a truly lovely story It really doesn t get better than this J Daniels is my forever favorite for a reason, and she proves it again with DOWN TOO DEEP

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    4 STARS I was just curious What do you need, Nathan Right now Right now He thought for a long moment Nothing Le swoon.I feel like I ve been waiting FOREVER for Nathan s book And I ll admit that I was equally anticipating and dreading it Why Because when you re this excited for a character, you run the risk of setting your expectations too high J Nathan s been setting up his story for 3 books and with every tiny morsel we got of this beautiful man with sad eyes and a heart shattering past, the you were desperate for his book.Nathan is a widower that s still dealing with the fallout from his wife s suicide and being a single father to his adorable little girl He s dealt with things in the only way he can, by letting his parents spend time with his girl while he buries himself in work This works for him until his father finally says enough and forces him to understand he needs to keep living and build a relationship with his daughter The only problem is that Nate has no idea where to even begin.Jenna Savage is Brian s sister from Four Letter Word and the single mom to two equally adorable twin children With the father being an absentee parents, her kids are her world But when she meets Nate in his restaurant and lays eyes on his sweet little daughter, she can t help but offer him the help he desperately needs in watching her Thus begins their journey.I feel like this book was as much about Nate and Jenna as it was about their kids They were such vivid and at times almost scene stealing secondary characters that you couldn t help but fall in love with This is a much sweeter romance that any of the other books in this series It has a serious undertone of Nate s wife s suicide and the aftermath of his dealing with it It s emotional yet low on the angst when it comes to the romance This was very fitting for the type of story this was I loved Nate and Jenna together Even though I would have loved slightly character development between them, they still had crazy chemistry Admittedly, I couldn t help but feel like the family dynamic slightly overshadowed their romance in parts But having said that, I really loved the family dynamic, so I can t complain about this much.This was such a sweet and emotional romance about pain and forgiveness and finding love again It was swoony and perfectly slow paced I m happy to report that Jessica totally did Nate s character justice who also introducing some tantalizing new characters that I m desperately hoping get their own books ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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