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잘 자요 엄마 An Eerie And Absorbing Novel Following A Criminal Psychologist Who Has Discovered Shocking And Possibly Dangerous Connections Between A Serial Killer And Her Stepdaughter Criminal Psychologist Seonkyeong Receives An Unexpected Call One Day Yi Byeongdo, A Serial Killer Whose Gruesome Murders Shook The World, Wants To Be Interviewed Yi Byeongdo, Who Has Refused To Speak To Anyone Until Now, Asks Specifically For Her Seonkyeong Agrees Out Of Curiosity That Same Day Hayeong, Her Husband S Eleven Year Old Daughter From A Previous Marriage, Shows Up At Their Door After Her Grandparents, With Whom She Lived After Her Mother Passed Away, Die In A Sudden Fire Seonkyeong Wants Her To Feel At Home, But Is Gradually Unnerved As The Young Girl Says Very Little And Acts Strangely At Work And At Home, Seonkyeong Starts To Unravel The Pasts Of The Two New Arrivals In Her Life And Begins To See Startling Similarities Hayeong Looks At Her The Same Way Yi Byeongdo Does When He Recounts The Abuse He Experienced As A Child Hayeong S Serene Expression Masks A Temper That She Can T Control Plus, The Story She Tells About Her Grandparents Death, And Her Mother S Before That, Deeply Troubles Seonkyeong So Much So That Yi Byeongdo Picks Up On It And Starts Giving Her Advice Written With Exquisite Precision And Persistent Creepiness, The Only Child Is Psychological Suspense At Its Very Best

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  • 잘 자요 엄마
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  • 06 November 2019
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    Eleven year old Hayeong is found uninjured after a fire kills her grandparents with whom she had been living since the death of her mother Hayeong is collected by her indifferent father Jaeseong, a busy surgeon Jaeseong has recently married Seonkyeong, a criminal psychologist who seems woefully unqualified for her job This book had the interesting idea of comparing the stories of an adult serial killer with that of a child who shared a similarly abusive background Unfortunately, I found the writing choppy, flat and colorless, which was possibly caused by the translation but I have no way of knowing that The characters were also flat and colorless There was no obvious connection between Jaeseong and Seonkyeong I had no idea why they were married Since Seonkyeong was tasked with interviewing an imprisoned serial killer, the book kept drawing comparisons to The Silence of the Lambs I don t think that it is wise for authors to draw attention to better books It was obvious where this story was headed, except for the very end at which one character acted so stupidly that it could not have been predicted This book was just ok for me I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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    The Only Child is a translation of a Korean thriller featuring a criminal psychologist Seongkyeong who suddenly gets a phone call that a serial killer who has kept quiet for years suddenly wants to talk, but only to her The same day this inexperienced criminal psychologist interviews Yi Byeongdo, she is surprised to find that her husband has brought his daughter from a previous marriage to live with them after her grandparents die after a fire that Hayeong was the lone survivor of As the story progresses and Syongkyeong interviews Yi Byeongdo , she starts to see parallels between her 11 year old stepdaughter and the serial killer Is it possible that young Hayeong has the traits to one day become a serial killer herself This slow burn thriller is character driven than plot driven and at times it doesnt flow too well, I m guessing that s from the translation though Once you get used to the rhythm of the translation, it didn t really bother me too much though Overall, the story was enjoyable and the exposure to Korean culture was interesting If you like slow burn suspense or character driven novels, this one is worth a look.My thanks to HarperCollins, author Mi ae Seo, and Netgalley for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    Yi Byeongdo is a serial killer sitting on death row He hasn t said much to anyone about the murders he s committed and the police are anxious to learn just how many murders there were Unexpectedly, Yi Byeongdo has asked to be interviewed by a criminal psychologist by the name of Seonkyeong Seonkyeong has no idea why Yi Byeongdo has singled her out as she does not know him.Seonkyeong has just been surprised by her husband with the arrival of his eleven year old daughter from a previous marriage, Hayeong There has been a fire and Hayeong s grandparents with whom she was living have died Seonkyeong is anxious to help Hayeong feel at home but soon starts to feel out of her depth Seonkyeong starts to see quite a few similarities in the histories of both Yi Byeongdo and Hayeong.I must say that I was disappointed with this one I have enjoyed the writing of other Korean authors and apparently Mi ae Seo is a bestselling thriller author and screenwriter in Korea I just could not get into this story and found it to be written in quite a lackluster way There were moments when I thought, OK, here we go, but then nothing much happened For being a criminal psychologist, Seonkyeong s thinking and decisions were disconcerting She should have known better in so many instances and that leant the book a feeling of unreality There were quite a few unbelievable incidents in the book While the author did a good job of weaving the separate storylines together, all I could think at the ending of the book was You have to be kidding.Hopefully this book will find an audience that will love it but it s not one that I can honestly recommend, even though it did have its moments.This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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    For fans of TV s Mindhunter, Mi Ae Seo s novel THE ONLY CHILD feels like true crime but is a tour de force of twisty fiction with a shocking ending you won t be able to stop thinking about.A criminal psychologist is sent to plumb the mind of an enigmatic serial killer, while at the same time unearthing the terrifying past of the stepdaughter who has just come to live with her Family secrets abound in this fine novel of psychological suspense.

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    2.5 stars GUYS, I m honestly so sad that I didn t enjoy this book I d seen a ton of mixed reviews before going into it which usually makes me excited going into a book but it really just didn t work for me THE ONLY CHILD follows a criminal psychologist who discovers a shocking and possibly dangerous connection between a serial killer and her husbands daughter I did really enjoy the fact the book dealt with a serial killer That was something that was really interesting reading about but the author did not go into enough depth for me personally and I felt some things were left unanswered I still can t decide whether I liked the fact it had a slight Silence of The Lambs vibe Despite the fact I didn t love this, I did find it quick to read and would definitely recommend trying to binge read it in 1 2 sittings if you re gonna read it I honestly really struggled with the translation It s not something I usually notice, but this one I felt like something was missing in the translation I also felt that some sentences paragraphs were WAY too overly worded and could easily be condensed I thought overall it was very predictable I can t remember there being anything twist wise that I found surprising and for me the ending just didn t do it for me I also struggled with the fact this one is classified as a thriller or even a mystery because it definitely didn t feel like one for me It felt domestic I honestly wouldn t know how to classify it I never felt invested in the story or any of the characters really Overall, I personally wouldn t go out my way to recommend this one to you guys It just didn t hit the mark for me however, that doesn t mean it won t be enjoyed by you So if you are planning on reading this one, I hope you find it enjoyable than me Huge thank you to One World Publications for sending me a gifted copy of The Only Child in exchange for an honest review.

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    This creeped me out so much Finally a five star read this year.

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    Bang Bang Maxwell s silver hammer came down upon her head Excuse me as this Beatles song now hums unstoppably in my head and contributes to me having nightmares for days to come What makes a serial killer The Only Child is a brutally detailed look into the childhood life of a serial killer, emphasizing the maternal and environmental aspect so meticulously you re going to have to sleep with the lights on The characters including strong female lead Seonkyong, her stepdaughter and the killer, are all very well defined I enjoyed the writing it was very smooth and friendly In The Only Child, the author is not afraid to explore some very dark territories The novel goes back and forth between criminal psychologist Seonkyong, and the killer whose mind occasionally rushes back to the incredibly sinister relationship he used to have with his mother A slew of passages containing the killer s history of child abuse were pretty disturbing They suck you in instantly I had no time to put this book down I was invested in the topics being treated and the horror of the lives of the characters that led them enough to race through the pages and comprehend the severity of everything that s going on.What I mostly loved about this book were the criminal psychologist s curiosity about the killer s crimes, the detailed exploration of the killer s childhood, and the interview scenes conducted at the detention center The endingit was definitely a moment of shock I was aspiring for a different conclusion for a particular character However, we are given an explanation as to what idea feeling the author endeavored to generate through the final page I just read that this book is optioned for film by Carnival Films the television company that produced Downton Abbey , and considering some extraordinary cinematic passages in this novel, I have a feeling the adaptation will be brilliant.

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    Do you want me to tell you a secret The Only Child has been translated by Jung Yewon from Mi ae So s Korean language original .Seonkyeong is a criminal psychiatrist, who went on a course at the FBI and was thereafter nicknamed Clarice Starling by her students And in a case of life imitating art, as the novel opens, an infamous serial killer, Yi Byeongdo , one she has never met, says he will speak about his crimes, but only to her And it transpires that she reminds him of someone significant in his past.Yi Byeongdo s first murder was of his abusive mother What s the oldest memory in your head That is the first thing I ask when I meet people Somehow, it seems that the first memory in someone s head determines his destiny or personality And it seems that you can tell what kind of person he is based on the memory The oldest memory I ve ever heard of was from a man who remembered getting a bowl of seaweed soup on his first birthday It being his first birthday, it had been exactly a year since he was born into the world I asked him how he remembered that, and he said that as soon as he got the bowl, he threw up in it That s why he never forgot I had a drink from time to time with this man who never had seaweed soup after that, and I think his habit of throwing up formed on that day If such a nauseating memory was my first memory, I would want to throw up, too Still, his is better than mine Once in a while, I picture myself doing something I m lying in a comfortable chair, and tracing my memory as the hypnotist tells me to As you go back in time, you remember your childhood days, even your mother s womb, they say Some people see their past lives I don t want to find out about my past life, of course I don t even believe in such things.What I d like to know is what my mom looked like when I came out through darkness into the world I want to know what kind of look she had on her face at that moment Why I think it s because my mom told me that she hated me before I was even born She said she didn t look at me after I came out And the first question he, turning the tables in a conscious echo of Hannibal Lecter, even quoting his words, asks Seonkyeong, during their interview, is about her first memory.The Beatles song Maxwell s Silver Hammer, a song his mother hummed while abusing him, plays a key role in triggering his murders Bang Bang Maxwell s silver hammer came down upon her head which again links to an infamous real life case in Korea Music had been a major issue after the Yu Yeongcheol murders as well Yu Yeongcheol said that he had the theme song of the movie 1492 Conquest of Paradise playing while he was in the bathroom taking care of the bodies of the women he had killed It was unknown whether the song had inspired him, or he had listened to the music simply because he liked it On the same day as she first meets him, her husband s daughter, Hayeong , from his first marriage, comes to live with them A deeply disturbed child, Hayeong had been living with her maternal grandparents but the previous night they had died in a fire Except the investigators suspects that this was murder rather than an accident, and there is one possible but shocking suspect.The stage is then set for something of a Damian meets Hannibal Lecter situation, with a trace of Psycho thrown in, with Seonkyeong caught in the middle.This isn t my usual reading fare so I am not best qualified to benchmark this as a psychological thriller.But a note on the translation, which has received mixed comments from other reviewers Content wise this isn t a particularly Korean book, the setting and characters are relatively generic, but opinions seem to vary on how naturally it reads in English This is the 6th translation by Jung Yewon I have read, having previously completed Vaseline Buddha by Jung Young moon, One Hundred Shadows by by Hwang Jungeun and from the Dalkey Archive Library of Korean Literature Mannequin by Ch oe Yun, No One Writes Back by Eun Jin Jang, and parts of A Most Ambiguous Sunday and Other Stories by Jung Young moon She has also translated another Jung Young moon book, Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River She is one of my favourite Korean English translators and I have previously commented that her work has a style which I find intriguing but difficult to describe she both renders the books into excellent English but retains a translated Korean feel to the phrasing This works particularly well for the authors above since there isn t really an equivalent voice in English of say Jung Young moon s distinctively style And I have previously contrasted her with another favourite, Sora Kim Russell, from whom I have read 10 Korean English translations I am an equal fan of her work but compared to Jung her translations tend to be towards the reads naturally in English end of the spectrum, which perhaps makes her suited to thrillers, such as her translations of The Plotters by Un su Kim, and The Hole by by Hye Young Pyun, although her rendition of Bae Suah s powerful, unique and highly literary, Nowhere to be Found, was stunning And a translation peeve of mine book titles being changed unnecessarily Here the Korean title could be rendered literally as Sleep Well, Mum Mother or less literally Good Night, Mother which indeed are the words that closet the novel The French version manages Bonne nuit maman albeit the Spanish Hija nica mirrors the English.Overall 2.5 stars As a fan of literary fiction and Korean culture this is not a type of novel I would read other than in Korean translation, and it was rather less Korean in setting that I had hoped.

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    I read an ARC, so it is hard to tell how much of the choppy writing is translation style and how much is that it s still in the editing process It was hard for me to connect with the main character If I d understood of her career motivations, or of her relationship to her husband, maybe then I could justify the naivete and slow realizations of what was coming into play This was sent with a note that said it was like Silence of the Lambs but the serial killer wasn t creepy or scary, just cray cray I felt like it was similar to Baby Teeth I really wanted it to pick a direction Either do with the atmosphere and relationship of the MC and her step daughter or with the MC and the serial killer But it became muddled The end was, at least, pretty satisfying.

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    If you think kids are little monsters in cherubim form, this is the book that might speak to you The premise is simple A criminal psychologist, Seonkyeong, is minding her own business when suddenly two events collide with her life a convicted serial killer demands to speak with her, and her husband s daughter from a previous marriage comes to live under her roof Both individuals seem sinister but what harm can they do to Seonkyeong, really One is behind bars, and the other is a traumatised eleven year old child who just escaped from a fire and lost her grandparents Yi Byeongdo has killed dozens of women, but there is a mystery surrounding his motivations He would not speak to anyone except Seonkyeong, which in itself is an unnerving mystery because the latter does not know him How does Yi Byeongdo know her and what does he want to do with her Hayeong is the petulant child who is possessive of her dirty teddy bear She cannot tolerate Seonkyeong no matter how she tries to help her settle into her new home There is one thing that the serial killer and the child have in common they both had abusive mothers.Domestic violence and violence towards animals especially cats feature quite prominently in quite grisly detail in the book There is drowning, stabbing, hitting, throwing So, if you cannot bear to read scenes of such violence, brace yourself, or give this a miss The language is choppy and flat in certain places I am not sure if this is because of poor translation or it does read like this in original Korean This is negligible, however, as I found myself swept into the plot quite quickly after the first draggy chapter The point of view switches from 3rd person to 1st person, so for a while, I was guessing who the I was.There is quite a bit of wondering to do as the first half of the book narrates the challenges Seonkyeong goes through with these two new people in her life, and the reader wonders how these separate incidents would tie together It is only at the very end the connection is made clear, but disappointingly, it is rather weak, in my opinion Perhaps I had high expectations However, notwithstanding the weak link between Hayeong and Yi Byeongdo, the story does end neatly It would be a bit misleading to call this a thriller it didn t give me the thrill or excitement that other thrillers did It is a page turner because it s easy to breeze through, but not because it keeps you on tenterhooks wondering what s going to happen next If one is looking for a thriller to read, this would not be among the top of my recommendations However, if you are looking for a quick read featuring domestic violence and creepy evil children, then OK.Many thanks to Times Reads for this book in exchange for an honest review.

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