Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey

Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey When Saint Francis, The Patron Saint Of Animals, Encounters A Donkey Who Is Unhappy With His Lot In Life, Francis Tells Him A Story That Heals True, Long Ago God Punished The Mischievous Animal By Giving Him Long Ears, A Loud Bray, And Heavy Burdens To Bear Yet God Gave The Donkey Something Wonderful, Too For Who Was It That Carried Mary To Bethlehem Across Rugged Mountains And Burning Desert Sand And In The Stable, Who Warmed The Baby Jesus With His Breath Whose Love And Devotion On The Trip From Nazareth Outshone Even The Gifts Of The Wise Men A Story That Addresses The Inherent Good In All Of Us, Each Spread Of This Tour De Force Is A Feast For The Eye And For The Soul

Robert Byrd has been delighting children of all ages with his whimsical, fantasy filled children s books for over 30 years As author and illustrator he has the rare talent to see his fanciful visions through to the minutest detail Whether enlightening audiences to the many talents of Leonardo DaVinci or taking us into a wonderous world filled with foxes and bears in military attire, Bob, as he

➼ [Reading] ➾ Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey By Robert Byrd ➱ –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey
  • Robert Byrd
  • English
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9780525464808

10 thoughts on “Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey

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    I ve had kind of a thing for St Francis since watching the old movie in high school And no, not because he walks around naked So I was intrigued at the blend of him and Christmas I liked the themes of this book humility, sacrifice, and devotion I read into it some parallels between the donkey and Mary both being cursed by the decision of their ancestors but hey it s all good because one of your kind got to carry the Son of God But since I still romanticize the idea of quiet, unlauded contributions to important things, I liked it.

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    This is a heartwarming tale about Saint Francis of Assisi explaining to a donkey the reason for his funny countenance as well as his role in the nativity The story is entertaining and the illustrations are colorful and complement the narrative nicely The author s note at the end of the story is informative, but a bit long, even for older children We enjoyed reading this book together.

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    3.5 I was turned off by how the author told a story of how the donkey was created in punishment by God That part reminded me of a Greek myth Of course, the snake was punished by God according to the Bible, but I don t believe any other animals were punished A donkey was used to punish a human for his sin.I knew Francis was associated with birds but I didn t realize the extent Looking at him through today s lens, he probably would be called an environmentalist However, he didn t put the creation before humans or a God like today s environmentalists do.Also, I don t really think the title was right It isn t really a standard Christmas book It is a little bit about creation and it talks about the role donkeys played in Jesus s life and it was a mini biography about St Francis Regardless my son enjoyed the story, perhaps because it was a mix up of different storylines.

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    One of my favorite books from childhood, I read it over and over again growing up The illustrations are detailed and equistite It s part morality tale and part Nativity story In the back of the book there is a note to the reader that shares about Saint Francis.

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    I love Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey Is it absolutely rooted in theology or the bible Probably not But it perfectly shows our God of mercy, of discipline meted with tenderness in forgiveness.

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    This is a beautifully told and illustrated story of Saint Francis of Assisi explaining to a donkey how donkeys came to be the way they are, and the important role one played in Jesus birth.

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    Saint Francis was able to talk to animals and would tell them how special they are The donkey was wondering why God made him so ugly Saint Francis replied that God made donkeys so special and a donkey was the one who carried Mary so she was able to have Jesus This book would be a tricky book to teach because of the religious values, unless you were teaching at Catholic school However, it could be a good book to show students that they are all unique and everyone has their own strengths.

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    What a great book The pictures were beautiful and story I like how it shows that God can punish but that he is also merciful It will be a Christmas book at our house It is a little long for my younger readers, but the illustrations were able wo keep their attention.

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    Colorful, detailed drawings illustrate this tale of Saint Francis sharing a fable of how the donkey came to look sound like it does with a sad donkey, then continuing to share the story of the little donkey who carried Mary Joseph to Bethlehem.

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    Catholic Saint, Saint Francis of Assisi, explains to the donkey why other animals make fun of him and explains his special role in the birth of the Savior Saint Francis may have been the first person to act out the scene of the Nativity He acted it out with live animals around 1212.

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