Vernacular Drawings

Vernacular Drawings My favourite graphic artist Love everything he does. Vernacular Drawings Is A Sumptuous, Full Color, Cloth Bound Coffee Table Book Collecting The Drawings Of Award Winning Cartoonist SethA Broad Range Of Subject Matter Is Covered Here, From Portraits Of Early Jazz Greats And Scenes Of Burlesque Shows To An Oddly Intriguing Gallery Of Successful Insurance Salesmen CircaNothing Is Out Of Place In Vernacular Drawings There Are Portraits Of R Crumb And Django Reinhardt And An Image Of A GloriousS Ballroom Scene Is Followed By A Dilapidated, CircaIndustrial Building A Bold Portrait Of A North American Indian Is Preceded By Another Of A Spanish Matador Seth S Illustrations Have Been Seen By Millions Throughout North America In Publications Such As The New York Times, Forbes, AndThe Washington Post, And He Is Best Known As A Cartoonist From His Series Palooka Ville And His Award Winning Book, It S A Good Life, If You Don T Weaken Available Exclusively In This Cloth Bound Edition, Vernacular Drawings Is Seth S First Non Comics Collection, A Lavish, Full Color Art Book That Will Appeal To Aesthetes Everywhere Certainly a must have for the Seth aficionado, but not required reading either Rather, it fills out what already exists as Seth s primary drive amongst his published works an intense interest in the paper archive of human life, representations of which are beautifully rendered on the page Necessarily lavish, a true pleasure. it s always interesting to look through someone s sketchbook More of a coffee table book than anything else, but pretty great overall. What I lovethan anything is cartoons that have a real feel to them a past a history. Seth doesn t like drawing eyes and feet Feet, I understand, and yet he renders them quite well His buildings are superb In the middle of this handsome sketchbook circa 2000 , he started to avoid eyes Subsequent group shots have 3 4 of the people wearing opaque glasses or caught restfully mid blink The quantity of blinkers lend quiet grace to the pages But I can t help but notice roughly one set of minimal eyes in every group of eight For groups of four, everyone is blinking or wearing glasses Pre 2000, he does expressive eyes well Post 2000, blink, blink, glasses, blink, glasses, two tiny eye dots, and blink I wonder if he got bored with eyes, hates them, felt he spent too much time on them for paltry reward, etc What s the rationale, Seth Regardless, this is solid work. Vernacular Drawings doesn t give me much insight into Seth other than he likes to sketch old yearbook photos and deserted downtown streets I was hoping the sketchbook would include images that broke the norm or werepersonal Instead the book is just a polished collection of well drawn people and locations I mean, that s not necessarily a bad thing I just feel that Vernacular Drawings could have providedof a revelation see Chris Ware s sketchbooks with detailed masturbatory images

Seth is the pen name of Gregory Gallant Seth is the cartoonist behind the painfully infrequent comic book series PALOOKAVILLE His novels, which have been translated into 8 languages, include IT S A GOOD LIFE IF YOU DON T WEAKEN, WIMBLEDON GREEN, CLYDE FANS BOOK ONE, and the illustrated memoir of his father, BANNOCK, BEANS AND BLACK TEA.As a book designer, Seth has worked on a variety of projects

➬ [Ebook] ➧ Vernacular Drawings By Seth ➸ –
  • Hardcover
  • 212 pages
  • Vernacular Drawings
  • Seth
  • English
  • 13 November 2018
  • 9781896597416

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