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Husband Material Sometimes Love Is Unpredictable Twenty Nine Year Old Charlotte Rosen Has A Secret She S A Widow Ever Since The Fateful Day That Leveled Her World, Charlotte Has Worked Hard To Move Forward Great Job At A Hot Social Media Analytics Company Check Roommate With No Knowledge Of Her Past Check Adorable Dog Check All The While, She S Faithfully Data Crunched Her Way Through Life, Calculating The Probability Of Risk So She Can Avoid ItYet Charlotte S Algorithms Could Never Have Predicted That Her Late Husband S Ashes Would Land Squarely On Her Doorstep Five Years Later Stunned But Determined, Charlotte Sets Out To Find Meaning In This Sudden Twist Of Fate, Even If That Includes Facing Her Perfectly Coiffed, And Perfectly Difficult, Ex Mother In Law And Her Husband S Best Friend, Who Seems To Become A Fixture At Her Side Whether She Likes It Or NotBut Soon A Shocking Secret Surfaces, Forcing Charlotte To Answer Questions She Never Knew To Ask And To Consider The Possibility Of Forgiveness And When A Chance At New Love Arises, She Ll Have To Decide Once And For All Whether To Follow The Numbers Or Trust Her Heart

Emily Belden is a food journalist, social media marketer, and storyteller She is the author of the novels Hot Mess and Husband Material, and of Eightysixed A Memoir about Unforgettable Men, Mistakes, and Meals After she tiled her bedroom floor in over 60,000 pennies all heads up for good luck she was a guest on The Today Show and her story was covered by media outlets across the country A

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  • Husband Material
  • Emily Belden
  • 15 November 2019
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    Thanks to Netgalley and HARLEQUIN Graydon House Books for an egalley in exchange for an honest review Cute Yes, that is exactly how I would classify this contemporary romance fiction novel starring our female protagonist, Charlotte Rosen Working at an influencer firm and living with a quirky roommate, Charlotte continues to strike out in love Heck, don t we all But when a mysterious parcel shows up on her doorstep, Charlotte is confronted with the lesson that sometimes we have to deal with the past, before we can wield out any type of future I read my ARC between a few heavier subjects and Husband Material certainly was a good palate cleanser Charlotte and I may not have had the strongest of relationships, but I didn t totally dislike her either That is probably because Emily Belden creates fantastic secondary characters that helped tip the scales for me to appreciate Charlotte s conflict with her past But. I didn t buy the ship between Charlotte and another character I wasn t knocked off my feet and I never was convinced that Charlotte was either Goodreads review published 17 12 19 Publication Date 30 12 19

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    DNFI am having so much trouble getting into this one it s reading very meh for me so I m gonna quit it

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    Sweet, witty, and charming Husband Material is a sassy, heartfelt rom com featuring the logical, grieving Charlotte who after unexpectedly receiving her late husband s ashes back five years after his passing realizes that the hurt is still raw and in order to heal and move on bridges should be mended, secrets must be revealed, and people need be forgiven.The writing style is warm and light The characters are quirky, reticent, and amusing And the plot is a delightful blend of life, love, introspection, friendship, attraction, tender moments, awkward situations, forgiveness, misunderstandings, and closure.Overall, Husband Material is an easy, humourous, uplifting tale by Belden that highlights the importance of letting go of the past, taking chances, embracing what s next, and loving again.Thank you to Harlequin Books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Emily Belden s second foray in fiction comes in the form of a young widow, hiding from reality into crunching numbers and leaving zero to chance including her own dating life When her husband s ashes arrive on her doorstep unexpectedly, five years after his death, her compartmentalized facade starts to falter Told with Belden s signature wit and heart, Charlotte makes for a lovable protagonist who you can t help but root for, as well as a cast of peripheral characters that are uniquely wonderful as well, namely Charlotte s goth, tell it like it is roommate, Casey Thank you to Graydon House for an advance copy All opinions are my own,

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    Charlotte Rosen is single, has a terrific job as a social media analyst and is in the process of developing a new dating app based on mathematical data Every decision Charlotte makes is based on what the math data shows.Until one day she receives an urn with her late husband s ashes A husband she has told absolutely no one she had And Charlotte s world begins to spin so out of control that not even her data can help her.She must now face his death once again, and all the emotions and feelings she suppressed for so long Not only must she open up to people about being a widow, but she must deal with the rationale as to why she has kept it a secret.On top of all the sadness and shame she has to deal with, she also has to revisit her not so pleasant relationship with her ex mother in law in a showdown as to who should keep her late husband s ashes Until that decision, Charlotte just takes him with her wherever she goes.And to complicate her life even further, her late husband s best friend whom she has kept at a distance since her husband s death years ago reappears, along with a secret which it seems everyone has been keeping from her including her late husband which has thrown everything she believed about her marriage into question.Charlette must learn to love and trust others again as well as forgive and let go of all the guilt she has felt and try and move on in her life These problems unfortunately cannot be fixed by a math algorithm, but only by the heart.Husband Material is a sensitive yet humorous story of death and the way one woman tries to process it without quite processing it It s about trying to compartmentalize a part of your life only to find out you can t really have a life until you open that door to truly become free.Thank you NetGalley GraydonHouse HusbandMaterial EmilyBelden for the advanced copy The book comes out December 30.

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review.I feel a bit sad The potential with this book was pretty high, it s just that Belden ended up having a main character who wasn t that likable and also the romance felt forced Husband Material follows 29 year old Charlotte Rosen A New York transplant, Charlotte initially worked in a different field than what she does now Charlotte works for a social media influencer firm yeah that s a thing now I guess and relies on hits hashtags numbers to show her whether a client has a certified hit or not After returning home early one evening, Charlotte is surprised to find her late husband s ashes Decker waiting for her Receiving the ashes throws Charlotte into a tailspin She hasn t really gotten over losing Decker 5 years ago and finds herself dealing with her ex in law and also her husband s best friend, Brian I loved the idea of Charlotte having the ability to figure out whether a guy was going to work with her or not based on her research into their online lives And the first scene with the blind date at the wedding was hilarious After that the book just swan dives into messiness and I ended up wanting to smother Charlotte Belden does incorporate some scenes in this book so you can see how well Decker and Charlotte got along and how much they loved each other I just think there should have been Decker literally haunts most of the book When a secret is divulged I rolled my freaking eyes because it made zero sense to introduce this except as a way for poor Charlotte to overcome something else.Charlotte s character bugged me mostly though because once she meets Brian again, she turns into needing his help every five minutes and she only wants help because she s hoping for it to turn into something romantic I don t know It just baffled me as I was reading Though Charlotte pretends like she doesn t need help from her coworkers or her roommate It just bugged the life out of me because most of the book is her being disappointed if he can t do something right away or her thinking she knows him There is zero chemistry between these two and I think that Belden would have been better off just having Charlotte realize she wasn t ready to move on from her husband yet The other characters don t have much to do Belden introduces the ex in law who is nasty, but I actually felt for this character and we have Charlotte s periodic phone calls home to her mother along with the long suffering roommate Brian sucked full stop once readers are informed about something and I had a hard time even believing the HEA that the book pushes on us The writing actually started off pretty good The first scene at the wedding was hilarious, but after that the book seems to get into a pretty bad flow of Charlotte just sitting around waiting on Brian I think the plot point of what to do with Decker s ashes wasn t enough to hold this book together When a secret is revealed the book danced even further into absurdity I think that the plot could have just been Charlotte coming to real terms with being a widow and going to grief groups and meeting other women out there in a similar situation, full stop The ending was a letdown to me I didn t buy the romance especially after what Charlotte found out I honestly thought including the secret turned this book into a literary version of the movie, Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner too.

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    Husband Material is a contemporary fiction novel that had a great balance of humor and relatability I really appreciated how the author Emily Belden built detailed characters that have a level of depth that doesn t always happen in this genre of writing Because of this, I was really able to connect with the storyline and follow these characters on their path of grief and the process of moving forward We met Charlotte who is a young widow that is trying to rebuild her life I appreciated the discussion of death and loss, especially for younger characters who are still on the path of finding themselves while at the same time dealing with this huge loss I am so glad I didn t judge this one by the cover alone because while the cutesy cover might let you think this is just another rom com I really found this to be so much My full review will be up on when I am a part of the Husband Material blog tour this winter Thank you to NetGalley and Graydon House Books for an advanced copy.

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    THIS REVIEW MORE Paws and Paperbacks ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.DNF 58%Unfortunately, I had to call it quits shortly after the halfway mark I skimmed quite a few parts from the remainder of the book, so I have a fairly good idea of what happens and I m sorry to say that had I finished it, my final opinion would have been just as bad.What is this book about Husband Material follows our protagonist, Charlotte, a widow who lost her husband five years ago from a freak accident She s made a new life for herself in LA, however, a misfortunate event causes the ashes of her deceased husband to appear at her front door five years later, along with the reappearance of his best friend Do not let the fact that this book keeps showing up under the romance genre Husband Material is a not a feel good, lighthearted romance novel I sort of feel like I misled in that aspect Instead, the story is about grief, secrets, and forgiveness.What did I like Charlotte was a pretty decent character I really felt for her throughout the story and the incredible circumstances she s had to overcome.What didn t I like The first issue I had was the overly descriptive writing There were so many unnecessary specifics and I felt like the author kept name dropping expensive brands just for the sake of it A lot of time in the book was spent describing every little detail of the book and characters I don t need to know the color, type, and label of the pajamas the character was wearing just say she was in pajamas in move on The love interest if you could even call him that was terrible There was absolutely zero chemistry between him and Charlotte and I could not for the life of me even figure out why she would be with him or even like him There were hardly any genuine moments of tension or buildup between the two of them to convince me of any kind of feelings Not to mention that he is a thief and a liar and a terrible person view spoiler He STOLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of her deceased husband s life insurance money and gave it to said dead husband s SECRET CHILD that she had no knowledge about without her consent What in the actual fuck. hide spoiler

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    This book was just what I needed Sweet, quirky, and delightful Not really a romcom like women s fiction with a sprinkling of humor and a generous dollop of romance This is the story of Charlotte who is in her 20s and lost her husband five years ago Unsure of how to navigate being such a young widow and not wanting the label Charlotte has made it that no one in her life knows that she was ever even married She has re entered the dating field but treats it like a math problem than anything else Using an algorithm to find the perfect man BUT everything is turned topsy turvy when she gets a surprise package with her husband s ashes inside Charlotte is now forced to face the past, the truth, and her future What follows is an engaging story filled with memories, tenderness, heartbreak, hope, forgiveness, and closure Charlotte may not have been the most relatable character, but I had a lot of sympathy for her She had lost her husband at such a young age and was still caring around so much grief and guilt Her neurotic tendencies really did not help the situation She had kind of isolated herself from people, avoiding ever being hurt again, and also avoiding ever being loved again I found the secondary characters roommate Casey and love interest Brian much interesting than Charlotte if I m being honest Brian was a pretty great guy and I loved all the interactions with him Casey was the perfect counterbalance to Charlotte, and I loved how eventually she basically told her how it is Later in the story there is a secret revealed and I think Charlotte handled it much better than I might have I love watching Charlotte bro and rediscover herself throughout the course of this book Emily Belden has written a clever refreshing story and I m looking forward to the next book from this author.This book in emojis The audiobook was narrated by Piper Goodeve I truly believe this made the story relatable to me, she gave Charlotte a human side Charlotte was kind of a dry character, but I think piper s voice made her lively And relatable This might be a book I liked because I listen to it rather than read it Big thanks to Harlequin and Harper Audio for my copy of this book

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    Thank you to NetGalley, Emily Belden Graydon House for an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.The first couple sentences of Husband Material will get you It has that immediate shock value and you re left thinking excuse me Charlotte Rosen is a coder with a hot social media analytics company She works hard and it shows an idea of what it might be like to be in a field that has a predominantly different gender She has a roommate that has really no idea of her past Within the first few sentences, you find out a lot about Charlotte and the biggest thing is that she was married, and that her husband had passed away When her late husband s ashes show up at her front door five years after his passing, Charlotte s entire life gets uprooted, so you think When a major secret comes out to Charlotte about her late husband, things really get crazy for her While dealing with all of these things, will she find love along the way This book had a lot of promising qualities The interest of what was going to happen was definitely there for me I think that the premise was something that I had never read before and that had me interested The synopsis was why I requested it in the first place There were a lot of good things that had me excited for this publication, but as I read on, there were a lot of things that I couldn t really grasp either.I think one problem that I had was that this novel was classified as a contemporary romance I live for contemporary romances, so I was excited to see where the romance was going to be from this synopsis In my opinion, the romance fell a little flat for me I think there were sweet moments with angst mixed in which is one of my favorites However, my heart felt as though things were a little rushed and crunched in towards the end I am someone all for a slow burn, but this was extremely slow I would ve liked it if things happened a little sooner Also, I feel as though the romance was a little off It felt a little stilted and made me question what was going on There was zero steam, which I usually don t mind, but with the romance o meter off, it didn t make me feel my best about this novel I also had a problem connecting with Charlotte I understand that I have never been through such a situation, but I feel like I had a hard time understanding her actions There were some things that Charlotte did that frustrates me, and in some circumstances this might be good, but I didn t find it giving me any positive, stimulating feelings She was pretty unreliable with her actions You definitely want to go through the pages and grab her by the shoulders to shake her.Lastly, I will say that I found the author to be hilarious There were some parts of this book that had me laughing out loud It s rare that a romance novel would be so funny, but I d definitely consider this as a romantic comedy with some drama If you are a clean comedy, chick lit lover, I d recommend this book to you I m definitely interested in Emily Belden novels just from the laughs

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