The Sound of Suffering (The Master of Perception, #2)

The Sound of Suffering (The Master of Perception, #2) The Sound of Suffering gets a 4.5 5.0 The characters were realistic and relatable I enjoyed the story I believed that the aura manipulation was interesting The character development was well done The pacing was good, and I didn t see any plot holes The world building was new and refreshing Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. Hunter Miller Has A SecretHe Can Read And Manipulate The Auras That Surround EveryoneHaving Used His Talent To Dethrone The Reigning School Bully, Thirteen Year Old Hunter Finds Himself Thrust Into A New Quest After Hearing Screams In The Aura Of A Teacher Unable To Resist This Powerful Siren Song, He Investigates Despite Warnings From His Family And Friends It Nearly Costs Him EverythingUpon Discovering The Truth, Hunter Seeks Assistance In His Mission To Defeat His Formidable Adversary As The Situation Escalates, The Adolescent Hero Ultimately Realizes That Despite The Risks, He Must Fight This Battle AloneIn This Second Installment Of The Master Of Perceptions Series, Can Hunter Use His Extraordinary Powers To Rescue An Innocent Woman Without Losing Himself In The Process It all depends on how we look at things and not on how they are themselves Carl JungNew Hampshire author Dr Darin C Brown earned a bachelor degree in engineering physics, a master s degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell, and a PhD in biophysics from the University of Illinois He has been an ER doctor, but now devotes his time to writing, acting, and directing theater as well as to an active and honored sports life.Darin made his debut with Book 1 of The Master of Perceptions series THE SIGHT OF DEMONS which suggested the depth of character development and the unique line of story we now find with evenpolish in Book 2 THE SOUND OF SUFFERING.The primary character of this series is an autistic child, Hunter Miller, who sees demons that no one else can see In the moving Prologue to the series Darin described the visions The gigantic blue demon swims around me, engulfing my entire body with its long tentacles Other demons of varying colors sparkle beyond, but the horrifying blue apparition occupies all my attention I open my eyes, hoping the sights of the everyday world will make it go away, but it still slithers around me, unwilling to loosen its grip In a panic, I jump back into the nothingness, certain I m fortunate to escape with my life I keep my eyes closed, but it doesn t help They re here I still see the sparkling colors My empty hands feel textures I smell odors and taste flavors even though my mouth is empty I can t stop any of it If I open my eyes, the sensations superimpose themselves on the sights all around me The demons They re out to get me But I never let them as soon as they get close enough, I retreat inside myself, where they can t follow Safety awaits me in the emptiness, and I go there whenever the fear grips me I visit this world the one outside myself infrequently, because the demons are always there, ready to pounce They bombard me with their myriad of unwanted sensations Falling off into my own private universe happens automatically So how does the author encourage his patient with cen a local variant of spirit possession to cope The polished eloquence of this second installment skillfully brings the reader into a closer understanding of Hunter s demons and how he interacts with them In the offered brief description we gain insight Hunter Miller has a secret He can read and manipulate the auras that surround everyone Having used his talent to dethrone the reigning school bully, thirteen year old Hunter finds himself thrust into a new quest after hearing screams in the aura of a teacher Unable to resist this powerful siren song, he investigates despite warnings from his family and friends It nearly costs him everything Upon discovering the truth, Hunter seeks assistance in his mission to defeat his formidable adversary As the situation escalates, the adolescent hero ultimately realizes that despite the risks, he must fight this battle alone.While some would discard this gift as part of a mental disarrangement, Darin makes the demons represent the challenges facing an autistic child and how Hunter grapples with what he perceives as real he gradually learns to accept them as particular abilities The manner in which this occurs is not only a credible story but also a flag to readers to reconsider the mind of autistic children or even a study of how childhood trauma affects the mental development of many children today Exceptionally well written, this book establishes Dr Darin Brown as a master craftsman litterateur Highly Recommended. The Sound of Suffering, Book 2 in Darin Brown s The Master of Perception series, easily captures even the adult reader, although thelikely audience would be young adults or, remembering the aficionados in The Big Bang Theory, perhaps anyone fascinated by the sci fi fantasy world We know from the beginning of the book that Hunter has super powers that he is learning to use, and we also know that he has experienced disabilities, presented as autism, that he has not fully overcome His name, in light of the way he uses his developing powers, suggests that he has the potential to become a super hero like Lee Child s Reacher.We ve all heard of auras, but the auras Hunter perceives are not just visual His auras have color, but the color may blend with hearing, taste, and smell through synaesthesia Hunter, who lacks the ability to read people in normal ways, must learn to decode multi sensory auras to understand the people around him As he learns to read complex auras, he gradually discovers that he has additional powers His inclination is to use these powers for good, but he crosses a line when he, in effect, tortures a a criminal a man who abuses women for the purpose of getting him to confess In the years following the controversy over the legality of waterboarding suspected terrorists, a few television dramas occasionally seemed to promote the idea that torture might be necessary in some instances to protect the public I find this unequivocally wrong for all the usual reasons The one mitigating factor in Hunter s use of extreme force is that he has a super power that allows him to mend the physical damage and remove the memory of the event from the criminal s mind once he has attained the confession I view this as a slippery slope all the same.What I particularly enjoyed in reading Book 2 of Hunter s story was his daily exercise of mental detection, as Hunter proceeds to analyze his observations and solve mysteries, some of which are mysteries to him alone I myself was puzzled as to why a star reporter was driving a Datsun Having owned a Datsun B210 in the early 80s, I was aware that Nissan discontinued making Datsuns in 1984 Since the reporter s car was not presented as either a classic car or a junk heap, this detail seems to suggest a 1980s time setting I suspect that Hunter may have decades of adventures to come. The Sound of Suffering, by Dr Darin Brown, builds off the unusual and mysterious abilities that some autistic people have This is the second book featuring Hunter Miller, this time he is gainingcontrol of his demons The first ten years of his life were lost in a world he could not comprehend Risen from a fog, Hunter has years to make up learning what most people already know how to ride a bike, staying focused, and anything that has to do with human relationships He can read the aura people give off by their emotions, deeds, and intent Add to this is someone he knows who is being physically abused by her husband, a cop Mastering a take down like a chess game was the only way he could visualize her rescue I loved how The Sound of Suffering combines the unknown of autism with special abilities Dr Darin Brown is an excellent writer, giving his characters a realistic feel as they face unusual family issues with normal teenage ambition He weaves the unknown question about Hunter s real father within the pages, staging an additional book in the life of this young man I love watching Hunter learn about himself and those around him, but most importantly, his newfound abilities to help other. The Sound of Suffering is a follow up to Darin Brown s Gifted and I must say he has really developed an inspiring hero with a difference with his teenage protagonist, Hunter The young hero started his life struggling with his autism, feeling trapped in a world he could not control, but what emerged from the fog were some extraordinary powers Hunter can control the auras that surround people, and through this remarkable ability, he has made his world and the world for those around him a better place But, he is about to face a challenge, when he hears the aura of a teacher suffering terribly she is being abused by her husband and Hunter may be the only person that can help her However, this man is a cop and he is not going down without a fight.I love reading Hunter s adventures as he navigates a world that is relatively new to him, whilst also following the strong desire he has to help others A great read and I really hope we see a lotof Hunter in the future 5 stars English review Rese a en espa ol The Sound of Suffering The Master of Perceptions 2 , by Darin C Brown author of The Sight of Demons The Master of Perceptions 1 , published by Doc Squared Publishing, 1st edition, 2019 326 pages printed edition Genre Fiction Superheroes Coming of age.Hunter Miller, a 13 year old boy diagnosed with autism, has managed to dismantle the gang of bullies in his school and defeat the ringleader, thanks to his peculiar ability to detect and manipulate the aura of living beings Now, as he tries to understand and develop his exceptional abilities with the help of his only confidant, he discovers that a close adult is experiencing terrible suffering that puts her life at risk Hunter will decide to launch a risky plan to save her and continue to punish the abusers.The language that C Brown has chosen to tell this new Hunter adventure is direct, simple and innocent perfect to personify a child whose life has been held back for years by mental gaps and whose history is just starting to take shape The adventure, built around a boy with well placed values who begins to discover life while trying not to succumb to the seizures that isolate him from the world, is exciting, fast and quite credible The narrative is totally coherent with the circumstances that surround Hunter and it is very easy to empathize with him and be interested in his journey.Reading this story has been a pleasure The rhythm is very good and the characters are very real Although at some point in history the descriptions of the auras may seem exhaustive, I think they help to perfectly exemplify how a person trying to make sense of something that only he lives and no one else can explain can feel I really liked that Hunter has his values strong and that at the same time he faces his child problems as a real child who does not have the tools of an adult to put his world to rights The Sound of Suffering The Master of Perceptions 2 , por Darin C Brown autor de The Sight of Demons The Master of Perceptions 1Publicada por Doc Squared Publishing 1 edici n, 2019 326 p ginas edici n impresa G nero Ficci n Superh roes.Hunter Miller, un ni o de 13 a os diagnosticado con autismo, ha logrado desmantelar a la pandilla de abusadores de su escuela y derrotar al cabecilla, gracias a su peculiar capacidad de detectar y manipular el aura de los seres vivos Ahora, mientras trata de comprender y desarrollar sus excepcionales habilidades con ayuda de su nico confidente, descubre que un adulto cercano est experimentando un terrible sufrimiento que pone en riesgo su vida Hunter decidir poner en marcha un arriesgado plan para salvarla y continuar castigando a los abusadores.El lenguaje que C Brown ha elegido para contar esta nueva aventura de Hunter es directo, simple e inocente perfecto para personificar a un ni o cuya vida ha sido frenada durante a os por lagunas mentales y cuya historia apenas comienza a tomar forma La aventura, construida alrededor de un chico con los valores bien puestos que comienza a descubrir la vida al mismo tiempo que trata de no sucumbir a los ataques que lo a slan del mundo, es emocionante, r pida y bastante cre ble La narrativa es totalmente coherente con las circunstancias que rodean a Hunter y es muy f cil empatizar con l e interesarse en su viaje.La lectura de esta historia ha sido un placer El ritmo es muy bueno y los personajes son muy reales Aunque en alg n momento de la historia las descripciones de las auras pueden parecer exhaustivas, creo que ayudan a ejemplificar a la perfecci n c mo puede sentirse una persona que trata de encontrarle sentido a algo que s lo l vive y que nadie m s es capaz de explicar Me gust mucho que Hunter tenga sus valores bien firmes y que al mismo tiempo enfrente sus problemas de ni o como un verdadero ni o que no cuenta con las herramientas de un adulto para poner su mundo al derecho. This book starts off right where the first book left in which the lead character, the gifted Hunter Miller and his group of friends have landed their bullies in hot water where the leader is stripped naked while in a daze and left out in the open for the whole school staff and students to witness This second book mirrors the elements of the first one in which Hunter is trying to classify the hues, auras, and smells he sees on other humans he comes in contact with by using a box of crayons and his own common sense Since this book is narrated by Hunter himself, his thoughts sometimes are creepy maybe because he is autistic I find them disturbing at some points, especially when the smells he gets from random people are described as dirty underwear or sweat and stuff I think this book, even though it features a youngster, is primarily a work of adult fiction Because the author does not give him the typical speech of young kids, and the major plot of this book involves a teacher whose police husband is abusive and visits brothels That s how I have come to conclude that this book is not for juvenile and children readers but for mature readers overall.I thought this book was interesting because of Hunter and his special gift This is the first time I have come across a book that features someone who can experience the smells and colors and auras of those he comes in contact with This is also the first book I ve read where the main character relies on the wisdom of his grandfather who lives out of state and is having issues with his parents This is also the first book in a long time for me where the main character gets his karate lessons and where a friend of his is mischievous and in comparison with those boy characters of movies such as Home Alone and National Lampoon, it s hilarious to think about I would recommend this book to teenage to mature readers because they would understand the situations that go on in this book I also would recommend this book to be read by those who have some kind of mental disability because they will relate to Hunter All in all, I believe you will enjoy this book very much if you are looking for a book that is unique and that has a character with autism Have a great evening Oh, Hunter, you re impossibly easy to read You re an open book Of course you d figure out who put the sign on your back, clever you, and then naturally you d seek justice It s all over your face Can t just let sleeping dogs lie Gotta save the world, even if it doesn t need or want saving Hunter Miller has a secretand in this, the second Master of Perception book, he s learning evenabout it He has the ability to read and manipulate auras And in trying to understand how he s able to do that, he s begun to hear them Energy does make sounds, and the sounds he s hearing tell him the person is being hurt badly So, what does he do He scrambles to find something someone to help The question is, can he help them in time I was overjoyed that Darin C Brown s second book was as inventive and interesting as the first was As an elder, some of the basic information about alternative healing was a bit redundant but for a YA who may not know about it, it s important foundational information My problem was that I have to pace myself or I will read this series at too fast a speed and miss the nuances Brown presents not only in Hunter s understanding, but in his maturity as he grows up Not every superhero wears a cape Who knows Maybe the kid next door might change your world I cannot praise or recommend this series highly enough 5 5 disclaimer I received this book from the publisher and voluntarily read and reviewed it Can Hunter use his immense powers of reading and manipulating the auras to save this innocent woman and still avoid losing himself Brown s book is very engaging, and despite the supernatural elements, he structures characters that are relatable and realistic The concept of aura manipulation is quite fascinating with the story told at a good pace without leaving any plot holes By writing in the first person view, Brown allows you to immerse yourself in the thought process of the main protagonist in a way that you almost feel like you know him The thing I did not like about the book was the writing style due to the use of many karate terms and medical terminologies Other than the initial explanations of karate as Hunter is being taught karate by his grandpa, the story could have been better developed with common terms once it began rolling, as these words can take you out of the story The story did, however, me a new perspective on the challenges that autistic people may be undergoing.

Darin C Brown grew up in upstate New York, the youngest of seven children After fourteen years of higher education, including a master s degree and two doctorates, he saved lives as an ER physician in New Hampshire and Maine for nearly twenty years Darin started writing local talent shows including the White Mountain Waldorf School s annual coffee house and the Memorial Hospital Talent Show bef

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