The 8th Confession

The 8th Confession Behind The Doors Of San Francisco S Grandest Mansions, Beautiful People Party The Nights Away In A Heady Mix Of Money, Drugs, Drink And Sex But The Rich And Famous Aren T The Only Ones With The Keys To These Most Exclusive Of Addresses, Someone Else Is Intent On Crashing The Party

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The 8th Confession
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 10 September 2018
  • 9780316018760

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    This is the eighth book in the Woman s Murder Club series, and it s another thriller from the explosive beginning to the exhilarating ending Maxine Paetro hasn t missed a beat This edition is an audio book, narrated once again by the talented and exciting Carolyn McCormack who breathes life into the characters with ease The 8th Confession has multiple story lines intricately woven together A school bus explodes while at a busy intersection killing ten innocent people on their way to work But who was on the bus Please Not kids Lindsay and Richy are trying to solve countless cases piling up on their desks when they re told to drop everything to investigate a very high profile case involving a series of deaths of some of San Francisco s richest and most famous celebrities Despite all the resources of the SFPD being thrown into the investigation the motive behind the suspected murders, and the cause of death are yet unknown The victims are all among high society s biggest partyers who combine a toxic mix of drugs, alcohol, and sex but the bodies are immaculate, seemingly in perfect health, no wounds, nothing fatal on toxicology Zip, Zero, Nada Even the brilliant ME, Clair Washburn, is at a complete loss as to the cause of death And that alone is alarming The brass wants the cases solved yesterday but Lindsay and Richy have nothing to go on, no where to start And an endless list of people who could be involved It s disheartening to say the least When another celebrity lands in the morge Clair, Lindsay, and Richy get a shock when something wriggles out of the sheet the body has been brought in on It s a startling discovery Cindy is keyed up and determined to find out who killed a defenseless, homeless man known only as Bagman Jesus Everyone on the street says he was a saint who helped countless others, leaving two words in his wake Jesus Saves So who would want him dead And why The further Cindy digs into the man s life the danger she s in And nothing is as it seems Yuki is in the middle of another trial she thinks she has finally won A young woman has gone to her parents house in the middle of the night and attached them in their bed with a crow bar There s plenty of evidence to say that she was there Her father is dead While her mother lay dying she was able to tell the police, recorded on video tape, that it was her daughter who did this to them Miraculously the mother survived but has since recanted her original statement to the police, saying she can t remember Now, the jury is claiming that they may not be able to reach a verdict Will Yuki lose yet another case Meanwhile, among all the chaos, sparks are still flying between Lindsay and Richy even though Joe has left his entire life behind to move to San Francisco to be with Lindsay Joe has since proposed to her but Lindsay has yet to say YES Or even NO Isn t that what she always wanted Then why is she so conflicted Then Cindy and Richy discover each other but aren t telling anyone Including Lindsay Yuki, too, has found love She s dating a doctor she met in the ER when she accidentally walked into a moving car Everything about him is perfect Is he too good to be true The 8th Confession is an exhilarating ride through a multitude of cases and a tangled web of personal hopes and dreams of finding true love The end result of who ends up with whom made my head spin Yuki s case comes to an astonishing close that I didn t see coming and the discovery of what killed the rich and famous made my skin crawl More than once That s something I never would have guessed Everything eventually gets tied up with a neat little bow Sort of What the four girls get mixed up in next in The 9th Judgment, I can t even imagine, nor wait to find out Maxine Paetro is at the top of her game Don t miss out

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    The slow ascension to becoming something half decent to read has come to a halt.Like all recent co authored books in this series, The 8th Confession once again weaves together multiple plot lines There is the dead homeless man, nicknamed Bagman Jesus, that Cindy stumbles upon, as well as the murders of San Francisco s rich and famous, done in such a way that not even Claire can figure out exactly what the cause of death is The answer to the mystery caused me some serious eye rolling, I might have sprained something Fair warning It s my own damn fault for keeping my hopes up, really I keep waiting for the day there is going to be a plot twist that just knocks my socks off like classic James Patterson would.The plot lines are investigated through the lens of the women s personal drama In case you are wondering, yes they are still super annoying Lindsay s trite inner turmoil over whether to get married to Joe or bang her partner, Rich, is uninteresting and exhausting Maybe if either man were at all desirable, I would get it But they are just cookie cutter characters lacking any depth or personality Lindsay s jealousy when Cindy starts hooking up with Rich is unjustified both realistically and morally, and boils down to typical female stereotype bullshit Yuki is back to grappling with court cases in such a way that you wonder why she s even an attorney, while dealing with gender issues within her new relationship that could have opened up an interesting narrative on equality and when love is just love, no matter what But her response to Doc s personal confession to her was so appalling, in my opinion, that it was the nail in the coffin for whether or not I like her Verdict I don t I can t I hope she gets written out of this series, violently Sidebar if I have to hear the auidobook narrator do that racist Chinese accent one time I m going to flip a table with a bowl of punch on it towards a group of teenager punks I ve always wanted to do that Cindy gets a larger plot line this time around, mostly due to her interference with Rich and Lindsay s non relationship relationship But she also takes up a torch for the murder investigation of Bagman Jesus after it s made clear the police are interested in the rich white people that are dying True to life, at least I was kind of digging the juxtaposition of the haves vs the have nots, and the political and social struggles that surround that.until Patterson ruined it all by turning Bagman Jesus into a creep I mean, I thought we were going some place profound with this that the homeless are, 9 times out of 10, just people who lack access to mental health treatment, whose addictions are stigmatized by society, who are mostly veterans and LGBT teens who have no home left to go to I thought we were making a point that they are no less deserving of being treated like human beings and that their deaths should mean something But no Turns out all the homeless people in this book are deceptive lowlifes who play Cindy, the top notch investigative reporter, for a fool Ugh, whatever Tell me again, Amy The only decent character this time around was Claire I can stand Claire by herself.I m going on a Patterson hiatus as of now Break

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    Third Read I m eventually going to fill in all the blanks I have in this series This one is kinda strange.many plot twists and turns Don t want to spoil, but it s a good read Recommend.Second Read 07 23 15 I enjoyed it very much the second time Didn t remember I d already read it.First Read This is the 5th book these two have co authored and it s the 8th in the series of the Women s Murder Club These stories are good and well worth reading if you are a Patterson fan The main characters are a fun group of women plus a couple male detectives that work well together and have become very close.Fourth Read I really do like this story There is just plain good reads here There were a couple parts I was holding back on but this time it came through loud and clear Good reads is the perfect name for the group I love it and it really am enjoying getting to know all my good new friends This one keeps you guessing along with the detectives as they try to solve some mysterious deaths occurring among the super rich in San Francisco while at the same time another murder of a homeless preacher who professes a story of hope to his listeners The strange thing about these deaths, is that no known reason is being found for themthere is no sign of a struggle, no sign that someone killed them, just that they are found dead in their beds One of the many who are interviewed as a person of interest brings up another cold case death spree that happened in 1982which leads them on an interesting search for a link between the cases Of course the link is found and the reason is long and sharp and poisonous.If you are a Patterson fan, you will no doubt enjoy reading this one too.

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    He and I are thisclose to breaking up I m going to give the next Alex Cross book another try and if that isn t fantastic, Patterson and I are done.For real.This is the 8th installment in Patterson s Women s Murder Club series There are two murder mysteries going on The first is a series of crimes involving the wealthy various people are found dead, but there s no apparent reason for it The victims are all young and healthy and there s no definite cause of death The other is a homeless man who was found shot and beaten to death The first crime is the one that gets the most attention, partly due to the wealth factor and partly because nobody can figure out how the people died.I ve read James Patterson s mysteries for years now, and I ve noticed that the quality seems to be going downhill lately I think it could probably be traced back to when he started relying on co writers and releasing five books a year Like all of his books, this one is a fast read, but unlike other authors who have released multiple books in a year for example, Stephen King , I can pretty much guarantee that in a few weeks, I won t be able to remember any details about this book.Part of the problem may be that the dialogue doesn t seem that realistic The police guess at first that something may be a homicide suicide I m not sure that they d continue to use homicide instead of murder in that particular case The dialogue just seems fairly wooden and not like what people would say.

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    This is the first of the series that I actually read I listened to all of the others on CD while working I have come to the conclusion that s the best way to experience these books When I picked up the book at my library, I thought I d mistakenly put the Large Print version on hold Tons of white space, two or three page chapters All short declarative sentences Characters that don t act like themselves or real peopleand who, if you haven t read the other books in the series, won t make a lick of sense And there is almost never, NEVER a reason to switch points of view first to third when telling a story like this Why bother putting Lindsay s parts in first person It makes no senseand yet, I read it to the end It s like the worst kind of junk food fiction.I got hooked on the books because of the TV series This wasn t even as good as most of the episodes.Spoiler alert Yuki s reaction to Doc s gender issues was just insultingly awful and completely out of character In fact through out most of the book, Yuki was a schitzoid bitch Uh, no one would say something like what she says to Cindy near the end about the affair with Conklin Oh, Lindsay wouldn t bed him, so you can have him yeah for you ok, not a direct quote, but soemthing like that Bring Jill back from the dead for the next one have her kill Yuki That would be as believable as anything else or just pull a Bobby Ewing.

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    I can t help it I love murder mysteries, especially the quick, easy to read one s My obsession with one of these novels is such that I have to refrain from reading them during the school year, because otherwise I would get nothing done I become so enthralled with whichever novel I m reading that I will choose to read it over pretty much any other activity or obligation This is why I save these books for my summer reads, when I can fill endless hours with disturbing images and high adrenaline action I have read every women s murder mystery club book so far and am finishing the series as we speak I enjoy this series, but I didn t love this particular novel even though I read through it at lightening speed My problem was with the disjointed character stories Yuki s inclusion in this novel felt forced There was only a strained connection between her plot line and that of the rest of the novel, and that had to do with the doctor she met and briefly dated I would have preferred her to be central to the entirety of the plot or to have stayed out of the novel entirely.

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    Judging by how well this main case of super rich people getting murdered in San Francisco is progressing, I notice that there s no real improvement to the detective skills of the southern division SFPD, as depicted here in this 8th installment of the Women s Murder Club There s no question that the characters are enormously sympathetic For instance, I enjoy the bond there s between Lindsay Boxer and her old partner Warren Jacobi, now her superior He s older and ornery, but he shows his heart now and then, and that makes him endearing.I m not so sure I understand Linsday Boxer all that well, especially when it comes to her relationship to the two men in her life, her younger partner Rich Conklin, and her boyfriend Joe Molinari So I was glad she finally came to her senses by the end of the book Like her wise friend Claire my favorite said, good thing Cindy helped her out by starting to date Conklin, so Lindsay could let Conklin go.As for the case itself, it wasn t very complicated, and I miss good police work that would make it interesting.As I said, I read these because I like the characters, and the short chapters make it such easy reads.

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    James Petterson has been writing a series of books which are part of the Womens Murder Club series.They involve four women who have all featured heavily in previous books They are Lindsay, Cindy, Yuki and Claire.The story for the 8th Confession focuses on two main threads The first is a murder of a saintly homeless man and Cindy who is a journalist finds her senses telling her to keep on at this, and she is convinced there is a story there The other thread features the serial murders of the rich society movers and shakers in the strangest manner It appears they have all been killed by a snake bite Lindsay and her partner Rich Conklin need to investigate the murders to find who is behind these strange killings Yuki meanwhile is juggling her job as an attorney and falling for what she thinks is the man of her dreams.I read this book just as quickly as other James Patterson books and found the pace pretty good but think that is down to the writing style as opposed to anything else HoweverI have to say I still felt thatit was still a dissapointment The plot just didn t seem to be there It seemed to lack any substance and the four main characters that have featured in this series seem to have all changed personalities What I loved about this series of books is that with each book you read you learn a little about each of them With this book, not only was the storyline lacking but so were the characters of the four women that us fans have come to know and love.Usually the girls are brought together and fight together This time round, you get glimpses of them all and only Lindsay and Cindy really stands out as being part of the plot line Yuki and Claire barely get a mention I am beginning to wonder if James Patterson has lost his touch with this series or if he is churning them out far too quickly

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    So, I ve had this love hate relationship with James Patterson since I read my first Alex Cross novel quite a few years ago See, he writes these amazing stories but he breaks them up into itty bitty chapters Why is this a bad thing Well, mainly it s a bad thing because you find yourself sitting there, at nearly nine o clock at night thinking, Hmmm, it s only three pages I can do one chpater Before you know it, it s creeping up on eleven o clock and five thirty AM is staring you in the face I literally devour each and every one of his books that I m presented with And this was no exception.As per usual, you have your main mystery coupled with at least one side story, to keep you guessing as well as entertained However, he really outdid himself this time as there were two side stories as well as the personal interactions of the Women s Murder Club, plus Lindsay s partner, Rich, to think about But in true James Patterson style, he wove all three stories, as well as the continuing story of the Women s Murder Club, into one seamless tale by the end I love the way he works in not just the way Lindsay interacts with her friends Cindy, Claire, and Yuki but also their personal lives, like including Claire s family and Lindsay s relationship with Joe It rounds out the characters and brings their choices and decisions into a realistic light Not only that, but I find it fun to know everything I can about a character For me, that s what brings them fully to life There are only two complaints in regards to this book 1 There wasn t nearly enough Lindsay Claire interaction for my tastes I love the way that Claire mothers her and Lindsay lets her 2 Cindy She s always been a bit on the annoying side for my tastes, but knowing that she s a reporter, I ve always tried to put it to the side, blaming it on her doing what needed to be done to get her story However, as far as I m concerned, there were points in this book where she was a raving biotch, to put it lightly And while you can chalk it up to being passionate about her cause, there wasn t ever really any reason for it, other than Cindy being Cindy.That said, everything else about The 8th Confession was awesome There were surprises along the way and a lot of good times You laugh, you cry, you shout out in disbelief or frustration If there was ever a master of the rollercoaster emotion, it is James Patterson And thus, one reason I have such a love hate relationship with the man Should I ever meet him, I m afraid I d hug him, stomp on his toes, and then hug him again I d like to think that he d understand why, too DISCLAIMER I borrowed this book from the library, free of charge, via my Kindle I did it solely out of my misguided love for Lindsay Boxer and her dog, Martha.

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    I have been a James Patterson fan for quite awhile, and has given me a lot of reading pleasure Patterson s books are by no means heavy reads and for me, this is part of their appeal and charm This work, like many, many of his previous novels, which can easily be read over the weekend, are entertaining, you don t really have to think all that much while reading them and they are fast I personally rather liked this 8th addition to the Women s Murder Club Series.The authors have given us two separate plotlines to follow in this one The first being that the police department finds that someone is killing off the rich and famous and they simply cannot figure how these people are being killed or why Very mysterious deaths The second plot involves a supposedly really, really nice man, a street person who everyone says is a great guy, being found dead shot four times and his face beaten in and a couple of ribs being broken Why would someone want this likable guy dead We of course have our regular band of ladies who make up the Women s Murder Club, an interesting group, I must say, involved with these two cases Sprinkled among the major plot lines we have numerous accounts of the lives and happenings involving these ladies and their friends These little side ventures are what really make this series click for me.The authors have given us a bit of everything to chew on here from deadly snakes, to meth dealers and producers to homeless people to the rich and famous to private boarding schools and of course the everyday lives of our intrepid women sleuths There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages and everything is pretty logical if you view it is a open minded way.I did feel that the romance and sex which somewhat ran through the pages of this book were a bit contrived at times, forced than natural, but that is of little moment for me as that is not the reason I read this particular series.I am giving this work four stars because I enjoyed it, but I certainly would not get into a fight with anyone that give it a three or five star reviewing To each his own some, like me, will enjoy this one and others simply will not.This is a definite to be check out from the library book, and I am grateful that I did not pay good money for it.

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