The Invisible Leash

The Invisible LeashThis book tells readers that even when a pet dies, their hearts are connected with ours by an invisible leash We see the main character as withdrawn, angry, and saddened in the first part of the book He is not comforted by his parents caregivers telling him that he could get another dog when he s ready, but bonds with a friend when she tells him about her own invisible leash from when her cat died The characters are racially diverse and the message avoids a religious tone focuses on the beyond Many readers will find comfort in the discussion, though some may find the book too long complex by the end.For readers looking for a book to open up discussion about the loss of a pet.Possible red flags death of a pet sadness. Connected to her The Invisible String book This time Karst shares about the connection that lasts after a pet dies Charming illustrations show the characters dog and cat by their sides even though they can t be seen.A method to explain what happens after a pet dies for younger and not so young children. This was a very beautiful book about losing a pet and that grief We learn about the Invisible leashes that connect our hearts with those of our departed friends and how this can give comfort and a forever connection to that love I recently lost a pet and this book made me tear up as I read it to my niece I think books like this are important as they help teach how to deal with these new feelings. A tender story to help children and adults with the loss of a pet An Invisible Leash connects our hearts to each other forever Every parent and teacher needs a copy of this book Sometimes there are no words for such heartbreaking sadness and kids need to know that it s ok to be sad and angry. From The Author Of The Modern Classic And Bestselling Phenomenon The Invisible String Comes A Tender Story About Permanent Loss That Also Celebrates The Joy That Animals Give Us In This Life And Beyond When Our Pets Aren T With Us Any, An Invisible Leash Connects Our Hearts To Each Other Forever That S What Zack S Friend Emily Tells Him After His Dog Dies Zack Doesn T Believe It He Only Believes In What He Can See But On An Enlightening Journey Through Their Neighborhood And Through His Grief He Comes To Feel The Comforting Tug Of The Invisible Leash And It Feels Like LoveAccompanied By Tender Uplifting Art By Joanne Lew Vriethoff, Bestselling Author Patrice Karst S Gentle Story Uses The Same Bonding Technique From Her Classic Book The Invisible String To Help Readers Through The Experience Of The Loss Of A Beloved Animal

[Reading] ➶ The Invisible Leash By Patrice Karst –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Invisible Leash
  • Patrice Karst
  • 14 March 2017
  • 9780316524858

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