Christy and Todd: The College Years

Christy and Todd: The College YearsI do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn, I will review each of the books separately Until Tomorrow This book was really good I really liked traveling with Christy, Todd, and Katie It was really sweet to read about how Todd and Christy fell and in love with each other I really liked watching them get closer Also, it was a good idea to start the trilogy with Christy and Todd having one of their familiar up and down moments of their relationship It was kind of like going back to Christy and Todd s teen years I also liked how much Christy and Todd saved themselves physically They didn t kiss that much, even though and I also liked this their physical expressions were getting passionate I liked the fact that they were feeling affectionate in their expressions to one another, but I also liked that they decided to honor God, and whoever they would marry in the future, despite that Katie was a tad annoying in this book I didn t like the fact that she was getting jealous of Christy and Todd a lot Also, she came across as really clueless about Christy and Todd s relationship I liked going all around Europe It was fun to visit Italy, France, Austria, and a few other countries I liked imagining what the places looked like as I read them Lastly, the ending was great I really liked how Todd told Christy that he loved her It was so romantic Also, it wasn t what she was expecting As You Wish This book is, hands down, the best book of the entire trilogy It s so beautiful and romantic In the beginning of the book, Todd has already told Christy several times that he loves her She knows she loves him, too, but she hasn t said it back For a long time, I didn t really understand that Now I do Christy did love Todd, but she wasn t sure that he was the one she would marry She wanted to be sure Once she knew, she would tell him that she loved him This really made sense with Christy s character She is really bad at making decisions, and so obviously when this important one came along, then she had a lot of trouble making up her mind I also found the situation a little ironic In the previous book, Christy thinks she s super ready to move to a serious level in their relationship However, once she knows Todd loves her, she realizes she isn t ready As the book continues, Christy and Todd grow closer Finally, during their trip to Mexico, Christy realizes that Todd is the one for her She tries to tell him, but he doesn t hear her After that, when they get back to the college, Todd gets in an awful accident This part was a lot trying for me than I remember It was awful I was so worried for Todd However, when Christy finally told Todd that she loved him, it was sooooo romantic I wanted to scream internally because it was so beautiful After that, everything was wonderful Christy and Todd were so in love, and it made me smile to read the story I loved being with those two, especially when I thought about the fact that I have always wanted them to be together Todd knew Christy was the one for him when he met her That s soooo sweet I really loved that For six years, Todd loved Christy I ve said it already, but that s just so BEAUTIFUL I couldn t believe that Christy didn t notice when he proposed As soon as I read it, I wanted to shake Christy It was so cute how he proposed Also, their group of friends was amazing I LOVED THIS BOOK I Promise I also enjoyed this book The only thing that was a little hard to read about was the constant wedding planning They were always talking about that Honestly, though, the way you write made me like it If they were any other characters, I would be bored reading about wedding planning, but Christy and Todd are so dear to me They are the most perfect match made in the fiction world, at least in my humble opinion I loved reading about how their wedding reflected them and their relationship Rick came back in the last book I still don t like him , and he and Katie had a thing going in the entire book If I liked Rick, I might have been happy for her But I don t like him, so I wasn t When Todd and Christy finally got married, I was so happy I enjoyed every bit of what was shown of their wedding The ending killed me I really wanted to find out what happened during the ceremony Anyways, Robin, I loved this trilogy It was so fantastic and romantic It was nice to leave high school Todd and Christy behind, and focus on the college Christy and Todd They are seriously perfect for one another I approve of these books with my whole heart.Love,Lena Marie 5 stars.As ChristyLove Todd.I don t even know what to say about this book s other than it was a great conclusion to the series All the characters are great, I liked Katie a lot in these three then in the previous books in the Christy series she was in I think she really grew as a character and gained a lot of insight and maturity and she made me literally LOL about the hair being like a flock of goats and many other times too This whole series just made me feel good and light and fluffy and just so enjoyable I can t wait to read Sierra Jensen s books and Katie s books as well Robin Jones Gunn is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.And seriously, if Todd wants to step through the pages and marry me, that would be cool. I cried, I laughed I chucked the book across my bed how much emotion could there be I am still holding a grudge against Rick though But loved it Christy Todd FOREVER 3 The book, Christy and Todd The College Years, has three novels in it The novel that I am doing is called Until Tomorrow This book was written by Robin Jones Gunn She has written other books, such as A Promise is Forever , Forever With You , and A Time to Cherish The main characters in this book are Christy Miller, Todd Spencer, and Katie Christy and Katie are best friends Todd and Christy are dating each other This books first takes place in Basel, Switzerland Christy and Katie are going to the train station to meet Todd and ,surprisingly, Antonio, who is their Italian friend They go on a camping trip in Italy They leave from camping to go to Antonio s house Christy liked his mother and the kitchen They ate food and went to bed The next morning, Christy woke up to the sound of a car horn She saw a boy about Antonio s age paying the taxi driver Eventaully, the visitor came and stood at Christy s and Katie s window They find out that his name is Marcos He is Antonio s cousin Marcos is slender, good looking, and has dark hair.Christy, Todd, and Katie go with Marcos to Rome Todd and Christy go to another train car while Katie and Marcos stay in the train car Christy and Todd talk some about their relationship Should they break up When they get off the train, they cannot find Katie and Marcos Did they get off before Todd and Christy and go to the bus Will they find them That is for you to figure out Link for the book After going through the tears and laughter, I feel as if Christy is my best friend I loved this story and I wish that every girl that loves God will read this and become closer to God I m sad that this is the last book I wanted to see how their life played out But I understand This book is amazing VERY well written Wish I could buy this book 3 This book was everything I could have hoped for Gunn does an amazing job of completing Christy s story Todd is once again shown as the model Christian man that every girl should hope and pray to find This book shows Christy on her journey through the decisions she must make about her future and her future with Todd I would recommend this to anyone and everyone Christy is so real and relatable I cried because of how beautiful it is. Popular Book, Christy And Todd The College Years Author Robin Jones Gunn This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Christy And Todd The College Years, Essay By Robin Jones Gunn Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Yes yes yes Christy and Todd are finally married I started bawling as soon as Christy began to walk down the aisle I am so happy for Mr and Mrs Todd Spencer Now I want to know all about their married life, and how many kids they have CHRISTY AND TODD SPENCER FOREVER3 It s been a while since I ve read these books but their stories will forever be apart of my life I will patiently wait for my Todd Spencer While I wait, I ve learned to keep running for God As long as you keep Him as your number 1, everything will work out Just wait.Thank you again Robin. This book is so precious I loved it so much It was great to see Christy and Todd s relationship progress and grow Absolutely wonderful

ROBIN JONES GUNN is the much loved author of over 100 books with than 5.5 million copies of her titles sold worldwide Her Father Christmas books have been made into 3 Hallmark movies Her popular Christy Miller series now continues in Christy Todd The Married Years and The Baby Years Robin s novels and non fiction works have received multiple awards and are a favorite with book clubs

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