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Luces en el Mar Miquel Reina S Lights On The Sea Is An Absolutely Lovely, Beautiful Novel With A Dreamy, Fable Like Quality Fans Of Life Of Pi Will Love This Novel Kristin Hannah, NYT Bestseller Author Of The Nightingale In This Riveting Debut, Prize Winning Artist And Filmmaker Miquel Reina Maps Out Ambitious And Fantastical New Territory In A Novel About A Couple Holding On For Dear Life As Their World Takes An Extraordinary Fall On The Highest Point Of An Island, In A House Clinging To The Edge Of A Cliff, Live Mary Rose And Harold Grapes, A Retired Couple Still Mourning The Death Of Their Son Thirty Five Years Before Weighed Down By Decades Of Grief And Memories, The Grapeses Have Never Moved Past The Tragedy Then, On The Eve Of Eviction From The Most Beautiful And Dangerously Unstable Perch In The Area, They Re Uprooted By A Violent Storm The Disbelieving Grapeses And Their Home Take A Free Fall Slide Into The Whitecapped Sea And Float AwayAs The Past That Once Moored Them Recedes And Disappears, Mary Rose And Harold Are Delivered From Decades Of Sorrow By The Ebb And Flow Of The Waves Ahead Of Them, A Light Shimmers On The Horizon, Guiding Them Toward A Revelatory And Cathartic New Engagement With Life, And All Its WonderWildly Imaginative, Deeply Poignant, And Entirely Unexpected, Lights On The Sea Sweeps Readers Away On A Journey Of Fate, Acceptance, Redemption, And Survival Against The Most Rewarding Of OddsMiquel Reina S Lights On The Sea Is An Absolutely Lovely, Beautiful Novel With A Dreamy, Fable Like Quality That Will Appeal To Readers Fans Of Life Of Pi Will Love This NovelKristin Hannah, NYT Bestseller Author Of The NightingaleAn Enjoyable, Finely Written Fantasy TaleKirkus ReviewsThis Beautiful, Unusual Tale Explores The Healing Power Of Love And The Magic That Exists In Our Everyday Lives, Even When We Don T Know How To Find ItJill Santopolo, NYT Bestseller Author Of The Light We Lost

Lights On The Sea is his first novel You can find of his work at

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Luces en el Mar By Miquel Reina –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Luces en el Mar
  • Miquel Reina
  • English
  • 14 June 2018

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    Strange, magical, quirky delightful, there are many different ways to describe this novel A parable, a fable, an allegorical treatise on loss and aging, among other definitions on how this book can be read Harold and Mary Rose Grape, the names alone drew me into their story A ship in a bottle, a house that floats, a helpful dolphin, are all details that stick in my mind Now elderly, about to lose their house, a house that holds all their hopes and dreams, a special house particularly the how and why in which it was built A huge storm will change all that, and now life, living will require special skills Their journey is the stuff of dreams, hallucinations, because their journey should be impossible It is this journey, a journey that requires some major skills, that will give the Grapes, one last chance of a fulsome life That will let them come to terms with their unbearable loss, forgive each other and themselves, and let them see that life can still hold surprises A well done and very different read, but one that holds a very big story and some unbelievable but brilliant imaginings.ARC from Netgalley.

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    Wow I just finished this amazing book today I devoured it in only 3 days I found the other day by chance, when I was taking a look at indie authors contest Immediately I felt in love with this beautiful book cover But don t misunderstand me, in this book, there is beauty everywhere, out of the book and also inside it The story is so powerful, so uplifting that I still in shock Miquel Reina please write books, I want to read of your creative and touching stories I suppose that I don t have to say about the book, you only have to read it, especially if you enjoy books as LIFE OF PI, THE ALCHEMIST or ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE Its a masterpiece

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    Miguel Reina crafted an exciting, action packed tale that guided me on a remarkable adventure It was a roller coaster ride from summits of jubilation to the deepest, darkest pits of despair and everything else thrown in between Special recognition is given to Catherine Nelson for the fantastic job of translating this script from Spanish into well written English The two leading characters were exceptionally well drawn The scenes took off with a maddening intensity that failed to yield Many fascinating twists and turns made for a riveting storyline A piece of my heart was torn out in the process of a gut wrenching ending This novel comes highly recommended.Retired couple Harold and Mary Rose Grapes lived in a house that was precariously perched on a cliff above the raging ocean, the highest point of Brent Island They were far removed from other members of the small community It was just the way they preferred it.For the past 35 years, the couple had been consumed with grief over the loss of their eight year old son, Dylan Mary Rose had unrelenting contempt for her husband Harold and blamed him for their son s death Mary Rose had no means for letting it go, no room for forgiveness The couple mostly kept to themselves locked away in their faraway home.On one stormy night a storm of epic proportion whipped the tiny island and snapped the guy wires that secured their lonely home to the cliff While they slept peacefully, their home slipped down into the open jaws of the waiting sea Miraculously, it didn t sink So began their journey toward open water.They spent weeks adrift in the unforgiving ocean It was quite a sight What kept the house afloat was attributed to the voluminous foundation of lava under the house that was porous and acted like a raft, truly phenomenal.Their torturous journey through frigid weather conditions was fraught with many overwhelming challenges, their most perilous being their head on collision with a towering iceberg Each day they thought would be their last After what seemed like an eternity of being drawn by the currents of the merciless sea, they spotted land Where they were, they hadn t the faintest idea By this time, the remaining meager rations of water and food were all but depleted Smoke was spotted coming from behind a soaring mountain on the snow covered plain After making contact with the icy shelf, they were faced with a monumental decision They could either stay in the house and die of certain famine or go out into the wilderness in search of the source of the smoke Teetering on the brink of predictable death, the stranded survivors knew they had to put their lives in great peril and leave the temporary sanctuary of their home In their weakened state, they had no idea what lied just behind the mountain It was do or die.I offer my gratitude to NetGalley and Crossing for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    What a book What an incredible story I never read a full Spanish book and I have to admit that is for sure one of THE BEST BOOKS I EVER READ in all languages Luces en el Mar is a story so well balanced, so well written, with a characters so charm and human that sometimes I totally forgot that they weren t real But above all, is a story that punches you and this is for me something almost magical I hope that the writer translates the book to can capture all the subtle language that I still missing and I hope that everybody read this book Its a masterpiece and hope that some day becomes a classic.

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    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book In exchange for a honest review What a powerful book This is a truely magical read Lights on the sea is beautifully written and moved me deeply I was heartbroken and reduced to tears than once, but also blown away at the level of understanding shown towards human emotion and the power of forgivness and love This was a spiritual journey that you can t read without being pulled into A home isn t built with walls or determined by where we are, a home is built from our experiences , from the people we meet along the way , and, than anything, from how we decide to journey through life Life is a movement A precarious equilibrium that can change in an instant Miquel Reina is an exquisite writer and I can t wait to read from him.I was disappointed when I came to the end and will reread this title again This was by far the most moving and thought provoking book I have read this year.

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    Fantastic cover And this book is one that proves the old saying don t judge the book by its cover wrong So wrong.Because the story is simply magical and captivating and will open a whole new perspective on the world after reading it.And the best part is that Mr Reina has managed to make it feel so realistic What would it feel like to be washed away in the seaIN YOUR HOUSE Amazing.I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes lyrical general fiction with a message.Thank you Crossing for translating this book and providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    This book was suggested to me and I was quick to start reading I m always looking for a great new book written in Spanish, and on reading the summary I was immediately interested The way the book is written keeps you interested the entire time, I can t remember a point where I wasn t completely lost in the story And as the story progressed I found my self agreeing and with the lessons that Los Se ores Grapes learn as well as the profundity of their meanings While reading I couldn t help but be reminded of The Alchemist at times It s obvious that the writer is experienced in life as well as in writing.

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    lights of the Sea by Miquel Reina is truly unusual book Can we imagine the elderly couple living on the edge of the cliff high above the ocean ,That large ocean that eroded their cliff from large property to a few feet of land around the house, the same fierce ocean that took a life of their son, the same mysterious ocean that send a couple to their impossible journey had awaken them as the result of that journey to the new lights and revelations of lights The book is very metaphorical in my opinion The house that became adrift is actually a boat that was not finished by Howard long time ago, when the couple shut themselves in the house grieving their son That boat the couple always wanted to take to make a family ocean journey, became a house, got buried away in the foundation of the house, the mast became a beam supporting the house and nobody recognizes it any as the boat The storm tear away the cliff with the house , sends it adrift, strips all the unnecessary things in life and in the house and restores the actual boat to be seen as the boat With that restoration, Harold and Rose awaken from their grief and see the new lights in the ocean and in their life The language has a poetic quality to it, I think the original poetic quality was not lost in translation but it feels it was simplified somehow Cannot agree with some reviews that the language is sweet and resembles young adult novel The language here reflects the magical journey and very appropriate, despite simple sentence structure and floweriness I would recommend this book for the book clubs as well as general audience, however, it is not a fantasy book or a thriller I would definitely recommend the book to the poetry lovers I was provided free copy of the book courtesy of the publisher Crossing

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    A home isn t built with walls or determined by where we are A home is built from our experiences, from the people we meet along the way, and than anything, from how we decide to journey through life Life is movement A precarious equilibrium that can change in an instant I absolutely LOVED this extraordinary novel Part adrenalin pumping adventure story part marital revitalization journey part magical realism healing voyage And all things that make a fabulous, literary page turner.FIVE Exciting, Multi Genre Indie of Excellence, Deserving Meritorious Praise STARS

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    I was completely enthralled with this story Once I had started, I couldn t stop reading I was so in love with Mr and Mrs Grapes that I didn t want the story to end, even though my breath caught numerous times in anticipation as to what would happen next I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone I thank Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this great book

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