LoveFabulousI have truly enjoyed this amazing story The completeness of everything painted a loving picture and made the book a true page turner I completed the book in one afternoon And just read it again a time of two. A sweet story that tell of of the life of some Louisianians I enjoyed the humor thorough the book and especially enjoyed the male protagonist Remi I also enjoyed how the story was written from multiple points of view which made parts of it quite suspenseful and how there were multiple subplots and romances within the main story I ll be on the look out for stuff by this author. Welcome to a Southern Louisiana cul de sac where a single mother, her college aged daughter, two orphans, a Cajun, a Creole, and five Mexicans live as one lively, extended family Together they share tragedy, joy, friendship, awakening, and the sweetness of romance.The first half of the book has mainly two characters, Ava, the only child of a single mom, and Remi, a young man trying to raise his younger sister and deal with a alcoholic uncle The second half brings in the rest of the community, Maria, Jose, Santiago, Rosa, Chiquita and Pablo as they all learn to trust in god throughout everything.I found this book very funny and laughed throughout the whole thing and i hope to read of this first time author as she gains experience in her writing career This was a sweet story that was thought provoking while also making me laugh and laugh I enjoyed the many different characters and that they came from different places with different stories to their lives Best of all, this book was clean in terms of no swearing or intimate scenes which I appreciated there is minor violence, but no sex or innuendo It was one of those rare romances that takes the time to explore the complexity of love without characters simply staring into each others eyes with pounding hearts and thus believing that their physical attraction equates being in love which seems to be common in many other books I truly look forward to reading from Marcelle in the future. Fun, clean romanceI enjoyed this book Was surprised to discover this was a first book I m kind of an English nerd and notice grammar This book was very good with no mistakes that make me crazy I m also very impressed that she could write this while being a,wife and mother of ten Would recommend this book. a beautiful storyI ve read hundreds of books and very few have touched my heart like Love I Into Eternity It is well written, and keeps moving The people of the story are well developed and feel so real to me I am looking forward to your next book A good book I enjoyed the arguments and the relationship take whilst the writing was good on the eyes, Giving generates a mysterious corollary One give s away a resource, an encouraging word, a sacrificial act yet by giving, his own soul is enriched tenfold and the lesson within is quite refreshing. BeautifulThis is a story of how love can bring people together to be helped But also to show how God is part of that. I thought it was very inspiring I felt like I was in their everyday life Very comical I enjoyed it very much Definitely, recommend. What Can I Do To Help That Girl I Don T Know How I M Gonna Take On Three Men Without Getting Myself Killed But, I Can T Leave Her Here Alone Because Whatever They Plan On Doing To Her Cannot Be Good I Ve Gotta Try To Give Her A Chance To Run God Help Me When An Honorable, Young, Southern Man Witnesses A Young Lady Endangered By Three Men, He Makes A Bold Attempt To Rescue Her, But Then Over The Last Few Years, Remi S Life Has Been Tough He Has Huge Responsibilities, Bills To Pay, Tuition Due, And He Has To Deal With Issues That Require An Unbelievable Amount Of PatienceHis Life Is Difficult Enough Already Then Remi Witnesses Three Men Threatening To Assault A Young Lady He Knows He Could Never Win Against Three Guys, But He Has To Do Something If He Can Just Give Her A Chance To Run Could Things Get Any Worse Welcome To A Rural Southern Louisiana Cul De Sac, Where Neighbors Are Like Family Together, They Share Intimate Friendships, Abundant Laughter, And Delicious Food Tragedy Strengthens Their Characters, And Sweet Romances Develop Among ThemAva Baptiste And Her Mama Live A Tranquil Life In The Rural Countryside A Brutal Event Compels Remi To Help Ava, But Then He Finds Himself Needing Her Help Over Time, A Deep Bond Of Friendship Develops Between Them Ava And Her Welcoming Neighbors Encourage Remi To Persevere Through The Many Difficult Challenges He Faces Grateful For Finding Friendship And Support For His Disillusioned Soul, Remi Encourages His New Friends To Obey Their Hearts And Pursue Love Through Times Of Great Joy As Well As Moments Of Pain, Violence, And Heartache This Group Of Friends, Young And Old, Persevere Together Squeezing Every Drop Of Happiness They Can Get Out Of LifeAva, An Opinionated College Student Who Finds Herself Alone And In DangerAngeliq E, A Single Mother Who Raised Her Daughter, Ava, AloneSantiago, A Thirty Something Immigrant With An Excellent Business Sense And A Beautiful Face Sometimes He Acts Like A Big Kid, But He Has A Great HeartMar A, Santiago S Sister Intelligent, Beautiful, Sweet, And Single A Bachelor S DreamJos , Santiago S Best Friend And, He S Secretly Been In Love With Mar A For YearsRosamunde, After Four Years Of Waiting For Santiago S Attention, She S Moving OnChiquita, An Eccentric And Occasionally Obnoxious Creole Who S Desperate For A HusbandPablo, Santiago S Employee Chiquita Has Him In Her CrosshairsMr Emile, An Elderly Southern Gentleman Generous, Wise And DependableTwo Guys, Professionals By Day And Harley Riders By NightLove Into Eternity A Contemporary Christian Romance Is A Stand Alone Love Story Interwoven Lives Within The Narrative Encompass Many Genres, Including Romantic Comedy, Young Adult, And Christian Romantic Suspense Join These Friends As They Endure Life S Greatest Joys, Along With Suffering And Tragedy With Lovable Characters And Tender Relationships, Love Into Eternity Is A Moving Tale Of A Community Bonded By A Passion For Life And Strengthened By Genuine FaithGreater Love Has No One Than This Previously Published Under The Title Love A Christian Romance By Marcelle

➶ Love Free ➬ Author Marcel Trebeh –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 286 pages
  • Love
  • Marcel Trebeh
  • English
  • 14 October 2019

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