The Fowl Twins

The Fowl TwinsThis book was such a cute little read and really serves as a great Artemis Foul spin off I loved the cover art and how vibrant the colors are it really made this book pop for me and really drew me in I loved the writing inside and how nicely this book is written It is not difficult to read or understand and would be perfect as a middle grade book because it does hold your interest and it has a really intriguing premise I hope there will be Of these later because this book was such a fun and quick read This book is a must read if you are looking for something easy and fun to read that will keep your attention and have you excited from all the crazy action, interesting characters, and the overall plotline. Fowl and fairy, friends forever The Artemis Fowl series has always meant a lot to me and it has also always been my favorite series ever So it s not surprising that The Fowl Twins was my highest anticipated book of the year Ever since this book was announced I was beyond excited to get back to the magical world of Artemis Fowl But of course there s always that tiny voice inside the back of your head thinking, what if this spin off book is not as good as the original series or what if it s just a disappointing book in general and so on I should ve known not to doubt Eoin Colfer one bit because I absolutely loved The Fowl Twins It was one fantastic read At the start of this book I didn t think it would be a 4 star read I was a little bit sad about Artemis being on a space mission to Mars It took me a chapter or three to really get into the story, but once I did I was hooked and didn t look back So this story is obviously about the Fowl twins, Artemis 11 year old younger brothers who are named Myles and Beckett Myles and Beckett are both very different characters even though they re twins Myles is the genius out of the two, resembling Artemis and Beckett is the energetic, silly action taker But their twin bond is unbreakable Personally I really liked Beckett especially.In typical Eoin Colfer style we have some baddies with hilarious names that are out to get magic, money, both and even So of course we have a new fairy character coming to the twins rescue This new character is called Lazuli Heitz and she is an elf and pixie hybrid called a pixel I really missed Holly Short even though I shouldn t have fretted so much about her absense , did really love Lazuli She was the perfect addition to the twins and the three of them made a pretty good team.Overall, The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer was an action packed story, laugh out loud funny and full of magic It was a real page turner and I can t wait to see where the Fowl twins adventures will take them next. Between this and mr colfer, no pressure but please blow me away with my favorite twins 4.5 Myles stopped counting aloud and opened his eyes How much do you trust me, Beck Beckett smiled How big is the universe he asked. How much do you trust me, Beck Beckett smiled How big is the universe he said. On my blog Galley provided by publisher Artemis Fowl was easily one of my favourite series growing up So when I found out there was going to be a sequel series, God knows how excited I was And this, the first book in that series, does not disappoint The Fowl Twins follows Artemis s younger twin brothers, Beckett and Myles The narrative is somewhat of a collision course between four parties the twins, Lazuli a pixel , Lord Teddy Bleedham Drye one of the villains, chasing immortality, and yeah, the name still makes me laugh every time I read it , and Jeronima a nun working for a shady organisation searching for proof that fairies exist And it s a very enjoyable collision course, with several points where I started laughing out loud, subjecting me to strange looks from my mum and sister.Because that s what Eoin Colfer does best, creates a really good adventure story, where it doesn t matter that you re now twice the age of the protagonists God , you ll still have a lot of fun reading it Maybe I ll just go back to reading books marketed at 9 12 year olds if this is how much fun I have compared to reading adult books.Part of it might have been some kind of nostalgia when it comes to Artemis Fowl, sure, because I definitely remember the first series having action in it than this one but obviously, it being the opening book may account for that But even despite that, you re never bored reading this book Partly because you get to see everyone involved s POVs throughout Sometimes 5 POVs can seem like a lot, but not here because they re all so distinct from one another and their plotlines are converging too.All of which to say, you should definitely read this book, even if you haven t read the original series. Neutral four 3.5 Fun but not like fantastic The notorious Fowl family is back, and now we get to hang out with Artemis s twin brothers, Myles and Beckett Boy are these two kids a hoot Kidnapped by a nefarious organization called ACRONYM and interrogated by a nun, the Fowl boys are generally having a bad day As Eoin Colfer is known to do, there s plenty of humor and goofiness paired with realistically evil villains There s some LEPrecon action in here too, but I can t give away too much It was great to jump back into this world with fresh eyes and another exciting adventure. Look, I know I m not the target audience for this book But I m the target audience for this book Hear me out, this book is a spin off, it s relying on a basic familiarity with the Artemis Fowl world and it s characters I have been reading Artemis Fowl since it was first published which makes me, in a way, the exact person you want this book to appeal to because I m the kind of person who last read all the books a year ago at 30 and was still finding them clever and witty and well rounded.I had no idea this book was coming, in fact I was gifted it by a friend as an ARC, so I had zero time to build expectations And it still sucked.Myles and Beckett fell flat Myles is supposed to be Artemis but he never quite feels like the super genius because he s got all of Artemis smarts but he s even better because he s younger and actually smarter and frankly bordering on that level of OP that is tedious.Beckett is a joke Don t get me wrong, he s my favourite of the twins buts it s not because he s a fantastically written character, it s just that he s not an attempt to do Artemis 2.0 He s just an attempt to be a cross between Holly and Buttler.Which brings me to the complete and utter lack of any Butlers in this book What the hell Where is Juliet Where is some random Butler relative tasked with watching over the twins What parent in their god damn right mind leaves twin boys alone under watch of an AI when they both epically failed to properly parent their first kid So, I disliked the characters, the plot was so basic it should have been a novella, Lazuli was boring, the bad guys were laughable cartoon types and I couldn t have cared less about any of it.The best part occurred on page 404 anything previous to this is negligible and was a single throwaway line spoken by Holly I have one of my own This line is about the only hope I had that things were still good with my beloved characters because Holly is the only original to make a cameo.To make a rather unfortunate comparison, this book is Minerva Paradizo.Let s all hope it s gets tossed aside just as easily. I received an ARC from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.I have never read any of the Artemis Fowl books, so I was worried I wouldn t quite understand this book That is not the case, I was pulled right into this book s world and could understand everything I really enjoyed the Fowl Twins and how different they both are, and I loved the world building This was a fast paced adventure that had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next This was full of adventure, humor, and a bunch of very different characters Of course the twins, but there was a Pixie, a troll, and many I really think this was a captivating middle grade book, that really grabs the readers attention However, I think that some younger readers may get confused with all the info dumps and the use of so many big words I think if a parent is reading this with their child, it ll be a fantastic read that they won t forget. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a spin off of the popular Artemis Fowl series, featuring the younger twin brother s of my childhood favourite morally grey mastermind However, don t let the idea that this is a spin off put you off if you ve never read any of the Artemis Fowl books This is completely enjoyable without having read anything before it although you ll miss out on squealing at a few cameos This was everything I was expecting Adventure, technology and fighting, with the twins polar opposites of each other bouncing off each other s personalities with the usual snarky wit I ve come to expect from Eoin Colfer They re well rounded characters, with layers to their personalities that sets them apart from your average middle grade character I fully admit I did sometimes feel there was an elephant in the room, with the absence of Artemis He was such a big personality to these stories, and at times I really felt his absence acutely The story itself is also fast paced, and full of fancy technology talk that I ve come to love with the Fowl novels, without dumbing down the language for a younger audience The writing overall also still retains a lot of humour, and is so easy to read The threats and scrapes the boys get into feel realistic too, and the villain of the piece is great Great adventure tech story, that is original enough to stand up on its own without the shadow of it s big brother hanging over it although at times I did feel it was missing a bit of that Artemis shine. Criminal Genius Runs In The FamilyMyles And Beckett Are Eleven Year Old Twins, But The Two Boys Are Wildly Different Beckett Is Blonde, Messy And Sulks Whenever He Has To Wear Clothes Myles Is Fanatically Neat, He Has An IQ Of , And He Wears A Fresh Suit Every Day Like His Older Brother, Artemis FowlPerhaps You Have Heard Of The Fowl Family And Their Adventures This Fowl Adventure Is Filled With The Most Unusual Of Individuals An Immortal Duke, A Miniature Troll, A Nunterrogator And A Police Specialist That S % Elf And Of Course, The Fowl Twins One A Certified Genius With A Criminal Leaning, And The Other Possessing An Unusual Talent That Has Not Been Fully Explored Yet Here Begins The Second Documented Cycle Of Fowl AdventuresThe First In A Breath Taking New Series From Global Superstar Eoin Colfer Set In The Multi Million Bestselling World Of ARTEMIS FOWL

Eoin Colfer pronounced Owen was born in Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland in 1965, where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother, who were both educators.He received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford He has lived and worked all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy After the publication of the

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