We Are the Wildcats

We Are the Wildcats The varsity field hockey team of West Essex is legendary, despite their loss at state finals last year To be a girl on the team is to become a true Wildcat To become Someone So the girls who make the final cut this year get together for their annual night before the first scrimmage bonding night, a lot is at stake, and little has to do with the game itself Rather, six different girls reveal secrets they ve kept close about the way their coach has been a toxic influence on them individually, as well as a team Told over less than 24 hours, the varied perspectives keep the pace of this book moving perfectly while giving a broad and encompassing idea of what it s like to be an elite female athlete on a team known for being The Best There s a lot here about team bonds, about passion for the game, and about the ways that those very things can be manipulated by an outsider, particularly a beloved adult The writing is lovely, and each of the voices is distinct Readers looking for a story about girls who kick ass will do very well here as will readers who think they don t like sport stories, as the field hockey plays a role in the book, but it s not central to the book which, for someone who loves a good sport book, knows that s how most sports books ARE the sport is the back drop, not the only story. Unfortunately, this book was disappointing.I ve read a lot of Siobhan Vivian s books, and this one was definitely my least favorite There were too many points of view none which were that different which made the teammates and the brief background on each hard to keep straight.This all took place over 1 day, and I feel like not much happened I had high hopes for this one, but it fell flat for me. no gonna lie, i immediately thought of high school musical Edit This can be read as a PSA, as much as it is a reminder to myself of what to read or not Please don t go harass the author or spread hate That s not what this is about Two wrongs don t make a right to self on the attitudes I didn t like during the whole SarahDessen drama.There s so many books to support, I m leaving this here to remind myself of priorities in case someone suggests I buy one of Siobhan s books I m not cancelling anyone, I didn t even know this person I m also sure this here won t make her sales drop But since I m a reader and I review books, I take into account that the victim could ve been any one of us, just for having other reading priorities for a college curriculum or opinions the author doesn t like.Dessen left out the context on her original now deleted tweet about how a black student pushed forward a reading about real life stories on America s corrupt criminal justice system written by a black author, as opposed to a YA contemporary written by a white author for their Common Reads program Taking the importance and relevance of the book s subject and all the context into account, I just have to tell Dessen to do better, and the other authors should not only do better but check the source before jumping into conclusions I actually applaud this student for having succeeded in bringing Just Mercy A Story of Justice and Redemption into the spotlight Authors shouldn t go on a woe is me moment over social media and targetting readers, non fans, etc Do it in the DMs Pick better vocabulary Don t be the basic woman who reverts into slurs, after the internalized misogyny I m not like other girls discourse that ran all over that thread. How s this author supposed to write a feminist book when this is how she talks about young women this gets the big ole NOPE from me.this novel follows 6 girls on the wildcats varsity field hockey team as they embark on a mission the night before their first scrimmage of the season most of the book explores the back stories of these girls and how they got to where they are in the present, but aside from that, there s not much plot.while some of the characters were marginally enjoyable, the book dragged to no end and it only took place over one day night but this book focussed heavily on the girls relationship to their coach referred to only as coach , and while this relationship is VERY inappropriate, much of the book tries to justify it even though the girls eventually see his behaviour as unacceptable, it s still VERY NOT OK.also, i don t really want to support this author any , due to the very Not Cool twitter responses authors needs to not engage with readers reviews, unless to say thank you see here all in all, this was very very Not Good. Fuck this fucking book not impressed.i feel like you don t even need to read the book because the whole story is in the summary synopsis the actual book is just a long drawn out story about a field hockey team called the wildcats and their manipulative coach there were so many things that did not work out for this i want to touch on the plot of the book which is the field hockey team and their coach i feel like the main element of the story became the entire story that leads to a lot of repetition opportunity for readers to get bored early on it really didn t work well because there are only so many ways you can illustrate field hockey, characters who only care about field hockey a coach that is disgusting beyond belief all characters introduced only care about field hockey place it above their families loved ones almost every single character in the story did this it wasn t exciting having to read about all 6 characters blow off their loved ones or give them the cold shoulder for a sport a coach who they basically worship i really just can t believe how naive some of the characters were how they trusted this man than themselves or their parents loved ones, but they were severely manipulated so i understand it s not entirely fair to critique the characters solely based on their naivety, but overall i didn t really like the characters another element that did not work well was the structure of the book at first it steadily rotated between characters then closer to the middle of the book it started focusing on 1 or 2 characters which isn t a big deal, but it is noticeable has an effect on the fluidity of the story i don t understand how some of the coach s actions were not deemed suspicious by adults in the book because there were definitely instances where another teacher or another parent could have witnessed that something was very wrong, but i feel like the author wanted the wildcats to be the heroes which is fine, but it just creates a biased atmosphere a lot of grey area for questioning, especially since there were a lot of events where adults were around this coach while he has doing highly questionable things like yelling swearing at a high school field hockey team during a game i never dnf a book because i always have hope i ll like some aspect of it, i only like the bulldog because i m dog lover, but none of the events or characters stuck out to me a grown ass man manipulating teenage girls texting them at 3am is not exciting to read it s gross arc provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest review saying fuck that fucking bitch in response to a college student choosing a book about our corrupt criminal justice system written by a black author instead of your white friend s ya contemporary for their common reads program is a big yikes from me A Toxic Coach Finds Himself Outplayed By The High School Girls On His Team In This Deeply Suspenseful Novel, Which Unspools Over Twenty Four Hours Through Six Diverse PerspectivesTomorrow, The Wildcat Varsity Field Hockey Squad Will Play The First Game Of Their New Season But At Tonight S Team Sleepover, The Girls Are All About Forging The Bonds Of Trust, Loyalty, And Friendship Necessary To Win Everything Hinges On The Midnight Initiation Ceremony A Beloved Tradition And The Only Facet Of Being A Wildcat That The Girls Control Until Now Coach A Handsome Former College Player Revered And Feared In Equal Measure Changes The Plan And Spins His Team On A New Adventure One Where They Take A Rival Team S Mascot For A Joyride, Crash A Party In Their Pajamas, Break Into The High School For The Perfect Picture But As The Girls Slip Out Of Their Comfort Zone, So Do Some Long Held Secrets And Just How Far They Re Willing To Go For Their Team Takes Them All Especially Coach By Surprise A Testament To The Strength And Resilience Of Modern Teenage Girls, We Are The Wildcats Will Have Readers Cheering

Siobhan Vivian is the author of THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD April 2016 , as well as THE LIST, NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL, SAME DIFFERENCE, and A LITTLE FRIENDLY ADVICE She also co wrote BURN FOR BURN series with her best friend JENNY HAN She currently lives in Pittsburgh.

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