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Greg Heffley's Journal While attending open house this year at my 10 year old sons school, he found this book for sale at the book fair We thumbed through it, and thought it looked cute, so we purchased it, and read it together Its narrated by this middle school aged kid in the form of a diary, with sketches and doodles included on every page, and basically follows his days from the begining of the school year to the end He is a bit of a loser, and trys to create a better image for himself through attempts at being class treasurer, a cartoonist for the school paper, a saftey patrol member.We were both cracking up most of the way through the book But there were times we also both looked at each other and shook our heads as the wimpy kid in question did some very mean and backhanded things as well.Very cute, very interesting, and well worth the read for any school age kid and his parents.We are going to run out to buy the new sequel. Boys Don T Keep Diaries Or Do TheyThe Launch Of An Exciting And Innovatively Illustrated New Series Narrated By An Unforgettable Kid Every Family Can Relate ToIt S A New School Year, And Greg Heffley Finds Himself Thrust Into Middle School, Where Undersized Weaklings Share The Hallways With Kids Who Are Taller, Meaner, And Already Shaving The Hazards Of Growing Up Before You Re Ready Are Uniquely Revealed Through Words And Drawings As Greg Records Them In His DiaryIn Book One Of This Debut Series, Greg Is Happy To Have Rowley, His Sidekick, Along For The Ride But When Rowley S Star Starts To Rise, Greg Tries To Use His Best Friend S Newfound Popularity To His Own Advantage, Kicking Off A Chain Of Events That Will Test Their Friendship In Hilarious FashionAuthor Illustrator Jeff Kinney Recalls The Growing Pains Of School Life And Introduces A New Kind Of Hero Who Epitomizes The Challenges Of Being A Kid As Greg Says In His Diary, Just Don T Expect Me To Be All Dear Diary This And Dear Diary That Luckily For Us, What Greg Heffley Says He Won T Do And What He Actually Does Are Two Very Different ThingsSince Its Launch In May On Funbrain, The Web Version Of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Has Been Viewed By Million Unique Online Readers This Year, It Is Averaging , Readers A DayFP Level T This was so cute and funny, i laughed out loud many times even the comedy books that i have read didn t make me laugh this hard I ll be famous one day, but for now I m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons The best person I know is Myself Ha, Me too XD And if you don t spend every second outdoors, people think there s someting wrong with you i know, Right I find this whole series depressing Sure, there are funny moments I even laughed out loud once or twice, seriously but the fact of the matter is, Greg is so completely devoid of any kind of human feeling or understanding of other people that I m beginning to suspect he s some kind of clinical narcissist He blames everyone else for his problems he doesn t care about anyone He doesn t grow, he doesn t learn, he doesn t change does he even age He s still in junior high after four books I know one is set in summertime, but still There is nothing there for me to LIKE, except Rowley.At the end of the first book it seemed like maybe, just maybe he d had some little epiphany about the nature of friendship, but no, next book he s back to the same ol same ol sociopathic crap Very disappointing. I bought this book for my 9 year old son, who had begged me for it relentlessly for over a month After i got it, i would hear him giggling and laughing in his room, and when i would peek in, he was always reading this book So when he was done, i picked it up and started reading it myself and it really is funny The voice of the main character is very authentic a thing which is hard to find I wish that people had been writing material like this when i was a preteen Edited to add I m reading a lot of reviews that downgrade the book for the fact that Greg doesn t learn any lessons or redeeming values Seriously One thing that i remember HATING as a kid in school was when lit teachers used to make us analyze every thing a character did to see the symbolism the author was trying to portray Now while i believe that a lot of books DO have symbolism, can t there be some books that are just entertaining and not anything Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, you know Middle school kids are often all the things in this book, shy, awkward, selfish, lazy, and ruthless Its a tough time in their life, trying to fit in, adjusting to new rules and changes in themselves Its refreshing to me that an author takes the stance of writing a character that represents these kids, warts and all Nothing is alienating than reading about a kid your age who always has the lesson learned and the happy ending Some folks need to look at these not through the eyes of an adult reader, but of an awkward pre teen. . Jesus, what an asshole. Yes, I know kids love it Duh Kids are dumb And so is this book Ok, that was mean I apologize One of my students gave me his copy of Wimpy Kid and then asked me every day for a month if I had read it yet Not wanting to disappoint a student excited about a book, I finally sat down one afternoon and flew through it Eh The protagonist is a mean, unfunny little jerk I freely admit that I probably just don t get it, and I m okay with that I celebrate any book that makes kids want to read I suffered through all four of the ridiculous Twilight books just so I could keep up with my obsessed students, and when asked my opinion I gave it freely Bella is a fool The result was one I couldn t have planned my kids became entrenched in their identities as readers They loved Twilight with an unashamed passion I m gentler with the Wimpy Kid fans I lie I say It was funny I guess He was kinda mean And then I listen as they defend this mess of a book asserting opinions and then backing them up by flipping through well worn copies and citing passages I watch in amazement as my students become not only readers, but scholars So maybe I should give this book than two stars for all it has done for kids but I won t And you can t make me.

Jeff Kinney is an author of children s books including Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series Jeff was born in College Park, Maryland, in 1971 where he created a comic strip called Igdoof He also created the children s website Poptropica.

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