Whatever Happened to Margo?

Whatever Happened to Margo? Soeur De Lawrence Durrell, L Auteur Du Fameux Quatuor D Alexandrie, Et De Gerald Durrell, Pr Curseur De L Cologie Et Directeur De Zoo, Margaret Durrell Ne Pouvait Tre Qu Une Excentrique Et Ce Livre, En Grande Partie Autobiographique, Nous En Apporte L Tourdissante D Monstration Nous Sommes Bornemouth, EnMargaret Margo Dans Le Livre , Apr S Avoir V Cu Dans Diverses Parties De L Empire Britannique, Devient La Propri Taire D Une Pension De Famille Nich E Au Coeur D Une Petite Station Baln Aire So British Son R Cit Donne L Occasion Au Lecteur De Se Transformer En Spectateur De La Com Die Sociale Qui Se Joue Au Fi L Des Arriv Es Et Des D Parts Des Locataires De Ce Lieu Privil Gi Les Situations Truculentes Et Cocasses Se Succ Dent Sans Discontinuer On Rit D Un Bout L Autre Du Livre Tant L Auteur A Su Capter Avec Bonheur Les Travers Des Uns, Les Frasques Des Autres, Et Pour Tout Dire Le Joyeux Bazar Qui R Gne Dans L Tablissement De Margo

Lawrence Durrell, and elder sister of naturalist, author and TV presenter

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  • Whatever Happened to Margo?
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  • 06 November 2018

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    Whatever happened to Margo Gerald became a naturalist and was a gifted author writing with humour about his and his family s experiences, Lawrence became a novelist, writing the brilliant The Alexandria Quartet, Leslie did all sorts of things, huntin , fishin , paintin and farming in Kenya, ending up as a concierge of a Marble Arch hotel An interesting life, it sounds like, but he never wrote about it Margo had boyfriends, got married, had children, got divorced and bought a house across the road from her mother She turned it into a boarding house for not very interesting paying guests And then she wrote about it Badly.Her writing is full of descriptions and adjectives, similes, fancy passages that aren t quite lyrical, nor humorous, and not at all interesting rounded out by detailed conversations she couldn t possibly have remembered in that much detail Still, she had to fill the pages.I was looking for a passage that was so badly written, it would illustrate just how bad this book was from both content and writing, but I couldn t find one, it s all like that But this is the paragraph where I thought there really isn t any reward to suffering and it was time to move on It is the second paragraph of chapter 9 I really did try For Edward s suggestions of a farewell party as a tribute to Gordon had brought cries of approval and put the womenfolk into a pantomime of preening as new dresses became the talk of the day I was doing just this, posed before the only long mirror in my part of the house and examining myself for indolent bulges Swathed in a hectic combination of candy stripes a petticoat of patriotic colours, the skirt a mass of tucks and lace pirouetted as my fancy took me to see the effect it would create under a dress, while giving a running commentary on my progress to Andy He was squatting earthily in the middle of the drawing room floor, busy disembowelling the wireless set while listening to me with divided attention, for Nelson was also calling to be noticed He was established, king like, in the bay window in Mother s usual position, even to the curtain, discreetly pulled in places to allow light and observation but not the unwanted attention of a passer by He was instructing the children in a game of crap I was unprepared for the knock, the door opening and posed in the attitude of a Giles cartoon the visitors Did you get through that Did you want to know what came next The book has no redeeming qualities apart from the curiosity of a reader knowing of Gerald and Lawrence and wanting to know what happened to Margo.

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    2 starsI ve always loved Gerald Durrell s books, that s why I gave this book a chance It is about a period of Margo s life when she was keeping a boarding house Well, Margo is not a writer, and it shows It was okay, but far from an engaging read.

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    I found this peculiarly unengaging Despite the witty stories of my Family and Other Animals written by Gerald Durrell, and the fine writing of brother Lawrence,one shouldn t assume that all members of the family are going to be equally as gifted autobiographers.There is a lot of material in this autobiog to weave a funny and entertaining tale lots of odd residents in the guest house run by Margo, but it all falls rather flat with a bit of a dull thud.I ended up not really caring about any of the characters, and that is not how a biog should leave you feeling love em or loathe em, you should CARE

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    This was quite enjoyable to begin with but I lost interest about halfway through and I confess I did not finish it It was too repetitive and self aware for my liking, but considering she did not have a lot of practice at writing, it was a commendable memoir It was nice to see another Durrell s perspective on the chaotic life of the Durrell family, particularly Gerald.

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    Margaret Durrell s memoir was originally published in 1995, and I suspect that it s because of the very popular and successful TV show The Durrells that this has now been re published and re jacketed.There s been a huge surge in interest in the Durrell family over the past few years, and anyone who read Gerald Durrell s My Family and Other Animals will know that Margo has been expertly portrayed on our television screens.I was unaware that Margaret had written a memoir, so was really interested to see what she d got up to after the family left Corfu Margo married a British RAF man, and had two children However they later divorced and Margo and her sons returned to Bournemouth in 1947 Struggling financially, she s encouraged by her Aunt Patience to open a boarding house.In true Margo fashion, she sets about to do just that, and her recollections of her assortment of guests are at times, quite hilarious Margo seems to attract the oddest of people, but as her own family are not the most normal of folk, she takes it all in her stride It s great to be reacquainted with her mother Louisa, and her three brothers, Lawrence, Leslie and Gerry None of them have really changed, and of course Gerry is accompanied by a collection of animals well, why wouldn t he be With a forward written by Gerald Durrell, this is an entertaining memoir that made me smile a lot There were times when I found the writing to be a little flowery and maybe could be termed as old fashioned However, just imagine Margo herself speaking, and it s really a perfect fit

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    I ve always loved My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell and have watched the current TV adaptation of his Corfu trilogy with great delight Margot Durrell is one of my favourite characters so to have a book written by her has been an absolute joy.We meet Margot again in Whatever Happened to Margot in 1947 following her divorce from a British RAF pilot On her return to England from Corfu and with limited financial resources she is persuaded by her aunt Patience to open a guest house in genteel Bournemouth This idea is met with slight scepticism but as always, Margot with considerable aplomb embarks on this enterprise with great gusto.Margot s guest house is soon filled with an assortment of lodgers, some are genuinely odd and others are so funny that they make you laugh out loud with glee Their adventures are as varied as their characters and it soon becomes obvious that the new occupants of this large Edwardian house, in a quiet leafy street, will certainly shake up the neighbourhood And as the guest house gets underway and begins to influence the area so Margot s standing in the community starts to take a knock, especially when people accuse her of running a brothel.The other Durrells who flit into and out of the story add a real sense of continuity and it was lovely to meet up again with Mrs Durrell, always with her interminable knitting in tow, and of course, I looked forward to a visit from Margot s younger brother, Gerald, who landed at the guest house accompanied by a crate of monkeys and large python.In Whatever happened to Margot , Margaret Durrell has recounted her adventures as a landlady with a fine eye for the ridiculous and a real sense of time and place And anyone who has ever read any of the Durrell novels will recognise that marvellous self deprecating wit which is always so evident Margot s self exuberance continues this trend, and she writes with a natural flair for observation and than a hint of the downright eccentric.If you are a fan of the TV series, then Whatever happened to Margot is a great continuation of the story of Margot s fascinating and eventful life.

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    Happened to Margo is an entertaining read due partly to the residents of No 51 and the neighbours but also because of Margaret Durrell s writing style.From the very first lodger, Edward Feather, you just know this is going to be an eccentric household despite Aunt Patience s list of Do s and Don ts that Margo has no chance of sticking to Having read this biography, one thing I can say for definite is how closely the TV series follows real life with those quirky Durrell personalities.This isn t a book about Bournemouth itself I was hoping for snippets of the town but the antics of the lodgers and the neighbours at the boarding house on St Albans Avenue I would recommend you read the article mentioned in my introduction from Dorset Life There are a couple of photos bringing No 51 to life.Recommended if you re a fan of the Durrells and have an interest in their lives.

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    Quite a sweet story of another era, when large houses could be snapped in Bournemouth for a song and turned to amateurish guest houses by a young divorcee, but spoiled by bad editing Information and even jokes and phrases are repeated within pages of one another and there are way too many adjectives and adverbs I m sure her friends found her hilarious, but this reader found her humour a bit forced.

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    As a big fan of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell s work this came as a huge disappointment and at surprisingly great cost the book is long out of print and difficult to find for good reason Charming though she is as part of the mercurial Durrell clan her feeble efforts to run a boarding house populated by eccentrics in Pudding Island Lawrence s term for soggy England never justifies the cost of entry.

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    Est claro que este libro nicamente vio la luz gracias al xito de los libros de sus hermanos y de la serie de la BBC, ya que se trata de un libro mal escrito, con un tono que quiere imitar al de su hermano Gerald pero al que ni de co a consigue aproximarse , con cap tulos sin armon a ni tem tica ni tonal, con an cdotas que ni siquiera merecen dicho nombre Una obra completamente amateur en un estadio de primera redacci n, sin ning n tipo de correcci n ulterior Una absoluta p rdida de tiempo.

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