Weather the Storm (Southern Roots, #3)

Weather the Storm (Southern Roots, #3) Magnolia Ellington Is All Too Aware That Dangerous Things Can Come In Shiny Packages Her Husband Made Sure To Teach Her ThatDesperate To Escape His Wrath And His Fists She Flees In The Dark Of Night Seeking Safety And Shelter With The Only Family She Has Left, Magnolia Finds Herself In The Sleepy, Southern Town Of Dogwood And In The Arms Of Simon McAllisterSimon Has Always Been Of A Thinker Than A Doer That Changes The Minute He Meets Shy And Mysterious Magnolia She Has Him Rushing Into Action, Ready And Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Earn Her TrustSlowly, With His Steadfast Determination And Kind Heart, Simon Brings Magnolia Out Of Her Shell But Just As Things Start Heating Up Between The Two Of Them, The Darkness Of Magnolia S Past Resurfaces, Threatening To Rip Apart Everything They Ve Worked So Hard ForWith Their Future Hanging In The Balance, Simon Fears He S Losing Magnolia Now, He Must Convince Her That, Together, They Can Weather The Storm Weather the Storm is my favorite of the Southern Roots books hands down LK Farlow has upped her writing game with this sweet love story that is sprinkled with mystery and suspense I loved the way Simon and Magnolia complimented each other with their affection, commitment, and patience with one another The friendships between the group remain strong and seeing them find love is a joy Fans of small town romances will love this sweet love story that makes you smile. Weather the Storm is L.K Farlow s best work yet Simon and Magnolia stole my heart from the first page and never let go I can t begin to tell you how much I adore Simon He s all that and a bag of chips Seriously A southern gentlemen that stays by Mags side when times are hard and stands up for her when necessary but still knows when she needs him to take a step back and give her space.The end of An Uphill Battle set us up for the beginning of Weather the Storm and the wait to see what would happen to Magnolia pretty much KILLED me, but Lord have mercy it was so worth it PS You don t need to read the other two to read this one The intensity of the beginning of this story really set the tone for the entire story and kept me hooked and engaged from the get go The element that really sealed the deal for me in Weather the Storm was a third point of view that was thrown in Reading this perspective just added a level of depth and angst to the story The sense of dread that this point of view gave us had me freaking out a little bit on the inside, I was scared for Mags and just hoped that Simon would be there to protect her.I really enjoyed watching Magnolia grow in strength and confidence as she built a relationship with Simon Seeing her come into her own from the meek scared girl we first met to the powerful and confident woman she became Weather the Storm is a must read friends to lovers romance that I can t recommendThe chemistry is off the freaking charts and the sexual tension is just simmering under the surface waiting to break free. LK Farlow has done it again, but even better I love her sweet and Weather the Storm adds a gritty layer we haven t seen yet I was pleasantly surprised and the twists kept coming My interest was peaked from the blurb, I fell for the cover, but it s the story inside that captured my heart Mags and Simon are glorious Extremely well done Back to Dogwood we go for the final standalone in the Southern Roots series I ve been waiting to read Magnolia s story and LK Farlow did this tortured heroine serious justice She s shy and beyond timid, but the fire within her burns bright I loved watching that tiny spark flicker and gain strength with each scene Mags prefers to blend into the background but with the right encouragement, she flourishes I couldn t wait to meet the man who d win her scarred heart LK Farlow created the perfect hero for the task in Simon McAllister He s a realistic and modern knight in shining armor, swooping in to save the wounded damsel in distress Gah, he s dreamy and swoony and all southern charm I especially enjoyed when his temper would flare and strike only when needed to protect his lady Simon made it easy to believe in a second chance for love and to never give up hope in a happy ending sigh Now, this journey has plenty of bumps and bruises, which only adds to the appeal This author provides an outstanding blend of sweet romance with gritty truth It s horrible what some people are subjected to by others but this is a harsh reality What Mags deals with in her past is terrible but this novel allows us to see her get plenty of good Page after page, I was swept deeper into this glorious southern tale This is the type of book that makes my heart happy and always wantingI m inspired and captivated by the amount of depth and raw beauty this talented author packed into Weather the Storm She has the ability to make a romance reader out of anyone I love LK s whimsical style and unique descriptions She makes it easy to picture the surroundings and truly feel part of the story As a Minnesota native, I can never pull off y all but darn, I really want to Thank you for giving us another fabulous read, LK Marie s ReviewI ve been waiting for Magnolia s story Being a southern girl I could relate to a lot of Weather the Storm and its southernisms LK Farlow is a true southern gal and has brought that charm and warmth to this story Magnolia was the quiet one with a story that no one really knew Simon fell hard for her and wanted to protect her Their love story is enchanting and you are cheering for them from the start.When Magnolia s past comes back with a vengeance, Simon and all of the gang are there to love and protect her Full of sweet sass, swoony sexiness and heartfelt feels, Weather the Storm is a definite must read.5 Stars 2OCCMS Jessica s ReviewI have loved everything about this series The down home southern feel, the character interaction, the love that is being found. it all makes me feel Magnolia and Simon have this spark and I loved it Simon was perfect for her and his protective streak was amazing I laughed at the antics, I had tears with what Magnolia had to deal with in the past There are people I loved in this book and then I wanted to curse some people from the book, but it s one of those books that is better left read to the reader It does deal with past abuse, but the author did a very good job at keeping it respectable to readers that may have suffered abuse 4 stars 2OCCJD I love this series, and love each bookthan the last.This book gives us the story of Magnolia and Simon Loved watching Magnolia learn to open her heart to love again, and see Simon be the stand up guy that we knew he could be Lk just upped her game, ladies The queen of sweet, southern romance explored a darker side of love and completely blew me away There were moments I literally felt my heart race with panic Simon is the perfect hero and exactly what poor Mags needs to come back from a very tragic past He s everything I love in a hero Strong Possessive Compassionate Viral Lk has a way of bringing her characters to life Of bringing you right into their hearts and minds and allowing you to not only read, but experience their journey This is one you don t want to miss Just brilliant. I liked the hero. he was a good man Despised the abused he suffered in the hands of his father The heroine was just meh, I don t mind reading about an abused heroine as long as she s not weak, I don t mind a shy heroine either but she s has to be strong This heroine wasn t strong And how she stuttered She spent the whole book doing it It got to the point that i was just annoyed by it She s also married not separated, not divorced, very much married.Safety No OW drama They knew each other from the previous book There s no mention if hero has been celibate while he gave her time I would have love know if he was No mention of his past sex life either Heroine was married like I said and she was inexperienced because her husband was her only partner apart from the hero. I fell in love with LK Farlow s writing with her debut novel She writes sweet southern charm like nobodies business But with Weather The Storm not only does she nail the charm again, she threw in some darkness I m blown away by her talent and want everyone to read this amazing story My heart was racing, pounding, broken entirely I swooned, I laughed and I loved so very much When an author can bring out all of your emotions, That people is when you know you ve read something Special Like I said the emotions are high and the twists just keep coming I was hypnotized, glued from the beginning, needing to know what was going to happen at every turn I would love to keep going on about Magnolia and Simon because I love them so very much but I don t want to give anything away Just know this story is 100% worth the read and you will no doubt love every single minute Congratulations Kate Your talent is amazing I am gonna start by saying I really wish I had read the first 2 books first, but I intend to go back and read them This was my first time reading this author and she hooked me right away Simon and Magnolia stole my heart from the very beginning I was really blown away by this authors writing skills You know an author has major talent when she can draw all the emotions out of you There was times I felt like my heart would pound right out of my chest There was times I was walking through my house reading and hoping I wouldn t bump into something This book deservesthen the 5 stars To say I loved this book would be a understatement I recommend this book to everyone Do yourself a favor and go get this book and read it

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