With Love

With Love All Devlin Wants To Do Is Find A Good New Home For His Business And His Pack He S Not Looking For Any Complications, But He Finds Something He Never Expected A Mate A Mate With A Whole Lot Of Energy Who Attracts Trouble Like A MagnetLaine Campbell Never Means To Get Himself Into Hot Water, But Everything Has A Way Of Getting Tangled Up Between His Feet He Needs Than Just A Mate He Needs A SaviorWhen Dev Turns Up At A Pack Get Together, Laine Finds Both The Two Werewolves Have An Instant Attraction, But The Pack Alpha Is Determined To Keep Laine For Himself Dev Soon Learns The Only Way To Protect His Mate Is To Fight, Not Just For The Top Spot But For His LifeJust One Small Problem His Accident Prone Mate Is Determined To Help Him I thought Laney and Devlin was very well matched Laney was such an endearing character So accident prone, but sweet and well deserving of Devlin s love I loved it This has been such a fun series so far I have seen mixed reviews about this book, so I really didn t know what I would think of it True, it is not about two uber masculine men meeting and falling in lover with one another Laine is definatelyflamboyant than most heroes I have read aboutbut I still liked him and I still enjoyed this story.Devlin Johns has come to Asheville to relocate his business Being a wolf shapeshifter, he has arranged a meeting with the local Alpha to let him know he is in town, and may want to join the pack When he comes across the Alpha and a few of his followers beating up and trying to rape a smaller framed, handsome man Dev immediately jumps in and rescues the man Although the man becomes unconscience, Devlin immediately recognizes two things One this delicate man is the Omega of the pack and two this Omega is his mate.When Laine Campbell woke up in a strange hotel room he is immediately put at ease when he sees Devlin Not only is Devlin handsome, smart and very alpha, Laine is very happy to realise that Devlin is his mate Laine is the Omega of the pack and is used to the Alpha pushing him and the other pack members around But, after a few moments with Devlin he feels protected and knows that Devlin will do what he must to keep him and the others safe.Laine is not your typical hero He is clumsy, accident prone andfeminine than most of the heros I have read about I still liked him though He was silly at times, but he had his funny and endearing moments for me throughout the book I understand why he was written this wayafter all he is the heart of the pack so he issensitive than most, so for some reason I thought he and Devlin fit somehow.With a cast of interesting characters and some pack politics With Love was definately an interesting read I liked it because it was different and an easy read for me on a lazy afternoon.If you are offended by hot sex and explicit language this story is not for you. Um I liked the epilogue This book was really cartoony and ridiculous And I must beg to differ with all the reviewers that said it was well written I m not sure what standards of writing they re going by, but sorry, no It wasn t horrendous or anything It s just not anything I would call good I tend to really like theeffeminate hate that word but sometimes it says what I mean better than anything else and flamboyant characters, but I don t like when they get turned into a caricature of an offensive female stereotype Laine could have been really likeable but I think he was treading the wrong side of that line. 3.5 starsThis mate instant love theme is saved by the adorable character of Lainey Campbell Seriously, this spitfire klutz magnet for trouble wolf is just so frickin cute He makes the story such fun to read despite the instant love and well at least personally, for me the number of sex scenes Truthfully, I enjoy reading everything that happens outside the bedroom scene I read the first one or two sex scenes and skim the rest because the interaction between Lainey and everyone else, including Dev and Caroline, is entertaining.The rest of the story is pretty much similar to other shifter mate stories I have read Nothing new, really Pretty angst free. This book crack me up A very quick reading and so much funny I just LOVED IT The clumsy omega last member in a werewolf hierarchy Laine meet his mate, the huge and strong, Devlin Johns right away And you will have no time to take a breath Will be a laugh after another Laine is the equivalent of a bull in a china shop I recommend this short, and incredible fun, story to all Read it folks There is also action but it s the fun that will keep you readingHave fun And certainly you will enjoy it as I did 5 stars This is really 4.5 stars I really enjoyed this book I loved Lainey and Dev I just wish there was a bitdone with the villan the final fight scene seemed a tad a very tiny tad anti climatic. fly by the seat of one s pants BR with SusanCheesy this was OMG We all know with shifters we get insta love, they are horny all the timeYou re very handsome What s your name Laine I want to kiss you, You re my mate and I don t intend on sharing you From here on out, it s just you and me, Laine Good, can we have sex now pleasepage 18And I mean, Lainey He is such a klutz It was just not that funny I almost couldn t take this any I really am a sucker for cheesy but this even pushed my limits.I love the rest of the series, though After reading this book, I am really anxious to read the rest in the series I didn t like it as well as the other J.L.Langley books, but I did enjoy it I think Lainey, although very cute, was too giggly and too clumsy for my taste I thought he and Devlin were pretty well matched, and I commend Devlin for his patience with Lainey s exploits Very cute and sweet book. After re reading this one I m finding it hard to believe it was written by the same author as the rest of this series While I found Lainey s clumsiness cute to an extent, his girlish giggling grated on my nerves Throw in a female version of him in the form of Caroline and I was ready to quit Listening to the two of them together was painful.The story line of Dev taking over as Alpha would of worked so much better if the Alpha he had to fight was a worthy opponent Seriously we are lead to believe Alphas are the strongest and biggest yet this Alpha was nothingthan an over weight bully Why couldn t he of at least been a big strong bully One everyone else had a reason to fear Due to the book being a short there was far to much sex and not enough plot.I can only give thanks that J L Langley went on to perfect her craft Unlike a lot of authors who continue to churn out the same drivel, she went on to produce a pretty great series Don t be put off if you read this book first I m glad I actually started this series with book 2 lolRe read and Re rated from a 4 to a 2.

JL has been talking since she was about seven months old To those who know her it comes as no surprise, in fact, most will tell you she hasn t shut up since At eighteen months, she was speaking in full sentences Imagine if you will the surprise of her admirers when they complimented her mother on what a cute little boy she had and received a fierce glare from said little boy and a very loud c

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  • ebook
  • 107 pages
  • With Love
  • J.L. Langley
  • English
  • 18 June 2017
  • 9781599983127

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