Hobbes: A Biography

Hobbes: A Biography Thomas Hobbes Is Now Recognized As One Of The Fathers Of Modern Philosophy And Political Theory In His Own Time He Was As Famous For His Work In Physics, Geometry, And Religion He Associated With Some Of The Greatest Writers, Scientists, And Politicians Of His Age Including Ben Jonson, Galileo And King Charles II The List Of His Enemies Is No Less Impressive Robert Boyle, Ren Descartes, And Edward Hyde, The Earl Of ClarendonHis Life Was A Long, Rich, And Intensely Controversial One On The Eve Of The English Civil War He Fled The King S Enemies And Settled In France, Where He Wrote His Masterpiece, Leviathan Ten Years Later, Fearing The French Catholic Clergy, He Returned To England, Only To Have Anglican Bishops Try To Have Him Burned At The Stake As An Atheist Fifteen Years Thereafter The Controversy Surrounding His Life Never Abated The Catholic Church Placed His Books On The Index, And Oxford University Dismissed Faculty For Being HobbistsA P Martinich Has Written The Most Complete And Accessible Biography Of Hobbes Available The Book Takes Full Account Of The Historical And Cultural Context In Which Hobbes Lived, Drawing On Both Published And Unpublished Sources It Will Be A Great Resource For Philosophers, Political Theorists, And Historians Of Ideas The Clear, Crisp Prose Style Will Also Ensure That The Book Appeals To General Readers With An Interest In The History Of Philosophy, The Rise Of Modern Science, And The English Civil Warthe Best All Around Biography Of Thomas Hobbes Available David Johnston This Is A Brilliantly Written, Witty, Accurate, And Absorbing Account Of The Turbulent Period In Which Hobbes Lived And Wrote It Deals With Such Subjects As The Rise Of Modern Science, Religious Discord, The Rejection Of Political Absolutism, And Civil War Its Scope Is Extraordinary Avrom Stroll

A P Martinich is an analytic philosopher at the University of Texas at Austin His area of interest is the nature and practice of interpretation history of modern philosophy the philosophy of language and religion and the history of political thought He is considered a foremost authority on Thomas Hobbes.

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  • Hardcover
  • 424 pages
  • Hobbes: A Biography
  • A.P. Martinich
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9780521495837

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    Thomas Hobbes un do umundan l m ne kadar olan t m ya ad klar n olabildi ince ak c bir dille okuyucuya sunarak nl filozofun d ncelerini tam anlam yla yans tan Martinich in Thomas Hobbes adl eseri, Hobbes un en nl yap t Leviathan okumadan nce mutlaka okunmas gereken bir kitap Hobbes un siyaset felsefesinin zamanla nas l evrim ge irdi ine tan kl k etti imiz eserde Hobbes un do aldan ok yapaya olan tutkusunu ve ncil i yorumlama bi imini okuduk a filozofa kar farkl bir ilgi besliyorsunuz nceki meslekta lar n n aksine olduk a rahat bir hayat ya amas na ra men hayat ka makla ge en Hobbes un Descartes la olan tart malar da bir o kadar ilgi ekici Aristoteles i skolastik felsefeye kar tutumuyla Platoncu devlet anlay n benimseyen Hobbes un ya ad klar n okuduk a filozofun neden her eyi yasalar evresinde ba lamak istedi ini daha iyi anl yorsunuz Mutlak bir egemen anlay n n alt n izen Hobbes un her insan n e it yarat ld n belirtirken kiliseye kar g r yle de Martin Luther in izinden giderek Katolik kilisesine kar g l bir tutum sergiliyor Leviathan ncesi yazar n g r lerini daha iyi anlamak i in mutlaka okunmas gereken bir eser Tam notum 4,5 stanbul, T rkiyeAlp Turgut

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    An amusing biography about an institutionally boring man I found this to be a very intelligent and witty account of Hobbes and the turbulent times in which he lived I would recommend this book to anyone driving into the ideals and thought I d Hobbes.

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