The Lionheart (No Respawn, #1)

The Lionheart (No Respawn, #1) A LitRPG Novel What Happens When Toons Take A Life Of Their Own In The World Of Drathos, An Unexpected Hero Is Born He Doesn T Know Who He Is, What He Is, Or What He Will Do However, After Less Than An Hour Of Being Alive, His Name, Race, Appearance, And Class Are All Chosen For Him And Against His WillWith Life Becoming Real With Every Second, Tharis Finds That He Is Able To Ignore The Actions Demanded Of Him By His Creator And Can Make His Own Decisions This, However, Comes With Consequences With Awareness Comes The Fear Of Death And There Is No RespawnFollow Tharis And His Noobs As They Track Down The Wonderfully Bizarre And Mostly Nude Wizard, Muzuhlan, As They Seek To Get Answers To Their Questions Who Are They How Are They Able To Think Why Can They Feel Pain What The Hell Is Going On With A Journey Filled With Monsters, Player Killers, Loot, Achievements, Housing, And Traps, There Is Only One Thing That Is Certain Tharis Is In For One Epic Quest This Story Was Inspired By Years Of Playing Star Wars Galaxies Everquest I And II Vanilla WoW

Stevie Collier is an International Bestselling Author who writes highly unique and sometimes strange Fantasy Novels You won t find a similar style like his anywhere else When he isn t writing dark and high fantasy, you can find Stevie at the gym pumping iron or running with his spoiled white Siberian Husk named Spartacus.He also loves watching movies Horror, Action, and Comedy along with a f

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  • The Lionheart (No Respawn, #1)
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  • 23 April 2017

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    Great book but caution to those who have PTSD from splattered brain matter and close and personal violence.I ve never had to give a disclaimer like that for a fantasy novel before, but this warning is important We Americans have not had to face frank violence as an everyday occurrence on a national level since the Civil War Having been in the pioneering beta test rat group for Gygax so many years ago before the publication of his reference books, I can say that when one creates his her own fantasy world for wargaming, many times it s for the soul pleasure of finding treasure, uncovering artifacts at an alarming rate, and leveling up until you kill everyone off in the room if you decide to make a secret but deadly alignment change It s only as violent as rolling a die and praying for a critical hit or miss Stevie Collier, on the other hand, has brought the game to real life If you die, you are very dead, Jim And violence is a way of life in his world Period I don t see it as gratuitous violence, but I do see someone who has sat down and gave his world a lot of thought, and that I find fascinating I really like the stats that literally pops up, displaying all sorts of character information Half the fun is how these players communicate with each other even with something that resembles texting and how they interact to obtain loot, experience points, leveling up, etc I ve never seen something this intricate in my readings.Length This is a real novel in length I am so sick and tired of novellas being touted as novels when they aren t Don t worry It s not a Stephen King doorstopper.Character development Everything about role playing games, be it on paper or LARPing, is about character development, but Collier took it to a different level with a surprising twist I found Tharis, our main protagonist, believable, very thought provoking, and quite normal Baatar is what I would call a chaotically good from the Dark Faction whereas Grimy, a wizen goblin that was offering up his own kind to keep from getting eaten himself, positively pitiful but eventually trustworthy well, as trustworthy as a goblin can get Stevie Collier finds a way to interweave their wyrds in such a way to create complicated relationships which I don t often see That was so refreshing Emotional factor I really like the character of Tharis Yes, he IS the quintessential accidental hero upon which Luck smiles because he has to tap dance blindfolded in a veritable field of landmines to find that he has disasters ahead of him I felt so horrible with the loss of his first best friend and oops I don t want to include to many spoilers But I will say I found the characters compelling positive, negative, or opinion still pending.Remember the disclaimer at the beginning While I was reading particular passages, I was flinching and jumping to other computer projects before going back to this novel The I read, the worse I felt I know that Stevie Collier cannot candy coat his universe That would be ridiculous because life is always dealing with death but face to face in this world It would be as stupid as using cutesy swear words in a gritty, hard boiled detective novel That would be really immature writing Finally, I figured it out I was having a PTSD reaction Oh Well, that s a relief I thought I was just getting old and becoming weary of the real life graphic violence Nope Bodies don t forget one of the few truths in modern day medicine Brain matter splatter is not one of my favorites nor true psychopaths who see nothing wrong with impulse killing So reader beware Collier really got under my skin on this one Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky Speed of action This book books No doubt about it But it doesn t feel rushed at all It s just jam packed with action and adventure that you rarely get a chance to catch a breather.Predictability Unpredictable at best Keep in mind that this is an introductory book, but it s one of the better ones I ve read You aren t just learning the appreciate the characters, you re bleeding with them.Credibility issues There isn t much in terms of credibility problems as there are amazing new ideas I haven t considered myself or read about This will trip your imagination like crazy Grammar and technical errors Rarely a few misspellings, but it reminds me of a keyboard problem You know what I m talking about You KNOW you hit that key, but it didn t work And keep in mind I had an ARC, not the final copy.Yes, the book screams SEQUEL at the end, but it s a good scream At least it s without pain and severed limbs I highly recommend reading it preferably buying it because I know I will reread it a few times to pick up on the things I had missed because I was dealing with yucky internal issues Enjoy the adventure And remember no one is as they may seem to appear.I received a free copy of this book via the author and am voluntarily leaving an honest, no punches pulled review.

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    You might have read LitRPG before, but Collier takes the genre to an entirely new level with his novel The Lionheart, delving into the ever pressing lives of the characters we create in perilous worlds merely for our own entertainment Who are we What does it truly mean to be alive Not willing to be a puppet and endure the chains of servitude, Tharis challenges his creator for a hand in his own destiny, but with his new found freedom comes a fate he could have never anticipated Not only does he now think for himself, but he can feel, taste and experience the world around him in all its beauties and terrors And most jarring of all. its death.In a world where every act is selfish, every being is locked in a mad, twisted clash for power and every soul is trampled beneath bloody feet, Death comes swiftly, unannounced And no man or beast is safe from it As Tharis continues his journey to find true freedom, death hunts him like a ravenous dog Can he continue his fight when his own life could hang in the balance And can he survive the knowledge that this fight could spell death for all those involved As he watches his friends die at the hands of his own selfish battles, what will he do to rewrite not only destiny but the destiny of the entire world The Lionheart is a brilliant story combining a sprawling new world and dangerous creatures with realism not generally seen in LitRPG novels The result is something truly unique, and the novel leaves readers craving With the stage set for a daring, grand adventure between three unlikely allies, and readers desperately clambering for answers for dozens of new questions, there is only one conclusion to make The journey has begun, and you can be certain, there is no respawn 10 10

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    The theme for the book is quite interesting and prompted me to buy it On the contrary to most of the LitRPG genre the book is supposed to be about a game character gaining its freedom from the player control and becoming a full pledged citizen of the game world.Alas, the delivery is shallow at the most The phase of the main character being still under control and making its first steps to get out of it is underdeveloped and barely there From the very beginning the MC behaves fully independently, thus making it impossible to point out a single difference between the story said by Mr Collier and any other LitRPG.The plot is rather typical and a there are no surprises there unfortunately The MC is a boring, overly altruistic and always on the good side hero He gathers a bunch of similar to him enlightened characters and NPCs Though they all seem rather underdeveloped and one dimensional There is not much happening there in the area of character development All of them struggle from smaller disaster to small disaster to medium to bigger to big, ad infinitum No cliff hangers, no twists, nothing The plot is as straight as it gets.All in all, The Lionheart No Respawn is very, very average.

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    Decent but nothing special as litrpg s go While I always appreciate when authors add non human characters other than the standard elf, dwarf, halfling, ext variants on human The idea of AI gaining sentient is a pretty standard setup, though this one has the unique variant of the players character gaining sentience and breaking way from their control It s a pretty interesting idea on the surface, but he doesn t go very far with it and there s a lot of questions that are never answered on how it s all supposed to work.Still, not bad All though, I m starting to get a stress reaction when I hear Doug Tisdale Jr Not sure what it is about his reading, but something about it makes the books seem rushed and silly.

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    I received this book for free in the authors hope that I would write an honest review And I shall Stevie, I really enjoyed your first book in the Lionheart series When I got to the last page, I wanted MUCH I hate reading reviews that give spoilers, so I don t really want to say much about the story other than it was well written, captivating, exciting, action oriented and where the heck can I get book 2 LitRPG is a fairly new genre in which many authors are getting into Stevie Collier stories will stand out years from now as one of the greats Now I site my favorite, and most used quote Please sir, I want some .

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    Ugh dumb mc After the first time ur surprised while power leveling and almost die maybe you should pull ur head out of ur butt and watch the critters Also so weak he wont kill a serial killer mass murderer jerkwad whose killed and tortured his friends and an entire village and may actually be insane No i just want to beat hime up and kick him out that wont come back to bite me in the butt I cant even I stopped reading and moved on Sue me.

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    A great foray into the Lit rpg role playing game genre,STEVIE knocks this one out of the park with a story involving a game player involving a mix of great plot,funny characters and of course,gaming action A fine book for any young adult or any adult for that matter I fully enjoyed it,and you will too..A strongly recommended good read.

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    Interesting take on LitRPGI had kind of wondered if there would be a story like this No longer simply people choosing the game life they get Like some of Stevie s other works, this is a great story It s interesting, but also makes you want to stay, it doesn t force you to like some others, simply convinces you to decide to stay on your own.

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    A wonderful LitRPG book I was lucky enough to read.I love syfy and fantasy, and this manages to incorporate elements of both, so I am one happy camper.I loved the way the characters and world develop throughout the story, and only wish it was longer.The part I felt added to the realism is that not even being a goody guarantees survival in this book.

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    I never read a book in the style before The style of a rpg and I gotta say it s such a cool style The story was amazing and it took you right into the world of the book wanting and to be right with the main character in his quest 10 10 waiting for book 2

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