The Last Book Smuggler

The Last Book Smuggler This is a wonderfully written story I must say, I was wary to start the history of book smugglers in Lithuania is not a happy one, and I was expecting a very historical i.e didactic, dry, and only appealing to people like me who know and care about this history story Was I wrong The Last Book Smuggler is a romance, a thriller, a magical realist story that will educate the readers in a completely unobtrusive way about the history of Lithuania, its struggle to retain the language despite the Russian colonization, and the daily lives of Lithuanians in early 20th century The romance is touching without being cheesy The thriller is captivating and motivated by both personal family traditions, love and political aspirations preserving the written Lithuanian word The setting will take you through different seasons and places, and it will not only make you feel like you are in a Lithuanian village, but also see it through the prism Lithuanians devout love for trees, mushrooms, and folk tales The characters are authentic and are a homage, with a new twist, to canonical Lithuanian writers who have unearthed the diamonds among Lithuanian peasants They grow as the story develops, and you will cheer for strong women, stubborn men, and, of course, the book smugglers My favorite and completely unexpected part was the magical realist twist to rustic Lithuanian life This story will pull you into Lithuanian pagan mythology, folk superstitions, and make you look at nature in a new way The narrator s nostalgic and sometimes cheeky tone has made it a refreshing and exciting read. Delightful gem of a book Interesting characters, and the writing transports you back to another time and place I loved it. A good read Well written and informative about an important part of Lithuania s history At times, a little contrived and didactic just to make sure the reader is up on the facts But, all s well that ends well with a satisfying ending.This quote from another person s review of a different book, captures a weakness of this book by demonstrating the opposite.X s novels are the product of enormous research, but she rarely shows her work A lot of history packed into a well written story Set between 1902 and 1904, Ada s grandfather teaches her many life lessons This book speaks to the history of Lithuania, the struggles of keeping ones own language alive during Russian occupation, Lithuanian folklore, and young love The writing is smooth, the story enchanting The writer obviously completed a lot of research. Inspired by true events, The Last Book Smuggler is a story that you probably have never heard of, but it s a story you should know about During Tsarist Russia, Russification made it illegal to read and write in Lithuanian and the languages of other occupied territories This novel portrays the complicated relationship between Lithuanians and Russia, a 20th century David and Goliath story You will get a sense of what it was like to live in Lithuania under Russification, as well as a sense of the deep and spiritual culture that survives today After you read this book, you may very well want to visit Lithuania and you should InLithuania, A Group Of Rebels Armed With Books Triumphs Against The Mighty Russian EmpirePart Folktale, Part Thriller, THE LAST BOOK SMUGGLER Tells The Story Of Ada And Her Grandfather Viktoras, An Old Book Smuggler Tired Of His Forty Year Battle To Keep His Language Alive Despite The Attempts Of The Russian Empire To Destroy It Into Their World Steps Jonas, A Young Man In Love With Ada And Ready To Join The Underground Book Smugglers But There Is A Traitor In Their Midst Who Must Stop Them Or Lose EverythingBased On The Author S Grandfather, Who Was A Book Smuggler, The Novel Deftly Captures The Politics And Dangers Of The Times While Bringing To Life An Engaging And Quirky Family, With An Element Of The Supernatural

Birute Putrius, author of Lost Birds and The Last Book Smuggler, lives in California Her fiction, poetry, and translations have appeared in numerous publications, and her short stories have been optioned for film.

[Read] ➯ The Last Book Smuggler  By Birute Putrius –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 370 pages
  • The Last Book Smuggler
  • Birute Putrius
  • 10 December 2018

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