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Be Mine TonightI Am Called ChapelFor Nearly Six Centuries I Have Roamed The Night, A Mortal Man No Longer Would That I Could Undo The Past When I Entered The Sanctuary Of The Knights Templar To Wrest From Them The Holy Grail, Only To Discover The Chalice I Raised To My Lips Was Not The Sacred Relic But A Hellish Cup Of Damnation Now I Shun The Day And All Things Human, Driven By An Ungodly Thirst And YetNever Have I Known A Maiden The Like Of Prudence Ryland, Whose Beauty And Spirit Awaken A Heart I Feared Long Cold And Dead But Her Young Life Is Slipping Away, And She Also Seeks The Deliverance Of The Grail Unaware That The Cost Of Her Search Could Be Her Soul I Must Help Prudence, For In Six Hundred Years, No Other Woman Has Stirred My Passions So But Dare I Tender To My Beloved That Which She Most Desires The Sensuous Gift Of Forever That Is Both Rapture And A Curse My Immortal Kiss I read this for the Relics and Curiosities square for Halloween Bingo Just as they all knew the legend of the Holy Grail, so had they heard of the Unholy Grail. Pru has cancer and is looking for any way to negate her grim diagnosis, when she starts up a friendship with Marcus, they begin in earnest a search for the Holy Grail Our hero is a 600yr old vampire who was once a knight of King Phillips of France who was also on the search for the Holy Grail What Chapel and his group of mercenaries found instead was the Unholy GrailYou do not frighten me I think I do, but not in the way I shouldThis started off darkly intriguing with the French band of mercenaries and grail that turned them all into vampires I read this with the anticipation of a danger filled dark and stormy search and chase, filled with villains coming out of the woodwork Instead this turned out to be a character driven story with a slow burning romance between Pru and Chapel read this for the romance, not the adventure The Silver Palm Chapel had heard of them before in whispers and old texts They named themselves for the silver that crossed the palm of Judas Iscariot coin imbued with the essence of Lilith, mother of all vampires The same silver that had been melted down to make the chalice from which he and the others had drunk. The first half was all about the romance while the second gave us a peek into, what I imagine is the set up between the villains and future heroes of the series I was vastly curious about the Silver Palm villains but they only make a very brief appearance and other than their name, not much else is learned about them The Brotherhood of Blood. Even though I was a little disappointed in the balance of romance and action in this one, the set up of Chapel s friends, The Brotherhood of the Blood, being pitted against the Silver Palms is darkly intriguing Don t get me wrong, I thought the vast majority of the romance was done well here, Pru is a tough, daring woman willing to fight for what she wants, while Chapel was a lost in his self loathing for what he was, but they did have a connection that was felt I thought the ending was needlessly dragged out angst as a sudden change of heart by Chapel gave us a quick perfect bow ending I m going to read the next in the series because, like I said, I m intrigued by the set up but I m going to hope the continuing plot thread plays heavily He smiled just for her Every woman should know the joy of having a man be joyful just for her presence. 5 stars Vampire Historical RomanceThis is a great start to a fantastic vampire historical romance series The Brotherhood of the Blood series is a unique take on vampire mythology, centering on six soldiers who became vampires by drinking from an ancient chalice infused with the essence of Lilith Be Mine Tonight, set in 1899, focuses on the brooding vampire Chapel and feisty heroine Prudence Pru I found author Smith s vampire lore intriguing, the plot well developed, and the romance believable and sweet An enjoyable, romantic read and a great start in an exciting series Excelent I could not put this book down I read this in one day.I have to let you know that this book brought tears to my eyes at the end.Chapel and Prudence s romance wrapped me into the story Prudence s determination to find the Holy Grail not for wealth but for healing really touched me She was dieing at a young age and she only wanted to live and she did for a short time when Chapel came into her life.Chapel who has lived for 6 centuries now was immortal from drinking from the Holy Grail Bloody Grail It turned him into a vampire but he did not like the idea of being considered a evil Monster so he vowed to the church to protect anyone from ever drinking from the grail again Only problem was that it was taken and hiden and only a few knew where it was.Eventually after Chapel first meets Prudence because of her quest to find the Holy Grail, he falls in love with her and she with him When Chapel finds out her illness he only loves her and when she finds out about what he is she wasn t scared and only loved him However when she figures out that he can save her and give her immortality, she longs for it but Chapel refuses to give it to her because he doesn t want to give her a curse that he believes he s been given and because of his vow with the church to protect every one from the Holy GRail and to redeem his soul so he may go to heaven one day.But on Prudence s last breath, she tells him that she loves him and he can barley stand it and finally realizes he can t live with out her and finally she is saved. This book read much like a typical regency historical romance, even though it was written in Victorian times 1899 and had a vampire The book was good, but if you are looking for a dark, edgy, sensual story about an underworld of vampires and creatures that go bump in the night, then pass on this book What this book delivers is a tender romance between a man and a woman, whereas the man is cursed with immortality, drinks human blood and has lived in solitude for the last 600 years unsure if he is a monstor or creation of God We learn about his background, how he became a vampire by drinking from Unholy Grail, but this isn t a story about vampires and an underworld of good vs evil That may evolve in later books in this series, but you don t see much here It s a typical Bob meets Jane love story, whereas he likes her, she likes him, but he has a secret which means he doesn t think he is good enough for her She works to convince him he is a good man, and presto they are in love there is also the issue with her dying and his decision to help her or not sorry, that ending was too predictable, but it added some needed emotion to the love story I can certainly see why there are fans of this book and series, as it was well written and the base plot good For me it was just OK as a romance, and a small let down for a paranormal. Another pretty original take on vampires, this one includes Arthurian legend, Knights of the Templar, and some biblical lore I don t believe I ve ever read anything by this author, but I was impressed enough to seek out by her.Chapel aka Severian de Fonce was a 14th century mercenary until he was sent on a mission with a group of men to obtain treasures of the Knights of Templar for King Philip Then, in an effort to save his own life after he is poisoned, he mistakenly drinks from what he believs is the Holy Grail It s actually the Blood Grail, made from the silver that Adam s first wife Lilith was turned to when she betrayed God by succumbing to the fallen angel Sammael And although Chapel is given the immortality he sought, he is also turned into a vampire, along with the other men who drank after him In the Victorian age, at the turn of the 20th century, he works for the church, and he is sent to protect people from the Blood Grail Prudence is dying, and therefore she is grasping at straws, hoping to find the Holy Grail When the church sends two men to oversee the search for the Grail, she expects to meet two kindly priests Instead, one of the two men is a handsome and mysterious man, and Prudence begins to long for some of the things that have so far eluded her before her time runs out.This book, honestly, moved me so much that I was sobbing in the end The first half is an adventurous and interesting look into the lore that makes up this series, but the ending when Prudence and Chapel fall in love is so heartbreaking Pru s calm acceptance of her fate, and Chapel s agony over either losing Prudence or betraying his beliefs is agonizing I can t wait to read the next in the series B ETA I realized I have read one of this author s books before In Your Arms Again but I m glad I forgot because this paranormal is much better. This was such a great book Chapel is just so sweet and it just kills me that Pru is dieing The time her and Chapel spend together is so great And they are just perfect together Of course, what author is going to write about a couple that isn t perfect together, but still And when she was just about to die and the way he just knew he couldn t live without heroooI loved it Only 2 stars won t be reading any from this series Opening LineIt was obvious the door was not meant to be opened This is one of those books that you either love or hate and while I didn t love this it did manage to redeem itself enough so that in the end I didn t hate it either Set in 1899 which for some reason I didn t know until I started reading Kathryn Smith knows her stuff when it comes to writing a historical The attention given here to the clothing, home trappings, servants and ones status all make for a rich and well written novel However my mind wandered a lot, as I grew bored with a story that took forever to get going and conversations that had as much internal dialogue as spoken word I also felt that Smith was unsure of where to take her story giving us hints of a great protagonist but never utilizing him, removing central characters for no apparent reason and throwing in several erotic sex scenes which were appreciated but felt gratuitous The story begins in 1307 with a group of King Philips soldiers locating what they believe to be the Holy Grail and drinking from it In actuality they have stumbled across something truly evil and its contents have now transformed them into blood lusting, sun sensitive immortals or Smith s version of Vampires Travelling forward we enter England in 1899 and are introduced to Prudence who along with her friend Marcus is on a hunt for the lost Holy Grail Pru s quest is somewhat personal for she hopes that the Grail will prolong her life and cure her inoperable cancer Prudence lives with her family in the English countryside and it s at the family manor that the entire book takes place Starting at a dinner party Pru is introduced to Chapel who works for the church and has come to visit out of interest for the Grail Chapel although charming is your typical self loathing Vampire, thinking he s a monster and certain he s going to hell yawn I did however like him because he s sexy and also just tortured enough to capture my attention Of course our couple are immediately besotted, spending their evenings together and falling in love, although because Chapel considers himself a monster he refuses to change Pru and a moral battle ensues as Pru grows sicker and after 600 years Chapel finally learns to live If you like historical romances and vampires then you ll probably enjoy this one which is very popular and has since become a series The Brotherhood Of Blood Cheers This is a story of Prudence and Chapel I was pleasantly suprised by this book I have issues with books in this time era It takes place in 1899 and although it is from that era it did not bother me in the least I loved how she decribed her Vampires and yes there was a lot of religious talk revolving around the Vampires But it was refreshing Talking about the Templar Knights and the Holy Grail was very cool as well.This book was very hot when it came to the lovin I mean seriously in public Wow I have to say that by the end of the book I cried It was so touching and I found myself crying with Chapel.The action was minimal for me that that was ok.I don t think that the story needed a lot of violence The author has a wonderful way of writing and I look forward to reading about the other men Check out their names Bishop, Saint, Temple, Reign and Chapel Love it.

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