Amelia Earhart: The Legend of the Lost Aviator

Amelia Earhart: The Legend of the Lost AviatorAmelia Earhart The Legend of the Lost Aviator by Shelley Tanaka is a legendary story about the famous pilot who made people stop and think the story focuses on Amelia Earhart and her plane that disappeared on July 2 in 1937 Amelia Earhart was an amazing woman due and her love for airplanes inspired many This book captures the wonder illustrations that shows original artwork as well as photographs This would be a great introduction to women making history and can be used in the classroom This book would be useful when discussing the journey women had made to make their lives worth living for This biography does a fantastic job of highlighting the life Amelia Earhart lived for Overall, this book would be great for an grade level since it is based off of history while incorporating pictures to help tell the amazing story of an amazing woman. Summary Growing up Amelia loved airplanes since she was a little girl She told her dad that she wanted to fly and she graduated from prep school and then started her flying lessons Amelia had a very expensive hobby so she needed a way to fund it She started many businesses that failed and took up odd jobs Amelia s love for flying grew and eventually she wanted to fly around the world Amelia set off for this exploration but sadly she never returned Grade 4th 5thClassroom HistoryIndividual Women s studies, historySmall group Discuss her life Whole Class Read aloudRelated Books Women s studies about Amelia Multi media Recorded readingAward Orbis Pictus The Ever Fascinating Story Of The Legendary Pilot Is Given New Life In This Vividly Told True Life Adventure Ever Since Amelia Earhart And Her Plane Disappeared On July , , People Have Wanted To Know About This Remarkable Woman Amelia Earhart Follows The Charismatic Aviator From Her First Sight Of An Airplane At The Age Of Ten To The Last Radio Transmission She Made Before She Vanished Illustrated With Original Artworks, Contemporary Photographs, Quotes, And Details, This Is A Great Introduction To The Famous Pilot The Book Includes A Bibliography And An Index I think this was a good book to read and would be a good book for students in elementary school to read There have been a thousand books written about Earhart, but what I liked about this one was the way there are paintings and pictures worked into the text I think the format really works to keep the reader engaged with visuals that support the text The topic of flying is exciting enough, but the use of visuals in this book just add to the effect.This book is broken down into five parts, and I think as a teacher you could set up your lessons around this structure What really makes it effective is how it portrays a female as strong and ambitious It creates quite the contrast from something like Cinderella that many students will have read.A good teacher would make connections to today s society, perhaps by even mentioning Hillary and her bid for the White House. Summary This is the book that won the Orbus Pictus Medal in 2009 The book is a simple and factual retelling of Amelia Earhart s life and love of flying It starts out with her in her early years when she isn t interested in flying It tells a little bit about her family life, her sister Muriel, her father s drinking problem, her mother and father separating, and when she got her interest in flying After the point in the story when Amelia gets an interest in flying the book mainly focuses on that and how it shifts and changes throughout the years From her days to working as a nurse during World War I and being fascinated with the planes that would land and take of from the base that she was working at To visiting her father in California and telling him of her interest in flying and having him ask an officer how long it takes to learn to fly and for him to take her on a flight This is her first flight and after that she is hooked After this point she sets about learning to fly but there is a long period in which she wasn t flying When she s working in England but she still has the desire to fly Then she gets a call asking if she wants to be part of something in aviation that is dangerous This is when she becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane, but only as a passenger From their it mentions her fame, that she marries, and how she pushes herself to prove that she deserves the fame by doing solo flights in the cockpit, flying across the Atlantic, from California to Hawaii, and her last flight, around the world It tells a tale of how Amelia and her Navigator, Fred, are lost at sea How Amelia never showed up at the last destination for her around the world trip The different theories that people had for what happened to her Mainly Amelia, wanted flying to be a normal thing, and pushed people, not just women to follow their dreams.Critique I really liked this book It wasn t heavily worded like most biographies are It was a simple and fun read that told the story of Amelia Earhart accurately without jump into conspiracy theories or stories about what happened to her I really liked the added darker sections that would tell about letters that fans wrote her, the history of flying, or other women that were fliers during her time or before.Use in Classroom This book is a book that I would use to lead into an activity about great women in history Read aloud the book to the class and then have them research other women in history that did shocking things for their time or invented things that we still use today or that were essential for their time It s a shot fun read and it can also be kept in the classroom library for student that wants to read it on their own. This book is for older readers although it has a picture book format The author describes Earhart s childhood and how much she loved adventure games, maps, and atlases When she couldn t find games challenging enough, she invented her own For example, she built her own roller coaster in her backyard when she was seven.After World War I, it happened that Earhart visited a military flying field and she decided she wanted to fly Her father arranged for her to ride in a plane and she was hooked She manage to find a woman instructor and soon arranged to buy her own plane As part of her learning process, she crashedthan once into soft fields , but was never deterred She became a social worker to support her hobby.In 1928 she got a call from a publisher and promoter, George Putnam, who was looking for a woman willing to fly from Newfoundland to England with another pilot and a mechanic She agreed and the three of them were successful, although they ended up in Wales rather than their original goal of Southampton She became famous, went on a speaking tour, and eventually married George Putnam She also became president of the first organization of licensed women pilots and helped start two commercial airlines She continued to fly though, setting new records You can see a timeline of her achievements here She wanted to prove she could fly across the Atlantic all alone, and in 1932 left from New Jersey for Newfoundland, and then out over the ocean In spite of bad weather and mechanical problems, she made it Ireland In 1935 she became the first woman to fly from Hawaii to California Now she wanted to fly around the world After several false starts, she left on June 1, 1937 with only one navigator, Fred Noonan She and Noonan were last heard of on July 2 after they took off from New Guinea As the Amelia Earhart website reports By June 29th, when they landed in Lae, New Guinea, all but 7,000 miles had been completed their next hop to Howland Island was by far the most challenging The U.S Coast Guard cutter ITASCA, their radio contact, was stationed just offshore of Howland Island Two other U.S ships, ordered to burn every light on board, were positioned along the flight route as markers Howland is such a small spot in the Pacific that every aid to locating it must be available, Earhart emphasized Early the next morning, the Itasca picked up the message, We must be on you, but we cannot see you Fuel is running low Been unable to reach you by radio We are flying at 1,000 feet The ship tried to reply, but the plane seemed not to hear At 8 45, Earhart reported, We are running north and south Nothing further was heard from her.The U.S government launched a massive search, but they were never found Rumors and conspiracy theories have proliferated ever since Some clues were found however on Gardner Island now called Nikumaroro , a remote island in the western Pacific Ocean.Nikumaroro Island is about 400 miles southeast of their intended destination, Howland Island The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery TIGHAR made several expeditions to Nikumaroro during the 1990s and 2000, finding bones and artifacts that may have belonged to Earhart and Noonan They theorized that Earhart and Noonan might have crash landed there, and survived for several weeks before succumbing to injury, starvation, disease or dehydration on the waterless atoll.The clues they found included beauty and skin care products that may have dated to the 1930s, parts of a folding pocket knife, traces of campfires bearing bird and fish bones, clams opened in the same way as oysters in New England, and U.S bottles dating from before World War II Small pieces of bone were found but DNA analysis could not even determine whether they were animal or human You can readabout the TIGHAR Earhart expeditions here, and you can read about their latest surprising findings here The author writes Perhaps her most important legacy is what she has to say to all of us male and female about having the courage to take on challenges and pursue a dream Think for yourself, she would say Figure out what you love to do And then go out and do it Side bars provideinformation on the history of the time There are also many actual photos in the book, as well as illustrations by David Craig At the end of the book, there are references and resources, including a list of websites withinformation The official Earhart website reports that she left a letter for her husband in case the flight proved to be her last Please know I am quite aware of the hazards, she said I want to do it because I want to do it Women must try to do things as men have tried When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others Evaluation Amelia Earhart was always one of my heroes, and this book does justice to her story I especially love the excellent collection of actual photos included in the book. Summary Amelia Earhart The Legend of the Lost Aviator outlines Amelia Earhart s early life, first flight, flight across the Atlantic, flying solo, and last flight Amelia is remembered as one of the bravest, most accomplished women in American history This book describes Amelia s triumphs and accomplishments using bright and detailed illustrations with corresponding captions The text is filled with interesting facts, primary documents, quotes and dates Evaluation In this text, the writing is completely factual, direct and straightforward The text outlines the life of Amelia in chronological order The text is long, but is organized in a chapter format with descriptive titles Since it is long, this text is best read in stages, only specific chapters, or reading excerpts The concepts in the text are presented in understandable and well defined terms The language of the text is high quality and academic Most terms are followed with an example in an illustration or in text Many of the illustrations are primary documents, so readers have an opportunity to analyze relics from past eras Because the illustrations are primary photographs, students will stay engaged and interested Captions are included for each photograph that give readersinsight The illustrations both add and clarify the information The book also includes multiple timelines students can use for a visual reference.Teaching Idea Excerpts of chapters from this book can be used to broaden students vocabulary The text is filled with unfamiliar words that enrich students language These words include compass, thermos, throttle, altitude, altimeter, and malfunctioned The teacher should read the text aloud The students will receive a hangout that has a chart with the following columns term, definition, example As the text is read aloud, the teacher will pause when an unfamiliar word is read The teacher will then discuss the definition and an example Students should be gives time to record the information on their chart After students learn the term, the teacher could then require students to complete a quick writing activity where they must write a fictional story, narrative, poem, or song using the term appropriately The length of this writing could vary depending on time. Amelia Earhart The Legend of the Lost Aviator tells a terrific story of the life of Amelia Earhart The book starts in the beginning of Amelia s life before she found her love for piloting The book reads chronologically through Amelia s life talking about her different experiences with finding herself as she grows up The story eventually gets to the tragic end of what is known about Amelia Earhart, talking about her final flight and disappearance This is a very informational book that is easy for most ages to read I think that it would be an interesting book to read as a class with maybe 4th or 5th graders It would also be a great way for students to get information about Amelia if a student wants to do a report on her or even if we were teaching a lesson on Amelia Earhart I think one downfall about this book is that it is a shorter picture book so there may not be as much detail in the book which means that it would be harder to get really interesting facts about Amelia However, I think that for a shorter report on her life this book is a great recommendation 1 Book summary, in your own words 3 pts Through this book, children learn about the life of Amelia Earhart from the time she was a child u until she dissappeared Students not only learn about the first female aviator, but also about planes and a piece of history The illustrations in the book a phenomenal and add to the story 2 Grade level, interest level, lexile 1 pt 2md 3rd grade3 Appropriate classroom use subject area 1 pt History classroom4 Individual students who might benefit from reading 1 pt Kids that are interested in History or planes5 Small group use literaturecircles 1 pt Students could look through book and discuss favorite parts, maybe make a map of where they think Amelia s lost aircraft is at.6 Whole class use read aloud 1 pt Popcorn read Carpet reading.7 Related books in genre subject or content area 1 pt Who Was Amelia Earhart By Kate Boehm Jerome8 Multimedia connections audio book, movie available 1 pt None available. 1 In this book, Amelia Earhart sees her first plane in 1908, when she was only 11 years old, however surprisingly she was not interested or impressed with the plane Later on in the book, we learn that she had went through jobs as far as a nurse s aid, photographer, truck driver, and a teacher She was then asked to ride as a passenger across the Atlantic Ocean She figured since none of the other jobs were working out for her, she would do it This made her to first woman to travel in a plane across the Atlantic Ocean This began her career as a pilot and a public speaker She would speak on the roles of women, saying that women were able to do everything that men could do, also telling people about her experiences such as flying and encouraging people to try it In 1932, she officially became the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean Then in 1935, she became the first female pilot to fly from Hawaii to California In 1937 she flew three quarters of the way around the world before disappearing over the ocean The books talks of her childhood and her upbringing that influenced who she is today The author also tells of theories that might of happened to Amelia, and has pictures of artifacts found on the island where she may have been stranded There are also websites for activities at the end of the book, great for the classroom 2 Age Level 8 12 years old Grade Level 3rd 6th grade3 Appropriate classroom use History to teach that she was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean4 Individual students who might benefit from this book would be students who love History, or students that love airplanes flying 5 Small group use Small group use could be for each group to come up with a theory of what happened to Amelia Earhart and why they think so, and each group can share with the class.6 Whole class use Read the book as class, and make a timeline up on the board as a class of all of Amelia s accomplishments throughout her lifetime7 Related books Who was Amelia Earhart , Riding Freedom, Night Flight Amelia Earhart Crosses the Atlantic8 Multimedia connections The video I found is not particularly about the book, but it is an educational video about Amelia Earhart specifically for kids, on YouTube There is also a BrainPop video about Amelia Earhart that would be great to use in the classroom as well.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Amelia Earhart: The Legend of the Lost Aviator book, this is one of the most wanted Shelley Tanaka author readers around the world.

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