The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art

The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art The Predicament Of Culture Is A Critical Ethnography Of The West In Its Changing Relations With Other Societies Analyzing Cultural Practices Such As Anthropology, Travel Writing, Collecting, And Museum Displays Of Tribal Art, James Clifford Shows Authoritative Accounts Of Other Ways Of Life To Be Contingent Fictions, Now Actively Contested In Post Colonial Contexts His Critique Raises Questions Of Global Significance Who Has The Authority To Speak For Any Group S Identity And Authenticity What Are The Essential Elements And Boundaries Of A Culture How Do Self And The Other Clash In The Encounters Of Ethnography, Travel, And Modern Interethnic Relations In Chapters Devoted To The History Of Anthropology, Clifford Discusses The Work Of Malinowski, Mead, Griaule, L Vi Strauss, Turner, Geertz, And Other Influential Scholars He Also Explores The Affinity Of Ethnography With Avant Garde Art And Writing, Recovering A Subversive, Self Reflexive Cultural Criticism The Surrealists Encounters With Paris Or New York, The Work Of Georges Bataille And Michel Leiris In The Coll Ge De Sociologie, And The Hybrid Constructions Of Recent Tribal Artists Offer Provocative Ethnographic Examples That Challenge Familiar Notions Of Difference And Identity In An Emerging Global Modernity, The Exotic Is Unexpectedly Nearby, The Familiar Strangely Distanced

James Clifford is a historian and Professor in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz Clifford and Hayden White were among the first faculty directly appointed to the History of Consciousness Ph.D program in 1978, which was originally the only graduate department at UC Santa Cruz The History of Consciousness department continues to be an intellectual

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  • The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art
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10 thoughts on “The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art

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    Clifford is excellent for understanding the construct of culture between the first and third world For anyone studying art that traverses cultural and temporal lines, this is a must read.

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    What I like about this book besides its marriage of anthropology, history, and literary studies is its form Clifford argues that collage is a representative form of culture than a linear, cohesive narrative And then he does it.

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    The beginning of the Pure Products Go Crazy and the first strains of Summer Babe by Pavement both marked thresholds that I knew I was crossing as I was crossing them.

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    just finished a frankly amazing book that treats many of the issues surrounding the topic of repatriation fairly extensively james clifford s the predicament of culture twentieth century ethnography, literature, and art from 1988, a collection of essays about art collecting and about the colonial context of that collecting is an exceedingly relevant and up to date exploration, despite having been written some 30 35 years ago.there was a huge vogue in indigenous, native, tribal, and african work culture in the early 20th century, which vogue governments and museums fed via missions to plunder these places given that the colonial age wasn t beginning to end until around 1950, that s a good long time to be plundering this is a very complicated topic but clifford tackles it deftly if you are interested in the intersection of art and culture, I can unequivocally recommend this book to you but with one proviso given below clifford is an extremely engaging writer this is actually some of the best academic prose I ve come across, especially in the realm of art.though a small proviso is in order I can t imagine that the book would be easy sensible reading if you are completely new to surrealism a topic that forms much of the book s plot also if you are completely unfamiliar with cultural anthropology, this is probably not the best book to start out with as it presupposes a bit of familiarity with some of cultural anthropology s basic conceptual tools and many of surrealism s keynotes and leitmotifs, I think most of the book will simply go over your head and you d be left wondering what the point of the author s efforts were if you don t have already a familiarity with these two topics.

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    preso in bibliotecaAh, il vecchio Clifford Questo era un testo a scelta in un esame Lui mi era piaciuto, volevo capire di pi Ma al terzo capitolo avevo capito Avevo capito che non sarei riuscita a finire il libro No, questo tipo di analisi non mi hanno mai appassionata Magari sar per la prossima volta, eh

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    Excellent book Good glimpse of where culture is today and the nature of complexity His message is bitter sweet

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    collecting art and culture

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