The Mistletoe and Sword: A Story of Roman Britain

The Mistletoe and Sword: A Story of Roman BritainFrom A Fascinating Corner Of History, Comes A Thrilling Story Of England In The Time Of The Romans Quintus Tullius, A Young Standard Bearer For The Ninth Roman Legion, Vows To Properly Bury His Grandfather Who Had Been Killed By The Druids In The Strange Foreign Country Of The Britons, Quintus Meets Lovely Regan, The Mysterious Foster Daughter Of The Warrior Queen Of The Iceanians Once, He Saves Her, And Then In A Daring Scene, She Rescues Him They Are At Once Bound Into History In A Time Of Magic And Mystery Anya Seton was one of my favorite authors when I was in high school and college She wrote historical fiction and this was where I learned a lot about English history Her novels were very well researched So I decided to revisit this author and found this book in my local library Had I read it back in the day, I probably would not have continued to read Seton s books This was like reading a history book of events that took place when the Romans occupied Briton in the time of Julius Caesar and after Not much of a story line rather boring. Young Roman soldier Quintus Tullius finds his lifetime dream fulfilled to travel to Britain as part of the army and try to find the body of his long dead great grandfather killed by Druids What he finds instead turns out to be something he did not know he needed Set in AD 60 61 in Roman Britain, Seton, using period accounts and contemporary studies, recounts the exact historical events surrounding the uprising of the British tribes against the Roman army, led by fearsome Queen Boadicea The book starts out a bit slowly but picks up momentum, and Seton does an excellent job of fleshing out history and making it immediate She does not bother with much description, and her language is accessible If you read Asterix comics, you will find the time period to be familiar with much less humor, of course Upper teen adult. I don t know what it is about Anya Seton that I love so much She does have a few books that I could live without, but this one is one of her better ones, if quite short There s something to be said about a decently sized historical fiction book that can be as atmospheric as tomes three times its size The story of Quintus and Regan captured me right away and I found myself thinking of these characters even when I wasn t reading Queen Boudicca was fabulous, as she should be, though she s not a major character Highly recommended for all fans of Roman HF and fans of The Eagle and the Raven. I have read a few of Anya Seton s books over the years and I ve found them to be thoroughly escapist and always satisfying I d liken them to a big summer blockbuster, but not the kind where you role your eyes or walk out of the theater Think Harry Potter, not Transformers 2 So if you feel like getting carried away to a land of defiant ladies, reckless soldiers, and in this case, druids.Anya Seton is for you I m not quite ready to return to reality I think I ll go check out another one. I learned a lot, actually I really didn t know anything about the history of Britain and the influence of the Roman Empire at this time Also, I was intrigued about the story of Boadicea Boudicca and had to look up info The characters are well developed and what better way to learn history than in a well written book that is securely based on good research At the end, the reader realizes that all history is a result of two civilizations coming into contact and then blending to form something new and different Hard to put down. I usually can t put an Anya Seton book down, but this book wasn t up to par with her other books It took me months to get through this because I was bored I felt like the story was rushed in some areas and the characters were juvenile I wonder if the author was bored with this novel The final battle with Boadicea was very anti climatic I was very interested in reading Seton s take of this period in Roman English history because her books are very well researched I m usually Googling when I m reading an Anya Seton book to see how much is based on facts and how much she embellishes It s too bad that there just isn t a lot of good historical sources that covers the Druids and Celts It s still worth a read if you are interested in this period of history. I thought the story gave a good insight into some of the key historical characters of 60AD Britain and did so with a not too soppy love story running through.It is a nice easy read and not too long either.I didn t like that the chapter is summarised at its start, couldn t see the merit of spoilers. 100 years after Julius Cesar s failed attempt at conquering Britain, Rome is ready to once again bring the savage nation to heel This short story follows our hero Quintus Quintus is a young man, fresh from the streets of Rome itself A good person who always tries to do the right thing, his goal is not to conquer, but to lay to rest the bones of his ancestor who died in the first invasion Fate has other plans, though, and he is there during the scourge of Boudica and the violation of daughters that sets in motion Boudica s determined campaign to rid Britain of Rome forever After much horror and destruction, Quintus is sent to summon the Second Legion to help put a stop Bodica s ethnic cleanse, with non other then Boudica s foster daughter herself, Regan, who prefers a less violent and severe method of dealing with Rome Especially one kind, handsome Roman, while Quintus will be tested and face the toughest challenges of his young lifeWell researched and written, I very much enjoyed this book I wish Regan had had a slightly prominent part, but overall, this book is very much a keeper. While not my favorite of Seton s work, this was still very enjoyable At times, it got a little boring I do wish it had been longer so that we could have spent time with some of the British characters, such as Regan Otherwise, it was fun and pleasant to read.

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