Wicked Destiny (Wicked Witches, #1)

Wicked Destiny (Wicked Witches, #1) Trouble That S How Everybody Described Destiny O Neill Trouble Wrapped Up In A Smart Assed Bow The First Black Witch Born To The Celtic Gods In A Thousand Years, Destiny S Tongue Was As Poisonous As Her Magic And Her Parties Were The Stuff Of Legend Until Two Stripes On A Pregnancy Test Changed Everything Now All Destiny Wants Is A Normal Life She Wants To Pass Her Exams, Graduate University, And Look After The Only People That Matter In Her Life Her Daughter And Her Aunt She Doesn T Want To Hear About The Magical Police Division Or How Much Her Skills Could Help Them And She S Sorry About Those Missing Kids On The News But It S Not Her Problem All Destiny Needs To Do Is Get Past Her Twenty First Birthday Without Using Her Powers, And She Will Be Approved To Join The Ranks Of The Free Witches And Escape The Family, For Once And For All No Problem Until The Boy With The Blue Eyes Crosses Her Path Again Fans Of Bad Ass Witches, Intriguing Warlocks, Paranormal Detectives, And Fast Paced Action Will Loved This Mesmerizing New Paranormal Fantasy Series From LC Hibbett Wicked Destiny Is A Full Length Novel The Wicked Witches Series Is An Urban Fantasy Paranormal Mystery Series With A Slow Burn Reverse Harem Romantic Elements Warning Salty Language Used Throughout Romantic Scenes Increasing In Heat As The Series Progresses AwesomeI was looking for something a little different when I saw this book Now I can t wait to read the next book in the series This one had Ireland, witches, faeries, gods, gifted humans and. In a world where witches abilities are denoted by colour, Destiny is the first black witch to be born for generations Her power To suck the lifeforce from living beings And black witches are always evil, right Well not this one Destiny plans on overturning that evil tag, which means escaping the god, Balor, who just happens to be her father, and joining the Coven of Free Witches in Dublin Until she reaches the age of 21 and becomes eligible to join the Coven she needs to stay alive, earn a living, and keep her 2 year old toddler safe and off the supernatural radar So, when she gets entangled in an investigation into the disappearance of supernatural children from a wide range of species, life becomes than a bit tricky I really enjoyed this story, it s refreshing to have Dublin, Ireland, as the setting, and the world building was solid Politics rears its ugly head in very believable ways, there is plenty of action, humour, and slow burn romance the reverse harem tag is a bit misleading at this stage of the series, though the end hints at where this is going.Dialogue is great, as are the characters, and Destiny s motives are a secure driving force for the plot I think this will really appeal to mothers, which is where it didn t grab me so well, as I m not a parent There is a short prequel attached to the end of the book and although you don t need to have read it to understand the novel, I did, and I d highly recommend it, as it makes things a lot clearer For me, the ending felt rushed It s a satisfying conclusion I was starting to panic at about 80% in, suddenly wondering if I d been duped into reading another of those books that ends on a cliff hanger, but thankfully that wasn t the case , I just felt it could have been expanded a bit to produce a satisfying emotional punch The wrap up promises to come from this group, and I will be reading it, as I found Destiny to be a character with a lot to offer yet Recommended for readers of Urban Fantasy who like something a touch different from the usual kick ass, sword wielding female protagonist. This is a very exciting fantasy reverse harem read, it s full of twists and turns and is a hell if a story and i am hoping that there s to come I ve liked all the other reads I ve had from this author but this might be my favorite one I ve always liked interconnected series rehashing previous characters unraveling subplots from the main story line. Honestly, before this I was in some kind of a slump esp from reverse harem reads so I was glad that I finished this one in one sitting. Though, I admit, I was conflicted with the main charactersmainly with the rapport of each hero with the heroine The heroine herself was a 50 5o for me Half of the time mostly her as a mother and daughter I was fond of her I admired all young single mothers, sometimes to the extent of hero worshiping them And re reading the prequel to this, the heroine had come a long way from being spoiled rare black witch daughter to a freaking god to this hardworking, selfless mom. It was justI also had ugh meh feelings for her for the other half of time But that could also because no one s perfect and she s bound to make mistakes, too. Most of the reasons why I was irritated by the heroine was because of her rocky connections with the heroes Ok, let s start off with Markus As the childhood friend turned boyfriend to the heroine, I ve also had to see him in the prequel as a self entitled boy Then there s also the indication that he cheated on the heroine with the best friend ugh, challenges my non judge mentality, istg So wasn t it only natural that the then newly found pregnant heroine felt insecure as to whether he would could shoulder the responsibility And jesus fucking christ, speaking of the devil, Willow seemed the same to me Just a kiss, my ass Still blaming others, only difference was the crazy father set his sights on her Anyway, back to Markus His recent character, as someone who was supposed to have grown up, only got brief actions in general so I would have to read from him to get a grasp of him And hopefully to get him bonding moments with his daughter He deserved that now,at least. Nick Although his beginnings with the heroine was built on a rocky foundation, both the good intentions and almost futile attempts in forming a relationship with the heroine definitely overthrew the said rocky foundation. Lastly, Patrick My favorite He s spent the least time with her but had the best relationship with the heroine And dare I say has the best chemistry among the guys Complements the heroine very well. Hope to read from this author real soon DestinedThis is quite a good novel, however, the protagonist blathered on until I felt like clapping my hand over her mouth. I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review.Wicked Destiny was an immensely enjoyable book with a strong female protagonist, well crafted world and well written plot I ve read the first book in the companion series to this one, so I knew a little about the world already, but even so Wicked Destiny was still better written and if I d read them the other way around I probably wouldn t have been as confused when I read Beauty s Beasts the first in the companion series I was also engaged the entire way through and found myself constantly wanting to know what happened next.Destiny herself was a breath of fresh air Unlike so many female protagonists, her main priority was not centred around her love interest or should I say interests , but was instead focused on her daughter Yes the romance element was there, but it wasn t a dominating part of the plot It didn t saturate the story to the point where it was painful to read, but instead complemented it nicely.There was also less dramatic endings in Wicked Destiny I mentioned in my review of Beauty s Beasts that there were so many chapters which ended dramatically, like with a secret being revealed or some sort of dangerous situation occurring, to the point where it became monotonous and predictable This wasn t the case in Wicked Destiny There were some dramatic endings definitely, but enough to keep the story suspenseful and exciting rather than boring the reader with its predictability.I will admit that before going into this book, I was wary considering it s set in the same world as Beauty s Beasts and I was a little disappointed with that particular book, but I can safely say that Wicked Destiny lived up to the standard I had come to expect from L.C Hibbett from her Demon Born Trilogy and I m very much looking forward to the next one. When push comes to shove, you ve got two choices in life drown or swim For whatever reason, I did not expect much from this book I don t even have any excuse as to why I judged it this way, but I m glad to say that I was wrong Even though the beginning was a little confusing and the thought what the hell is going on crossed my mind than once during reading, the story never failed to draw a reaction out of me It was captivating I was on page one and already my eyebrows were raised and I was blinking stupidly at the page because I did not expect it to start dropping bombs at me so early in the story The world building wasinteresting, to say the least, but I still want to know about it I also liked the characters, however little we got to know about them They seem like an interesting bunch I did somehow managed to guess who the bad guy was the moment we met that person, but it still surprised me that I got that right.So, to sum things up I definitely liked Wicked Destiny and I want There is a lot left to learn here and I really want to see where the story will take us next. FREE on today 1 8 2018 Two bars means the party is overI love how Destiny goes from party princess to forced maturity once she realizes she s pregnant there s a prequel story attached as an extra at the novels end not necessary to the tale but it does give great background , and I love how she puts her child above everything else even in the face of newfound poverty Despite her name, and despite being the first the first black witch born into any family of the Celtic gods for thousands of years, Destiny Des isn t going to allow destiny to control her Circumstances may force her to act, but this gal has her head screwed on right Ditto for her three main men, Nick, Trick and Markus hey, if they re ok sharing there s no reason to make a gal choose The romance is on a slow burn here, though I suspect the temperature will increase in later books The action, not slow slow This is a well plotted novel with some really great characters and excellent words building Fans of L.C Hibbett s other books will not be disappointed, and newcomers are in for a treat Highly recommended.

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