The White Queen; Complete Series (Queens Of Draxos, #1)

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Scarlett Grove is a USA Today Bestselling Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author Scarlett started publishing her adventurous, sexy stories in 2014 and now has dozens of titles spanning multiple worlds Her Best Selling Series Include Fate Mountain ShiftersBraving DarknessDraconians and Elemental Dragons The White QueenShe is currently obsessed with reverse harems, all things paranormal, an

❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The White Queen; Complete Series (Queens Of Draxos, #1) By Scarlett Grove ➝ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 218 pages
  • The White Queen; Complete Series (Queens Of Draxos, #1)
  • Scarlett Grove
  • English
  • 22 May 2017

10 thoughts on “The White Queen; Complete Series (Queens Of Draxos, #1)

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    Multiple fated matesAlthough some parts were a bit much, I really enjoyed this series The White Queen is really just a scientist, Joon She is one of few unmated female dragons left in her world When she turned 21 she was fought over by unmated males until her fated mate became thralled I loved the wonderful surprise that she had than one fated mate There was a lot of rivalry at the beginning To have that many mates there was going to be some fights I would have liked to see some behind the scenes with the guys It was hard to believe some of the other events that occurred One big one was how the guys just started to get along The biggest, ridiculously, unbelievable event was how Joon found a life changing book in a locked up and gaurded library without a catalogue That was a bit much.My favorite parts were the ending and the dates with the men.

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    It s Raining Dragons I don t like cliffhangers, but these are so well written that it really doesn t leave you hanging, does that make sense Well one way to find out, but then you ll have the whole thing at your fingertips, not like me I had to wait a week to read the next book Wish I had had it this way, but I do and I m going to read the whole thing again in one shot.LoLJoon is one lucky Dragon female, 5 Mates, OMG Each different dragon in form, personality, color and passion, who could ask for and she was worried about having 5 mates.Now she can t get over the fact that each one is very much individual than the next.She is worried that some of them will want to stifle her independence and being a scientist searching for a cure for the terrible plague that has almost wiped out her people the Draxos, it is very important to her that this doesn t happen Will this White Queen be able to juggle it all Every single one of these books had me sweating, these dragons are so passionate and they were so well written that I felt like I was there.

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    It was If the characters did their job by rote.I did not enjoy this story at all really,I never felt like these characters were real, they just all seemed like actors barely automated on a stage going through the motions of what they were expected to do by rote..Joon was expected to mate soo she did,she dragged her feet on it but the did,her mates were supposed desire her and to desire mating w her soo they did and even though there were brief attempts at personalities w the characters for the said mates , sighs they really all kinda ran together.I m shaking my head at this,I just don t get why if your gonna play around in the PNR Alien sandbox why the hell does your heroine have to be soo damn you for and naive Huh Why We re given a 21 year old girl in a race where the ppl live to be at least 200, fertility issues or not she could at least be a little older,have at least a little maturity and Not A Freakin Virgin Hey,I m not ashamed I m over 40, I m not skinny,I m NOT a virgin,and guess what else, crazy I know,but unlike almost ever other woman in these book, brace your yourself ,getting insane here, ok I don t have my hair down my back Crazy right According to all these books, PNR , contemporary, alien sci fi, steam punk, of course historical ,but at least that makes sense you name the genre, 9 times out of 10 , she has to be young to too young 0 come on a 17 year old in a RH reverse harem Really,really Sorry for my lil rant, but I loved recently w N.j Walters a writer I follow on FB recent,y showed a h one the cover w show hair it just soo rarely ever done and I personally get soo tired of in a world full of imperfections my my escape for them is usually a works where not only can I not relate to the h because she almost always to be young, naive and have a physically perfect body unlike myself, but she s foolish and stupid and makes decisions I really wanna smack her forSoo yeah, no, tour right I soo did not like Joon, all that mattered in this story seemed to be solving the plague that made almost not females being bornOk, sure that needs to be solved but by a 21 year old Oooooooooook, seriously that s almost the book is about that and lots and lots if sex, the mates just seemed to be their because this was supposed to be s romance and Ms Joon needed to be a hero and eventually give birth to soo many babies that it really..Joon is a bit immature and selfish and self absorbed despite her seeming noble mission, the men are treated like of a side dish she chooses to nibble on when she has the time to spare and even though you have two military men a general and one trained in espionage a Senator almost 80 years her senior ,a poetic prince and well Mika never seemed to have and thing to his credit expect finishing Uni they just all seemed to sit around their mansion waiting like puppies for her attention w Yes, Queen this and Yes, Queen that All differing to here no matter how alpha, older or experienced etc they were, it was of a female lead relationship where she seemed to be in charge and led them around by the noseEeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww I don t want a female led relationship, I am one but I want big string alpha type who can take charge and take care w our taking all my or their controlThese men looked weak and like I said like they were their just to be there and help her make lots of babies Sighs, no thank you Btw the puffkins though once a brand name for stuffed animals were a cute addition to the story,I think if I m going have characters just following a script like this I d go back to a daytime soap I hear Samiis back on Days of our lives and Jason is back on GH 3 stars for the effort I won t be back..

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    Captivating and refreshingly different This dystopian paranormal series was a fantastic surprise. I had no preconceived ideas of the story or the premise but I found it captivating and refreshingly different this wonderfully imagined alternative universe has a fascinating history, lore and legend which added to the authenticity of Draxos and it s dragon inhabitants I am a succour for a reverse harem story with Joon a beautiful, intelligent young ice breathing dragon and 5 hot guys I was addicted from the get go I really loved Joon her measured response to the circumstances she finds herself, through no fault of her own, is remarkable, and the conflict she experiences regarding her future makes her seem very real I love the fact that Joon is a brilliant scientist who has the opportunity to save her people through her knowledge and through her intimate connections with her five enthralled mates..Joon has too many responsibilities and her lovers are only too willing to take some of her burden on to their strong capable shoulders.these men are so loyal and caringI was not disappointed with the conclusion.., all the loose ends were tied up and a cameo appearance of Sysko with his human mate opened a galaxy of possibilities for stories in the futureA thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read..I am sad to say goodbye to Joon and her men hopefully they will feature in other books along the way.I received an advanced of this series from the author

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    I love reverse harem stories This is the beginning of a whole new series that will be fantastic, if this story is an example I loved that Joon is a scientist and working on a cure for fertility issues of the Draxos Females are few and babies are not being conceived Besides her medical research, she has enthralled 5 very different males Either she chooses all of them or the males she does not choose will die Their courtship is somewhat funny They are all living in the same house trying to convince Joon that they should be the one After a few major remodeling jobs effects of male posturing with each other they finally find a way to get along without destroying anything I waited on each episode with baited breath and dropped everything to read them when they did come Don t miss the chance to meet Joon and her mates I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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    This was a surprising good book recommended to me from kindle UnlimitedI read the blurb thinking that this was a series of books, though it is actually I book My understanding is that the author wrote this In chapters and shared them before it was all bundled together Which I m so glad otherwise this would have extremely frustrating as some chapters ended with a cliff hanger Thankfully this had a nice bit of drama, romantic scenes and ended nice I hope books will come along, I m intrigued by the Dragon culture , shortage of females and alpha dragons choosing same sex partners for companionship I also want the story of the enemy attacking earth , and the humans who fought them and meeting the dragons How the thrall started with the humans, leading to conversion.

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    She must pick a mate, but when five males thrall for her what can she do She ll give each a chance to win her heart But for the ones she doesn t pick, it means a death sentence from the thrall of their own body The are an alien race of dragon shifters Because of a plague only 5% of the populations female And fewer females are born each year They pick their fated mates through a competition If the male thralls, he is a match Five males will lead to some very hot scenes in the story But I don t want to leave out that the female is also a brilliant scientist trying to cure the plague and really doesn t have the time for mating right now But letting the males die is also not possible for her.

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    I received this book for a voluntary and honest review When I received this I originally read them all as individual books This series is amazing and will take you on a ride from the first word of the first book to the very end There is so much I want to tell you about this set but when I originally read this book they were all short stories as part of the whole So saying that I don t want to ruin anything in these books for anyone I will say you will not be disappointed and it will have your attention the whole way through I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

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    This is the story of a geneticist who does her duty to the dragons of Draxos while continuing her search for the cure of the plague that decimated their numbers especially the birth of female dragon.I loved it and cannot wait to get stories about the Queens.I received individual advance copies that I voluntarily read and was not compensated for this opinion.I read each as indivu

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    A unique series, full of frantic passion and an action packed storyline Joon the young Queen is faced with the impossible task of choosing from 5 possible mates who have already battled to have a chance to be with her Tensions are high as all 5 DragonShifter Warriors almost Immediately bond with her Joon certainly has a unique way of dealing with the dilemma I voluntarily read reviewed this Advance Reader Copy.

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