Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish Keira Ashe Is Twenty Two She Has Just Graduated From College And Now She Can Go On That Trip She Has Been Planning To Take For Years She Is Shy And She Has Never Traveled Alone But She Feels Her Luck May Be About To Change When She Meets A Gorgeous Bartender Declan Slane Is Twenty Six And Works As A Bartender In Dublin He Hasn T Been Very Lucky In His Love Life But He Isn T Looking For A Girlfriend So, He Isn T Very Happy To Meet A Certain Breathtaking American Who Walks Into His Bar One Afternoon This Is A Story Of Firsts Keira S First Trip Abroad The First Time She Visits Her Great Grandparents Home Country Ireland The First Time She Watches Her Favorite Rock Band Play In Their Hometown Dublin The First Time She Considers Giving Herself To A Man Declan

USA Today best selling author Liz Gavin, has accomplished much in her short career Her books have made to 1 and Top Five best selling ranks in her home country Brazil and others as diverse as Japan, the UK and the US both in English and Portuguese, collecting 5 and 4 star reviews Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award in 2016, and again in 2017, this RWA member constantly seeks new opportunit

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    I think this story has good bones The storyline is very promising For that reason I would have loved to give a 4 star review I think with some additional research and some editing to tighten the story up a bit, it could very easily be worthy of a 4 or 5 star review The research I mention refers to details like press coverage of an attempted rape I would LOVE it if that violent act made international news, but sadly it only very occasionally makes local news There was discussion in the book of Keira s family in the US hearing about her experience in Ireland in the news I suppose if there was a Jack the Ripper type monster out there, and Keira s attack had finally gotten him caught, that MAY make big, headline news If that were the case, though, I would have expected to hear about the danger of that type of madman being on the loose when her mother fretted in the beginning about her daughter going away on her own, or at least in the form of some sort of warning from people along her journey to beware of the dangerous rapist murderer roaming Ireland The editing I mention refers to unnecessary scenes that clog up the tempo a bit, but importantly details like When Keira is on the phone with Declan, he says toward the end of the conversation, Adorable is for puppies I m a 26 year old man Yet, I think it s the very next day when Paul asks Keira how old her boyfriend is and she becomes embarrassed, because she doesn t know I appreciate the time and effort that went into writing this story, and I thank Ms Gavin for sharing it I wish her much success in her future writing

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    I didn t realise when I started reading that this is the first part of a full length book.I downloaded this book when it first appeared in the free chart, normally I check out the reviews before reading but I woke up at some crazy time this morning and since is was already on my kindle and I knew it was a short read I just went for it, if I d bothered to check the reviews the thoughts in speech marks wouldn t have thrown me as much as it did, since I read fairly quickly so it made reading for me confusing and difficult, apart from that I liked Keira and Declan and the descriptions of Dublin.Wish I d read Laura s review first.

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    FREE on today 3 14 2018 Blurb Keira Ashe is twenty two She has just graduated from college and now she can go on that trip she has been planning to take for years She is shy and she has never traveled alone but she feels her luck may be about to change when she meets a gorgeous bartender Declan Slane is twenty six and works as a bartender in Dublin He hasn t been very lucky in his love life but he isn t looking for a girlfriend So, he isn t very happy to meet a certain breathtaking American who walks into his bar one afternoon This is a story of firsts Keira s first trip abroad the first time she visits her great grandparents home country Ireland the first time she watches her favorite rock band play in their hometown Dublin the first time she considers giving herself to a man Declan.

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    Couldn t even force myself to read than 30% of this novel So lacking in depth or realism or fluidity or editing I hate the characters, who are shallow and flighty I can t find the plot beyond boy meets girl and they fall madly in love at first sight, but ridiculous imagined issues keep them apart and in the meantime, they fantasize graphically about each other I would feel a whole lot better about this novel if the author was a teenager because that would explain a whole lot The editor, if there was an editor, was asleep at the wheel on this I just can t even smh.

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    Luck of the Irish tells Keira and Declan s road to love It begins with Keira traveling to Ireland, meeting Declan, and from there the danger and suspense begins The romance is woven throughout the book, and I thought the sexual scenes were very well done I rooted for Keira and Declan to have their happy ending There are a couple of reasons why I am only giving this 4 stars One the criminal investigation into the attack and how law enforcement treated Keira and Declan I don t want to give spoilers so I m trying to be vague Maybe it s because I have worked in law enforcement for 11 years, but the policies and procedures they followed in the book just felt off wrong That s not how it is In the US anyway In Ireland, it could be plausible, but I don t think so Also, there were a couple of times where I had to go back and reread a few pages because I wasn t sure of the turn the story had taken Were we in Keira s head, or Declan s, or someone else s All in all, it is a good book and I m glad I read it I will read by Liz Gavin.

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    Not sure on the writing style Change of POV s within a chapter When the hero or heroine are thinking to themselves the author inserts speech marks which makes it confusing.This is actually a sample of the full length book to come I enjoyed the descriptions of Dublin but the actual storyline left a lot to be desired so I won t bother reading the full story.

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    I liked this story, and although a lot happened in it and it was a bit suspenseful I did find the book very slow paced but I did enjoy the story as a whole so 4 stars

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    I was looking forward to reading this book as Liz Gavin is such an amazing writer who manages to captivate her audience I received a copy of this book for an honest review of it I ve only read a small few of her books but you can see from the moment you start to read that she has a way of placing words together to form such an amazing story From the beginning of this book I was hooked but as I started to read further the story actually touched a place in my heart, and considering I have been through something similar to what Kiera went through I am glad that I ve had the opportunity to have read such an amazing story.This story starts off with Kiera who has been saving up all of her money for the past few years so that she can travel to Ireland to see where U2 perform in their home town of Dublin and to also visit the places that her grandfather used to tell her stories about However when she first gets there not everything seems to be going her way, after discovering that the U2 concert is cancelled she is extremely upset as that was one of her dreams She does manage to make a few new friends in light of what s happened as they are also U2 fans as well After moping round in her hotel room for at least two days, she decides to head out and do a little bit of sightseeing before she heads on to her next destination The last thing that she was expecting to do on this trip was fall in love with anyone or even meet someone who caught her eye so when she ends up going to get something to eat she is honestly shocked at the electricity that sparks up her arm after meeting Declan They end up talking a little but then he chooses to go back to being all professional again and Kiera can t work out what she did wrong The day before she leaves to go exploring around Ireland she ends up bumping in Declan again and sparks are honestly flying, he chooses not to go all the way with her as he figured out that she has never had sex with anyone but gets her to promise before she leaves Ireland to go home that she come back to Dublin and he takes her out on a real date so that they can get to know each other After promising to keep in contact with each other Kiera goes on her way to explore the rest of Ireland, she meets some nice caring people but when the car she uses breaks down leaving her stranded she gets rescued by a lovely couple who drive her to their home so that she can call for a tow truck However when the guy arrives she gets a bad feeling about him so she keeps her answers short with him Little does Kiera know that her life is about to be turned upside down Trust me when I say that after reading any of Liz Gavin s work you will fall in love with this book the most, her writing is special in that way and you will always be drawn in no matter what the story is about You won t be sorry when choosing this book I can t wait to read of her work as she never disappoints.

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    LUCK OF THE IRISH COMPLETE EDITION By Liz GavenKeira Ashe is excited Her dream of visiting Ireland becomes a reality Her Grandfather related stories of his homeland to her as a child Now, at the age of 22, she will see it for herself Excitement overcomes her fears and shyness as she prepares to make this solo journey come true The best part is that she s going to see her favorite group, U2, play live Her first disaster is that the group is forced to cancel the concert While disappointed, Keira makes the best of it, finds friends with another tourist group staying at her hotel, and goes out on the town with them They all drown their sorrow of not seeing U2 in beer something Keira never does.Her drunkenness does one good thing to replace her hideous hangover she gets to meet 26 year old Declan, who gently takes care of her even after meeting her in an often comical, yet embarrassing state of inebriation He sees the sweetness in the blonde, green eyed beauty, in spite of slurred words and wobbly steps Keira, even sober, has never see a man as handsomely scrumptious as Declan and is ready, willing and able to give herself completely to him Declan, despite being passionately smitten himself, refuses to take her virginity, despite erotic, sensual lovemaking that nearly sets the sheets on fire Besides, in two weeks, Keira will leave for the United States They agree to wait until her tour is over before deciding what to do about their mutual attraction Is it love at first sight or lusty sexual passion Keira sets off for her two weeks of visiting Ireland and happens to see Declan hugging a woman outside a coffee shop Her heart breaks, the magic spell cracks apart, and her mother s stubborn as a mule words for her kick into gear Reality hits hard but Keira is a survivor Is she giving up on Declan too soon Suddenly danger looms and her life turns toward a different direction.Author Liz Gavin writes a novel that romance lovers will enjoy The sex scenes are hot and sensual, but from love as much as lust One feels the steam rising, hears their hearts pounding as Keira and Declan discover ecstasy neither has ever felt before As the plot develops, thorns keep jutting through the roses yet this book will keep readers on edge as they pause to wonder if there really is Luck of the Irish Micki Peluso, author of And the Whippoorwill Sang

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    What I thought was going to be just another sweet romance turned out to be full of twists and some heart stopping moments I was on the edge of my seat a times It did also have some very sexy , hot scenes too Both characters had their fears and anxieties but they say love conquers all In Declan and Keira s case things didn t go quite as smoothly as the had planned and at times I thought they weren t going to make it This was a very enjoyable read

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