Tricked (The Four Horsemen, #3.5)

Tricked (The Four Horsemen, #3.5) Tricked Is A SHORT, QUICK READ Of Approximately , Words This Book Has Been Written As An Optional Halloween Special For The Four Horsemen Reverse Harem Series Readers The Story Is Is A Standalone Episode And Not Part Of The Main Series Storyline The Book Will Be Available For A Limited Time Again, This Is A SHORT And Not A Full Length Book Please Do Not Purchase Or Download If You Don T Like Shorter Books This Halloween The Four Horsemen Meet Their Greatest Challenge Yet Supervising A Children S Halloween Party Everybody Knows When The Fae Queen Asks The Horsemen For A Favour, They Can T Say No So When Portia Requests The Group Supervise Her Young Daughter S Halloween Party, The Guys And Vee Agree In Order To Keep Their Peace With The Fae They Face Many Challenges What To Wear, How To Avoid Party Games, Teen Fae Drama And Something Deadlier In The Town Filled With Family Celebrations And Trick Or Treat, Not Everybody Is Safe Something Sinister Lurks Nearby, And Halloween Provides The Perfect Opportunity To Strike Can The Four And Vee Help Or Will They Be Tricked Too Have You Read The Series Yet The Four Horsemen Is A Series Of Urban Fantasy Novellas With A Reverse Harem Twist Prepare To Follow The Main Story Of Vee And The Four Horsemen Through Addictive Books Filled With Action, Suspense, Magic And Paranormal Romance With Multiple Love Interests The Main Series Must Be Read In Order And The Books Heat Up Legacy Bound Hunted Guardians Releases December Chaos Releases Early This Book Is Written In BRITISH ENGLISH This Means Some Spelling And Grammar May Appear Incorrect To Some Readers The Book Has Been Professionally Edited

LJ Swallow is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author who is the alter ego of bestselling contemporary romance author Lisa Swallow.Giving in to her dark side, LJ spends time creating worlds filled with supernatural creatures who don t fit the norm, and heroines who are likely to kick ass than sit on theirs.

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  • Tricked (The Four Horsemen, #3.5)
  • L.J. Swallow
  • English
  • 12 March 2018

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    The Four Horsemen reviews 1 Legacy here 2 Bound here 3 Hunted here 4 Guardians here 5 Chaos here 6 Descent here 7 Reckoning hereBonus books 3.5 Tricked See below It was a sheer coincidence I found this book, but I m over the moon that I did It s the perfect treat to tie you over, till book 4 comes out The same brilliant writing as in the other books, with the dynamic you come to love Even though, this book isn t really part of the Horsemen series and story line, I wouldn t read it without reading the others first, as I think there s a lot that won t make sense then.It s Halloween and the Pony boys and Vee are going to a party.Or rather, like they re obligated to chaperone a children s Halloween party But either way they re in for an interesting evening filled with kids that are hyped up on sugar, single moms that aren t blind to the Pony boys good looks and teenagers that are just too cool for school When something sinister lurks in the shadows, it turns out that these five are just the ones you d want to have around Since Vee needs a release after using her powers, one of the guys might also receive a treat.This is a fun read to help tie you over between book 3 and 4, but I would love if Lisa had time to write a fun little short story for each holiday I m glad that Lisa wrote a proper story with a holiday themed plot, instead of just some random smut That s right Raven Queen, I m looking right at your Christmas book Full disclosure the book, series, contains steamy content but I think LJ Swallow manages to walk the line and keep it from being sleazy The sex scenes are well written and suit the moments, it doesn t seem forced and the words are well chosen.

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    I quite enjoyed this short, and would love to read the actual series While the romance is rather weird, the characters were interesting.

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    Cute This was a cute little short story to tie me over as I await for the next book to be released Super fast read

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    A fun but not required read This is a fluffy story about the horseman on Halloween A slice of life story that doesn t grow the characters or move the plot Good if you feel you can t get enough of the horseman

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    This is a fun novella that steps away from the chaos of main story a little bit It s still the Horsemen and Vee doing what they do, it s still all the same characters, but it feels like it gives you a chance to breathe get to know them away from the other stuff that s going on I normally have a big issue with novellas They re meant to be short, quick reads Some authors try to accomplish to much in novella length books They try to cover too much, and they end up glossing over things, or rushing them, and the story ends up mediocre at best The author hasn t done this here Yes, this jumps straight into the story, as it expects that you ll know the characters and some of the backstory I understand that some authors with novella length stories don t have that luxury That said, the author has done what I think is the smart thing and has written about one exciting event that takes place over the course of Halloween night It is was well done, and you don t feel like you ve been left wanting.

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    Halloween with the Pony Boys and Vee Fun, sexy, and dangerous Portia, the fea queen asks the Horsemen to supervise her youngest daughter, Kailey s Halloween party and to keep the peace they agree Not exactly what they are suited for Each would rather battle demons than spend an evening babysitting sugar hyped children and fending off single moms, but who knows they might get to do both This story is pure fun The Four Horsemen and Verity dressing up for Halloween Sexy, scary A party with children playing games and eating cake, trick or treating A teenage fae with an attitude inviting vampires to the party, spiking the punch Unexpected danger Halloween is the perfect time for demons to strike after all

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    A fun read The Four Horsemen face their greatest challenge yet supervising a children s Halloween partyAnd something sinister lurks nearbyCan the Four and Vee help Or will they be tricked too A quick, fun read that will give you thrills I was so excited to read this short read and I was most definitely not disappointed especially the fact that it is torture for the Horsemen not only the party but the children as well.This is a great bonus story that keeps you satisfied until the next book is out Full of fae, the horsemen and woman, supernatural creatures, evil and attraction.Perfect for readers of paranormal reverse harem romances.

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    Fun, quick readThis is a fun, quick read Swallow gives us a fun Halloween treat to tide us over until Guardians comes out It was nice seeing Vee and the guys have a little fun Vee and the guys are on babysitting duty for Portia, and it wade me laugh to see the guys reactions around the kids There is some action as Vee and the guys deal with some supernatural, Halloween problems.

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    This was only a short and sweet Halloween themed story, but it was perfection I ve not read a Halloween story before, and it was everything to get me in the mood Plus an awesome addition to an already addictive and gripping series If you love a short story, and especially one that is themed to a certain holiday or day, give this a go, it s amazing And if you are already following The Four Horsemen series, then you have no choice, you must read this

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    Tricked is a great short story in LJ Swallow s The Four Horsemen series Who wouldn t want to go Trick or Treating with with Verity and her pony boys What would be the Horsemen s greatest fear Watching children on Halloween, who would have guessed This book is packed with humor, suspense and fantastic characters I devoured this book in one sitting and can t wait for from this series LJ Swallow does a great job of creating a world I never want to leave

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